Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


New here. Saying hello. 

I'm a longtime procrastinator. My results have ranged from mild—"I could have done that better if I'd started sooner, oh well,"—to severe—"I failed a class and I hate how my thesis turned out; I'm surprised they let me graduate." 

I've been out of school for a few years now but have never really buckled down and found work that I love (and I've never attempted to do what I studied to do). I've been fortuate in that I've found a soon-to-be-spouse who is ridiculously understanding and supportive of my struggles, but I still feel like I've never really started to fully live.

Things I'm in the midst of right now: 

  • Attempting to stay on track in my freelance creative/tech job
  • Attempting to lose weight (I went from pretty damn healthy around this time last year to 25 pounds overweight right now)
  • Attempting to still have a social life beyond my significant other (this doesn't feel like a chore but I often don't feel as if I deserve to take the time to do this because it is, in and of itself, a form of procrastination re: the things that I really ought to be doing).

So there's that. Other pertinent information—I've been in and out of therapy for this, been medicated (still am), read many many books and websites on the topic... I genuinely want to improve.

And there's my sob story; now I'm off to attempt to be productive.




I am new here too, hope to

I am new here too, hope to get things in order in my life. I have been putting things off too much and it is now getting overwhelming doing the catch up job.

different categories of procrastination

Hi mouse

Thank you for your honesty, it's much appreciated.  

I am a new P.A. member too. I have also read so many books and searched the web to try to find a way out of this horrid condition, and have been in therapy for three years prior to this and getting nowhere. It's only when the third therapist I'm currently seeing started to take my complete exasperation about my procrastination more seriously and probing this more deeply (and not keep me lurking around my childhood memories though I'm sure that can be useful) that I started to think of my condition as some of compulsion and possibly addiction. Thank goodness this led me to this website. 

It was interesting to see you mention the different results of procrastination from mild to severe. Coincidentally I'd just read this article Find the Solution by Identifying the Problem which looks at different categories of procrastination. I've not really thought about it this way before.

By the way, as well as P.A., in case it's of interest I've come across in my web searching another fellowship around creativity (I believe one can be involved with more than one fellowship at a time.)

With best wishes.