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Saturday 2nd December 2006

iwant2workharder - CO 21:58

That's me done for today.

steps 1,2,3 done.

:) steps 1,2,3 done.

To Do
- :( IT meeting: 23 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps
- ;) website1: 1 step

iwant2workharder - CI 19:59

I really can't believe it!!!! DOOOONNNE!!!
I need to get the things for IT meeting ready and
then will be able to include website1 ( 1 step) and website3 ( 6 steps) at the end. So I am now moving to IT meeting steps.

To Do
- :( IT meeting: 26 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps
- ;) website1: 1 step

iwant2workharder - CI 19:03

:) Got bro's letter sent. Happy to have done it as
he needed to get this done and I have kept my promise
for once. :)

The work is not going to get done by itself.
So back to step2 for the second half. Not really hard,
just need to go through it.

To Do
- ;) website1: 2 steps
- :( IT meeting: 26 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps

iwant2workharder - CI 16:07

:) one half of step2 done.
Going for my bro's letter. I hate going to
the postoffice. Should have gone earlier, but preferred
to do at least half of step2. Now it is done, time
to go and face the Xmas crowd.

To Do
- ;) website1: 2 steps
- :( IT meeting: 26 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps

pro's first check-in - 10am

I got up fairly early (I'm reading), but I'm still in migraine mode - I wake up with a headache every morning, which is a drag. I'm not sure what I'm going to do today, yet.

RExroth 14.51 GMT

Slept badly last night with nighmares and felt uncomfortable with all my legal/admin files in my room so I could see them. Woke with a headache. Still thinking about what to do about my Mum's will which leaves most to my brother and gives me a last and definite message from Mum.

Todo today

Lie in bed listen to radio drink tea and take it easy
Up and prayer and reflection
Attend to phone messages, post and emails
Do not email brother re Mum's will
Clear put cupboard
Remove bookcase with all files into cupboard so I'm not looking at it all the time
Wash up
A lot of sorting of various boxes in the kitchen
Plan storage in particular to take account of the fact that my wardrobe is being taken away Monday week. I don't like it and I've been meaning to get rid of it for years (20ish) so it goes to a charity that supplies furniture.
Phone friend
Avoid work on legal/admin project - I am serious I need a rest and I will get more done if I don't keep fiddling with it.

Bits I've forgoten go in here

write journal
relfection and prayer
bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 21.31 GMT

I feel good about myself this evening. I've done most of the work I set out to do and instead of planning the storage I've almost emptied the wardrobe and put the stuff away elsewhere. The cupboard under the stairs now has only legal/admin stuff in it.

Two things are important to me.

1. I did the work even though I felt unhappy fed up stressed out etc. My usual rule is that if I feel any of these things then that is a good enough reason for not doing anything.

2. I did most of the wardrobe clearing well in advance of people coming to take it away and I put the stuff I took out away. Usually I would wait till the last minute and throw all the stuff out in a heap.

So I don't like a lot of things in my life at the moment and I am working to change the things I can.

Thanks pro for the site and thanks to people who post and who help me.

Regards Rexroth

Saturday 9:20 AM CI for lark

Good morning everyone. It's really cold here, but the sun is shining on the hilltops. Yesterday I made great strides on one project, hitting, a high plateau. While I kicked butt on it, other things on the list didn't get much attention. BUT, after thinking about things this morning, I've decided to do more to the big project today. It's warm and dry in the workshop, and moving things around won't help anything. It's not a profitable job, and putting it off isn't going to net me anymore money. Concentrating on it today will move it well toward leaving sooner, and payday. Customers coming...back later.

lark's CI continued 9:55AM

Excuse my thinking on the screen but this seems to work! One of my major procrastination problems is putting large projects aside to take on small ones. That results in customers getting impatient, me getting the f-you attitude toward them, and lower profits. I'm going to try to stop this "just for today". I may not be able to afford to focus only on this project till it's done, but I can for today. I have alot invested in it, so finishing it will give me that back, and (not alot of) money for my labor. I have two small projects waiting, but neither HAS to be finished today or tomorrow. By getting more done on the big job, I'd feel more comfortable asking for a partial payment if really needed, better about putting it aside for a day or so next week to do do a small job, and more motivated to start back on it. Sounds great, huh? Next question: How can I screw this up?!
1. morning routine (done)
2. meditation (in increments today)
3. Focus on #3 as much as possible.
4. Breaks for house cleaning5
5. Breaks for stapling insulation
6. Sink drain
Thanks to you all.

Lark's 11 PM CI

I made alot of progress on the big job, and I can wash dishes in the kitchen sink now. I'll sleep well with that in mind.
Good night (unless I can't sleep later).

Lark's 7:40 PM CI

I did make progress on my main objective. As for the other stuff, not alot. I'm debating whether to do more on the big job after I eat and take a break or try to do some of the other items on the list. The quality of the big job isn't great, but it can be gone over before it's finished. I don't feel like doing tedious work tonight. See you later.

whatever works

> but this seems to work!

Whatever works for you is fine!

> my major procrastination problems is
> putting large projects aside to take on small ones.
You might want to see if you can divide the large projects
into 2 or 3 small ones.

> Next question: How can I screw this up?!
By procrastinating?

iwant2workharder - CI 15:22

:) That's nice: one more step DDDOOOOOOONNNE.
Start next step.

To Do
- ;) website1: 2 steps
- :( IT meeting: 26 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps

iwant2workharder - CI 14:56

:) So this step4 is finally done!!!!

Starting another step.

To Do
- :O website1: 3 steps
- :( IT meeting: 26 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps

iwant2workharder - CI 12:33

Yesterday, website1 looked really really difficult and
I could feel the resistance in my bones.
The thing is I want it finished so I do not need to think again
about it. And it prevents me from getting the other stuff done.
So here I am starting on step 4. Only concentrating on it and
nothing else.

To Do
- :O website1: 4 steps
- :( IT meeting: 26 steps
- :( website3: 6 steps

- post bro's letter ( 15:00 break)

30 minutes done - 13:19

- Done 30 minutes on it.
Going for another 30 minutes