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i'm satrting a 30 day strict plan to focus on routine- starting tomorrow

hi everyone

i just wanted to share that for a time i've been buiding up to this

the 30 day plan will consist of combatting my negative behavior, which primarliy is

social avoidence/nervousness

smoking a lot

drinking soda



not eating

impusive behaviour

so i have been devising a plan and to help me with this even though my funds are very low i have hired a trainer for early morings

i hope this will improve my appeitte, i have what;s termed atypical annerxia as in i don't suffer the deludion that i'm over weight, i know i;m not and i wonder sometimes if my annarxia was caused by not being bothered to eat

also i have devised a self care plan, regular looking after myself, having nightly bath on time, going to bed on time ect.

as you all know i'm not great with IT, so i can't use chatbox ect and i'm aware this site is googleable so i'm quite carefull about what i share

i'm posting this information so i can be held publicily accountable for it,

i'm scared i'll fail, i've been thinking about it and making preperations for a while now

any suggestions or advice, encouragement will be greatly appreciated

thank you


For Jay

Jay, hello. Smile

I don't have anything I can offer to help you on your way but I do want to say that what you're doing sounds like learning to love yourself. And that is something I certainly can identify with. I am working on routines right now and hope that you have great success with yours. Even remembering to take my various meds on time (and giving the cats their meds on time!) is a plus point for me in my attempts to take better care of myself.

The only thing that I have learned is that I may be making the routines and plans to put in place, but the power to go ahead and do them even when I'm not in the mood seems to come from elsewhere. I have to keep my stubborn selfish ego in check and stay humble. I would like to wish you good luck and let you know you are not alone. Others of us are also doing this work on the simplest of routines and so, even though the chatbox may not work for you, you can always check in here. If I see you post, I will certainly make the effort to share a few words of encouragement as soon as I can without putting pressure on my own recovery.

Go you! Laughing


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." (Anais Nin)