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Wednesday 6 December 2006

Welcome folks.

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pro's last check-in - 12:35am (THURSDAY!)

I'm ready for bed (dishes washed, teeth brushed, bed made up, pills taken). I even took all three doses of pills today, for a change.

But my string tricks thingie is still printing and doesn't look anywhere near finished.

I'm going to watch the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert, then read for a while.

Good night!

pro's CI - 11:50pm

Since my last check-in, I've been playing with a piece of string. Really, that's what I've been doing, unbelievable as it sounds. Did you know there are dozens of Web sites with instructions for making very complex string figures?

This is the kind of stupid stuff I do. Okay - I'm really getting up now.

pro's CI - 10:20pm

I did all my holiday shopping today - except for my sister's family. I'm not sure I'm going to buy anything for them because they are far away and know I'm broke. With my brother's family, there are sensitive issues this year so I have to spend the money or his kids will think I don't like them.

Some of my gifts were books. I compared the prices at B&N versus - would have cost me $17.04 more at B&N. They are very expensive. Also, they didn't have the nice edition of one of the books - only the mass market paperback, which doesn't look nice as a gift. For the most part I didn't need B&N at all, except that I needed to browse through the young adult section to find a book for one of my nieces. I'm not up on kid's literature. says the books will arrive before December 23. I suspect that's a CYA date and they will arrive sooner. If they arrive soon enough, I'll mail them to my brother's family. If not, I'll give them to my mother to give to them.

I also went to a meeting tonight. I'm tired, and don't feel especially well. I woke up with a hellish migraine, and while the meds basically helped, I still feel that migraine hangover. I hope I don't wake up with another one tomorrow morning, but I suspect I will because I'm still headachy now. They always come in batches. I was headache free for the better part of a month until recently.

I'm going to start getting ready for bed now. I'll probably read in bed for a while before sleeping.

JestRight - CI - 3:01pm

Vits, Lunch, Dishes, Trash, Vacuum
PlanTomorrow/Wkend/Tonight, Msgs, CALLS

STUFF TO DO NOW (till 7pm)
Begin Inland Medical Project
Complete Inland Medical Project
Deliver Inland Medical Project

Housereclaimer final checkin 5:30pm

dental appointment[done]
buy aunt vitamins[done]
Kitchen maintenance
clean dishs[done]
clean stove [done]
clean floor[done]
clean microwave[done]

will do tonight/post tomorrow
make master list for december
post list

Roll over to weekend


How do you do a master list for the month?

As I said, "How do you...?" Sounds like a good idea. Do other folks do this too?
Thanks, Lark

monthly master lists

People were posting lists in the "Questions and Insights" area, as I recall. Someone would start a master list thread at the beginning of each month, then people would post their master lists. We didn't post them in the check-ins board because they get buried under the daily threads.

No one has posted one in a while, but we should be doing it - it's a good thing to look ahead for longer periods. You want to get us rolling for December?

Master lists

I do mine each week on Sunday. Find a month too long to plan.


JestRight - CI - 1:52pm

Vits, Lunch, Dishes, Trash, Vacuum

PlanTomorrow/Wkend/Tonight, Msgs, CALLS

JestRight - Belated CI - 1:04pm


Vits, Lunch, Dishes, Trash, Vacuum
PlanTomorrow/Wkend/Tonight, Msgs, CALLS

Better late than never

scarlett CI 3:51 pm

Not a good day, not a productive day. So I've been getting 8 hrs of sleep, and I don't think it's enough. I know I have SAD, so I guess that's factoring in. I'm so tired of being tired and overwhelmed all the time - I feel like I just don't have any energy to give anywhere. Blecch.

Already done:
eat breakfast
take pills
email JK
work on spreadsheet (10 min so far)
call J (left message)

To do:
keep working on spreadsheet
i don't even know

sorry its an off day

But you have so many consistantly productive days one day off is not that bad. Good quality rest is helpful.
feel better.


housereclaimer 2:30 1st checkin

Next few days will be in and out so might not always have access to a computer, so I will pick up where i lefted off. I am having severe hip and joint pain since I got back home moving very slow with lots of breaks.

Here is what I have done today:

dental appointment[done]
buy aunt vitamins[done]

make master list for december
post list
Kitchen maintenance
clean dishs
clean stove
clean floor
clean microwave

Roll over to weekend


sorry you're not feeling well

Health problems can really make you feel down. Sorry you have to go through this.

