Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Introduction from Mole

Thank you, pro and hello fellow procrastinators, 

I, too, have come here as a result of Rowan Pelling's Radio 4 programme and am happy to see from one of the other posts that there is a transcript as it will go offline in about five days time.

I have been a procrastinator for as long as I can remember. Although I have achieved things I have had to drag myself kicking and screaming to get there. I procrastinate about big things and small, from writing a book or thesis to making a phone call, but I am also quite responsible in other ways. I am always punctual about appointments or meeting with people, always turn up for regular commitments. I feel that I suffer from crossed stars - born on the day of St George in the year of the Dragon. My dragon has big ideas, enjoys life and is the source of my creativity but is slothful, disorganised, messy and childish. My George is a bit of a nagging control freak, cautious and guilt-ridden, such a planner of plans and collector of facts that the last vestige of life is squeezed from any project. Neither of them iis good at ongoing management.

I have found public shame the only effective control. If I have to speak in public, say, I will make sure I have prepared something to say, but it will always be by the skin of my teeth. Piles and encrusted mess is only likely to be tackled if someone who doesn't know me well enough to be used to me, comes for a meal. I have a terrible backlog of clutter that is completely overwhelming and depressing.

This site is a wonderful idea. I really look forward to being part of this community. 

Mole's First Day

It is saturday evening, a great orange harvest moon has just risen and i am sitting here happy with myself for once. This has been my first day of checking in and I have achieved much more dthan usual and feel happy at the end of it. I have also found material on this site that has given me great insight into my behaviour - especially the Concept of internalised demand resistance. I shall have to evoke a little inner Ghandi And turn my passive resistance into an intentional and affirming position. The challenge now for me is to try and sustain today's good work.

Thank you all.  

why do I do this.....

Maybe someone can help me on this issue... it really gets to me, but I do it over and over... so, why do I spend money on things and never use it/them? Exercise equipment, face product, teeth whiting, a new bush that never gets planted in the yard... etc. Now a new outfit or shoes; those I'll use Embarassed comments welcomed ! I'll check back tonight. Tonight I AM GOING TO USE THE EXERCISE BIKE... really I am! (or wait, tonight is my late night ... we'll see)

Welcome, Mole!

I'm glad to hear there will be a transcript of the radio program. I was hoping they would make this one a podcast, but apparently not. Too bad.

I've found the daily check-ins (forum and chatbox) to be very helpful. I hope you do, too. There are also the online meetings each Sunday.

Thank you pro

Thanks pro,  I really look forward to the check ins and would love to do the weekly ones but unfortunately in my time zone they are on at 5.30 am on a Monday morning, and I have a feeling that exhaustion for the week would then replace my procrastination as a reason for low-productivity! 

@Mole re: Checking in

yes there is a 12step meeting in the chatbox
UTC/GMT Sunday 7:30PM Standard Time year-round.

That translates to Monday mornings Australia Time.
Monday 5:30AM Sydney Standard Time April-September.

NOTE: This changes to:
Monday 6:30AM Sydney Daylight Time October-March.

This is a full 12step Meeting that lasts an hour.
You are very welcome to attend whenever you choose.

But Pro was talking about "check-ins" --
-- which are available 24 hours per day, every day.

the daily check-in forum here:

And the chatbox check-in which is explained here:

Hello Mole!

Welcome to PA! I still get excited to have another Australian join - there are a few of us now - I'm in country Victoria and have been a member for 2 years. The good news is that the weekly online meeting is 'only' at 6 am in late spring/summer/early autumn when we have daylight saving time here. I usually attend the meeting then, somehow I draw the line at 5.30 am although I'm sure it would still be worthwhile.

But you can still post in the daily forums and join in the chat box at any time!

Hello Findingaway

Aah, so there are  other procrastinators in the Southern hemisphere! I might try the weekly check in closer to midsummer when it is light anyway. Perhapsifthere are enough Aussie procrastinators we could have two weekly check in possibilities to accommodate incompatible time zonesI like the idea of Sunday night as it means you can go to bed with a bit of clarity and conviction to start the week. I try to get stuck into things straight away on Monday mornings. If I don't it can skew the whole week before I've begun! I realise as I write this that one of my procrastinations at the moment is not going to bed. If I nip that in the bud the idea of a dawn check in might not be so daunting.