Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday 3 December 2006

9:20 AM Lark's CI

Good morning. It's pretty outside, but really cold. Things got done yesterday, but not as efficiently as I planned. As far as my big work project, it's coming along "okay", but I need to put it aside for a short while for some other work. Also, I'm going to dig into my bag of "leftover" tasks from last week, and pick a couple of them for today.
1. Morning routine
2. Meditate and reflection
3. Turn heat on in shop and go to the store while it's warming.
4. Work on the big job till I find a good stopping point.
5. Evaluate and layout project B, and just start on it (hardest part).
6. Wash dishes
7. Sweep and vacuum house
8. Do at least two leftover tasks
9. Pay bill online.
Ta Da: Cross off one through four, six and eight. I spilled some cleaning chemicals in the shop, making a dangerous mess, and had to turn off the heat. it's six o'clock, and it won't re-heat till eight. In the meantime, I'll clean house, but need to set up work for this week

LARK - on starting day threads...

Please, please, pretty please make your first post in a day thread (the starter message) just a general "hello" for everybody and not a personal check in. If you don't want to take the time to post a graphic, leave that out and I can add it later, but post one message that just says "Hi everyone", then post your check-in as a comment added to this.

I ask this because I don't want everybody to start posting check-ins in separate threads. If we don't have some basic structure here, it will become chaos.


Sorry, I'm still not sure how to do things.

Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't know exactly how to do things, but I'll learn quickly! Bye.

You'll catch on

except pro we were all new sometime. When I first came I turned the board colors but I am better now.

Just keep comming!


iwant2workharder - CI 00:23

:) 10 steps left to do. Going now.

To Do
- ;) IT meeting: 10 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps
- ;) website1: 1 step

Rexroth 20.29GMT

Todo today mostly its done as its late

get up
prayer and reflection
bath and wash hair
massive amount of sorting of stuff trying to empty wardrobe and sort stuff in kitchen
plan what to do for the rest of the week
wash white clothes
phone friend(s)
plan legal/admin work to do in rest of week and leave it for today
write journal
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep

iwant2workharder - CI 20:45

:) step 23 done.
Now attacking the other step.

To Do
- :P IT meeting: 22 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps
- ;) website1: 1 step

Hey lark

hey lark do you know about project management it might be very helpful for your type of work and help with the lose ends you are worried about.
I use to use a form that had five columns with multiple rows the columns are about 1 inch except task name 3 inches. this form is in landscape.
column1 = project #
column2 = task #
column3 = task name
column4 = duration (hrs){time it task to do task}
column5 = status (C-completed,s-Scheduled {move to todo
list},Ddeleted,RO-rolled over to next day,
RS - rescheduled)
I have this form in excel and word format mat if you want a copy my email is

you can set up a fake email account on yahoo or hotmail for free if you want to stay anonymous. Just put lark in the body of the email so i will know it is you.


Hey rex

I see your are online. Sorry about your mum. left you a note while I was away on wednesday the 29th but you did not return to the board that day. You can read it by clicking the right calendar back once and clicking the 29th. Hope you are feeling better and glad you took a planned break form you legal stuff.


Thank you

Thank you that is beautiful and I am crying now. I'll come back to post for today in a while.


iwant2workharder - CI 16:10

Woke up this morning and felt like not working... But finally
decided to drive and ... here I am in the office.
Then started to browse the internet... finally decided to get
some serious work done.

I am starting step4 - not an easy one actually...
I guess I would have started it this morning, I would have
had all this list finished...regrets and regrets

To Do
- :( IT meeting: 23 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps
- ;) website1: 1 step

Don't beat yourself up.

As the comedien Joan Rivers says, "Can we talk?" It seems you've been working pretty hard on these thngs, and it seems you're making progress. I'm not sure of the technical aspects of your work, but sitting in an office, focused in one area would be a difficult thing for most of us to do. I think it's okay to take a break now and then, if it's only to check the weather in another part of the world or something. Just don't spend HOURS keeping logs of snowfall in Antarctica or stuff like that! I've been concerned about you because you've been so focused lately. Hopefully this will be ending for you soon, and then do something really nice for yourself. If I may ask, where on the world are you. I'm in the US, and when I get on the site each morning I'm always impressed that you've gotten so much done while I've been asleep! Be well.

any other personal information required?

My deadlines are 29th December and all has to be finished by then.
We are dealing with legal cases ( kind of technical as well). Been procrastinating the whole year... now I have to play catch up.

We are based in eastern germany.

Any other personal information required?

Gosh, you make me blush.

Yep, December is a bad month for us procrastinators. Someone said that's when the trainwreck stops. Looking back over my year, I still see chaos. In all our cases it'll only get worse if we procrastinate more. Good luck and be well.

lark here is a really good free pm course
I will also send pro the 2 forms to see if they can be posted I would have done so my self but my html is limited as all I have ever used is dreamweaver which does everything fo you. Nothing deep and dark about my motives here, just trying to help.


please do not ask for personal information

Hi Lark,

May be you have not had some basic 'internet security training':

Rule no1: you do not know who is behind the internet.
The people can be thief, murderers, .... anybody
And you do not know people's hidden agendas.
And there are a lot of 'nuts' out there.

Rule no2: you do not know who is behind the internet.
the people can be IT experts and find all the details about you,
manage to get into your email accounts ( hotmail, yahoo,...)...
and steel your credit cards details, find about your family,...

Rule no3: you do not know who is behind the internet.
the person can be a police agent investigating you for whatever reasons ( someone is using your email accounts, your machine,... for
fraudulent purposes and they think it is you).

:) For these reasons, please do not ask for my personal details.
Also, I do not like making lies or false identities and I do my best not to lie by keeping my mouth shut, so please do not ask for personal details.

I am using the site for the time being for the ONLY reason that
I want to see if it really works. For no other purpose.
If you have a hidden agenda, please know that this will transpire through your postings and will put genuine people off from using this site.


I am sorry if you took offense.

I'm sorry if you took offense at my asking in what area of the world you lived. Since joining this group I've been very impressed at your orderly posts when I logged on each morning, and they've helped me quite alot. I've come into my family's business, only to inherit the medical and death expenses of my last parent, and now I'm trapped, as everthing I own is invested (including my home) in the business, and I'm not a businessperson. The odds are I'll lose everything, but I've been give some hope since joining this group. However,if you would prefer I leave, I'll respect your wishes. Thank you.

taking internet security seriously

Hi Lark,

I had 60 hours of 'internet security' and I think I have learned the lessons! If you have the chance, I'd suggest to take one as well. ;) You'll be amazed at what length people would go to find people's personal details and use it for identity fraud, crime, ... one detail there, one detail here,..., get access to your emails,... till they do what they wanted to do. Then others would use fake identities you would never guess. I think I 'll try to book myself regularly to these courses so as not to forget.

So the best policy is to avoid giving personal details.

> I'm not a businessperson. The odds are I'll lose everything

:) Your accountant is the best person to give you advice as
they have usually 'seen it all'. :)

> but I've been give some hope since joining this group
:) That's the point !!!! :)

> if you would prefer I leave

Why are you jumping to this conclusions?
I asked not be asked MY personal details: what's wrong with that?
:jawdrop: You want to leave because people ask you NOT to ask for their
personal details???!!!! :jawdrop: Is that why you came in for ????!!!!
:jawdrop: Does asking not to ask for personal details means asking people to leave???? :jawdrop:
Please note this is not my website, this website belongs to pro.
Pro is the owner of this website and it is his website.

I am just using it to see if it works.
I hope you are using it to beat your own procrastination and not
to seek my personal details.

I am here because I JUST want 2 work harder