Thomas's checkin

Good morning, everyone.

A change seems to be happening. I found this site Sunday night. Monday, in couples counseling, I heard that it's really up to me to make room for my writing; even if it is sometimes inconvenient for my wife, it's something I clearly need to do, and I'm responsible.

Lo and behold, two mornings in a row (Tuesday and Wednesday) I start writing *first thing*. It's 10:46, and already I've worked 1.5 hours on it. Last night I even input my handwritten changes into the computer. The article is really getting done!

So, here's my bookend for the day.

* continue revising historical section of article
* pay bills, put in mail
* see advisor about improving my job application
* finish historical section, start on theory section

Thanks, and good luck, everyone.

You're on a roll, Thomas!

pro's CI - 1:25pm

I'm done with my morning routine - fully dressed, dishes washed, bed made, pills taken, etc. It took a long time because in between all that there were some more email exchanges with my brother about why I want to cut off contact.

The first thing I want to do today is some errands - holiday shopping, pick up prescriptions, get mail. When I'm done with that, I'll reassess.

pro's first check-in - 10:45am

I got to sleep very late last night, as expected (because I was upset). I woke up late, and also with a bad migraine. I've been getting them daily the last few days - my migraines always come in batches. I'm tired from lack of sleep, and a bit woozy from the migraine meds.

I'm more at peace now about cutting off contact with my brother. We've exchanged more emails and he continued to be abusive, which cemented any doubt I had about the rigntness of this decision, and soothed my feelings of sorrow and loss. The only thing I'm losing by cutting off contact is a nasty, abusive element in my life. If he one day wants to approach me in a kind and respectful manner, then I'm open to it. If not, I'm much better off having nothing to do with him.

My sense of peace about this makes me feel like I might be able to actually work today. We'll see. First I need to get dressed and all that.

To thine own self be true.

Very centering concept - allows you to feel calm even in the midst of a storm.

Lark CI 9:30 AM (Am I doing this right? Thanks in advance)

Yesterday wasn't good on paper, but things got done. Two customers are starting to pressure me, and I feel like putting them both off. (That'll show 'em.)
1. morning routine (done)
2. try to meditate
3. focus on one project till afternoon, to do something significant
4. focus on the other later on
5. take mini breaks for cleaning and non-occupational thngs.
6. limit computer times to 5 minutes from now on
7. staple all the insulation that's left
Thank you.

Hey lark

How did it go today? Are you getting things done?


Okay today

Hey, how are you? The good news is I got everything one my list done (and done well)today. The bad news is it's yestarday's list. Later!

no matter it was yesterday's list, that's still a...

good morning, lark!

Sure - you can format your check-in any way you like. I do it in a particular way that's helpful for me, and many others find it helpful as well (the ta-da and to-do lists). But if you don't like that way, do it in a way that works for you.

The only "rules" are very basic structural rules so the forum stays orderly and stays useful for all of us. There really are only two rules, and they are both described in the intro message.

1. There's one check-in thread per day, and whoever gets here first starts it with a welcome message to everybody. Check-ins are added as comments to this first welcome message.

2. Put your username and the time somewhere in the subject of your check-ins so when you and others scan the "Recent Comments" list, you can see whose check-in it is.

That's it!

Rexroth 09.27 GMT

Todo today

get up prayer and reflection
quick tidy up so friend can do work
brief friend
deal with post, emails, phone messages
if bank statement in post finish Nov accounts
bigger tidy up
finish repairing and cleaning wardrobe for collection
find somewhere to put stuff out of wardrobe
possibly walk
legal/admin project
sort out antivirus software
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep

Rexroth 13.33 GMT

Oh @#%@#%

When I worked out bank statement I realized I'd writen cheques for more than in my account. First time I've done this since joining DA so many years ago. It was a complete accident on my part and I still don't feel good about it. So down to bank to put cash in to cover it.

Also a mysterious package arrived this moring from DHL. They wanted £19.95 payment. I had ordered some antivirus software but had already paid the carriage. There was no note as to what it was and I suspected a scam. Now I wonder if it was the software?

Now back to cleaning up the messes outside and inside.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 22.42 GMT

Last Post

Good progress on legal/admin project today
Flat still a mess as I try to get rid or and reorganise stuff
Started crying on the bus today - still grieving

Wishing you all well