Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 7 December 2006

Welcome folks. It's Thursday.


Graphics added by pro.

pro's CI - 1:30am (FRIDAY!!)

I should be in bed but I'm not. I've washed the dishes and put out the trash - that's a start. I need to brush my teeth, etc.

pro's CI - 9:45pm

I went to a meeting tonight - my favorite one, because afterwards we go out to dinner. I've made friends with the people that go out to dinner, and we have a great time. So although I got nothing done today, I feel good right now.

I'm thinking I might take migraine meds prophylactically before I go to sleep so I don't wake up in hell again. I can tell from how I feel now that I will wake up with a migraine again tomorrow. When I take meds just before bed, it can prevent them. My whole day was screwed up because of the migraine.

meeting after the meeting

There are a couple meetings here where they go out afterward for food and fellowship, and I really enjoy that. Also, another meeting was about to close, so we changed the format to general chit chat if nobody needs a topic. Only about a dozen people attend, and it's been great also. We talked about procrastination for a bit last week!

dinner after meeting

I love the Thursday meeting (it's a Promises meeting), and especially love going out to dinner afterwards. The number of people in the meeting varies, but it's usually about 15 - small for a meeting in New York. There's usually about six of us that go out to dinner afterwards. I like them all a lot, and we have a great time. One of the women is a performer, which I knew, but tonight she was doing impressions (which I didn't know she could do) and they were really great! We had a good time.

I'm up too late again. It's almost 1:30am, and I'm still dressed. I'm supposed to be in bed now.

pro's LONELY check-in - 4:30pm

I had something to eat - late lunch, I guess. I'm sleepy from the migraine medication. I haven't done anything productive yet today.

Hi Pro

Sorry you're lonely. I've been working hard on legal/admin all today and into the evening so haven't been online except to checkin.

Hang in there Rexroth

hi Rexroth

I'm glad you're doing so well with the legal/admin stuff. Thanks for saying hi. :)

pro's LONELY check-in - 3:40pm

Ta Da~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Wake-up Routine.
  • Errands (prescriptions, office supply store, grocery, mail).

To Do~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Get centered (meditate, journal, whatever it takes).
  • Figure out what work to do today - what's Priority #1.

pro's LONELY check-in - 3pm

No one is here. Or at least, the people I see online now and then never talk to me. :(

I'm ready to go out now (bed made, dishes washed, pills for day laid out and first dose taken, etc.). I'm going to pick up my prescriptions and the mail. I'm going to a meeting tonight, and probably dinner afterwards. I hope I can get some work done before then.

pro's CI - 1:10pm

I can't believe the time - where did it go? I was playing with strings again, but for a couple hours? I must be retarded because I can't follow the instructions unless they are accompanied by step-by-step pictures.

My headache is pretty much gone, but I feel the post-migraine hangover. I'm going to try to get some work done now.

hello? (echo, echo, echo)

Is there anybody else here? I need support. I feel like I'm talking to myself.


I'm sneezing like crazy because I've been out of Zyrtec for a few days. I need to go pick up my prescriptions. As soon as I finish making the bed, washing the dishes, etc., I'll go do that.

pro's CI - 10:40am

My head is still pounding, 40 minutes after taking the meds, so I took another dose. (That's okay - doctor said to do it.)

I'm showered and dressed, and coffee is brewing. My head is throbbing. Sure wish it would stop. I should look at the bright side - at least I'm not nauseous. (Migraines often make me nauseous.)


Everything in this apartment is very noisy. Coffee cups clattering on tables, floor creaking when I walk, kitchen cabinet sounding like a thunderclap when it closes, toaster oven snap drilling a hole in my head. Noise hurts a lot. Migraine. Who invented migraines? They suck.

pro's first check-in - 10am

Major migraine here, about to jump into shower and massage my head while meds kick in. Will add graphics to "hello" when I'm human.

My brother apologized! I was so shocked to see the message I thought it was spoofed at first. Must go soak my head. I'm in paaaaaaaaain!!!!

oh no

The coffee grinder! No coffee without first that head-splitting NOISE. :( I'll turn it on, then run into the bathroom and shut the door.

Lark's CI at 9:35 Hello

I have too much to do, and too much is out of my hands. We'll see what happens.
1. morning routine
2. mini meditation (till my mind starts to swirl)
3. find good stopping point on the project I was doing yesterday
4. do a small urgent project for a friend (and for cashflow)
5. meet with customer to go look at a future good project
6. appt. at 5:00 in town important
7. work on this month's plans this evening.

1:00 AM CI for Lark

Finally got everything on the list done except for quality meditating and reflection, and making a master list for the month. If anyone has anymore suggestions for either, please let me know.

meditation and reflection

I gave you my two cents on the monthly lists yesterday - did you see those messages?

You reminded me that I forgot to meditate and reflect today, which I meant to do. The migraine I woke up with threw off my day, but it wasn't only that. I've been playing with that stupid piece of string - making string figures. Last night I printed a collection of string figures and instructions from a Web site. It's very badly done, and I almost never can make the figures. Sometimes after a couple of hours I can figure it out (he's a DREADFUL writer, and there are insufficient diagrams). Obviously I do not have HOURS to be spending on something so inane!!

6:20 PM CI for Lark

I've done quite a bit today. I'm going to try to mediate and reflect soon, along with geting alot down on a small project. I'll be back later.

Rexroth 08.58 GMT

Todo today

up prayer and reflection
tidy up for friend to work on legal/admin project
work on project with friend
try to organise stuff in flat which is a bit of a mess and muddle
deal with post, emails, phone messages
possible walk and shopping
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep

That's it friends

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 12.46 GMT

It's lunch time and I'm taking a break. Work is going well and it is emotionally difficult. Friend and I are now dealing with stuff from the early 1990ties and it is relevant.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 19.10 GMT

Friend and I have done a lot of useful work this afternoon. I feel tired, anxious and uncomfortable. Whatever I'm doing I'm not procrastinating. I am so grateful for this site and for Pro for setting it up.

In DA it was suggested that when doing the 'right' unfamiliar things they might seem to be 'wrong'. It felt like that then in recovery and it feels like that now. I feel what I am doing is somehow 'wrong' and I know it isn't. So I keep doing it in faith.

Thanks, a grateful Rexroth

Rexroth 22.33 GMT

Last post for the day. I've had another very productive but painful day working on legal/admin project with friend. We now have almost all the facts and information we need and have sent first letter to the other sides. Next we start writing formal notices and preparing applications for a tribunal. It now seems easier than it was two weeks ago and I don't think I would ever have done it on my own.

So wishing everyone well (where are you?)

Regards Rexroth