Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

New Member Intro

Dear Members PA,


I received the activiation mail from PA today morning. I put off writing this introduction until midnight. 


There wouldn't be much to introduce on my purpose of joinging this group. I don't know what I should be feeling when I say this - Iam a Procrastinator. I'm sure to the core, Iam not happy when I claim this.


2 years back only, I recognized that what I was going through was called procrastination.Until then , I just thought I was lazy enough to do anything. But When i recognized my certain behavioural pattern, and comparing it with the symptoms I read from many of those hundreds of Blogs and books on Procrastination, I confirmed - I diagnosed myself with Procrastination. 

 Tracing back my activity, right from childhood, I located that I started procrastinating around the age of 11 years. After 12 years, from then, I have held many responsible leadership positions at school and now at college, most of which grew my strenghth and confidence and popluarity among my friends.

But none of them knew that I did all the job in the 11th hour. Thats when all the energy comes in. Somehow I fix the puzzle and solve it and earn a good name. This was during school.

 But Now being in college, I tool up way too many responsibilities than that I can handle ( Because I didn't know how to say NO), I screwed up everything. I was neither with my academics nor true to any of those  leadership positions that I currently hold onto. 

I procrastinated by watching movies - Day and Night. Bunked classes and watched movies.. Bunked Exams, Assignments, and various other tasks required from me - and watched movies.. 

 I have a huge To-Do list, having approximately 700 pending things.. Healthwise - Iam over weight with a tummy of which any youth won't be proud of.. I have tried all sorts of personal management tools and read books ranging from David Allen to Stephen R Covey.. The psychology papers on Procrastination, Websites, Blogs.. What not.. I have tried everything.. 

 I used to get on track sometimes, but old habits, die hard.. And now Finally, I have reached into a group of people, who has suffered like me, who knows how it feels to see things go out of control.. Since the biggest problem with procrastination is that crowd doesn't understand it.. They all categorize the behaviour under one label - Laziness. which infact is not the real problem.


I now feel relieved.. After spilling out my mind to the very many people, who are like me..  I feel that I can give support and get support from this group.. Lets help each other to cure ourselves from this terrible diease of procrastination.


PS: Sincere Apoplogies for making this post large. I had to pour out my heart, in order to begin afresh. 

Salutations RmK

I can relate to your post RmK. I too am glad to find a community where my problems are not ascribed to "laziness", "does not try hard enough", "could do better" etc. I agree laziness is not the real problem. I think, in my case, fear is the main problem. What do you feel is the main problem?


v best wishes,