Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Maybe PA can help me?

I have now signed up to PA and having read through a lot of other posts and articles am relieved to find others who have the same issues.

I had just got to point in my life where frustrations had reached an unmanageable level. This recently culminated in a huge confrontation at work and left me finally having to accept and revisit lots of problems that had been destroying my working life for months. Probably years.

I hope that having piles on my desk, unopened bills on the table, car tyres that run bald, unresponded party invites (that I want to attend), lack of respect from employees and promised but unfulfilled work projects will come to an end. It feels a bit odd to be sharing this with others but also massively helpful. I notice a lot of comments about self-destructive behaviour and I can see that in my own life. But the other aspect that plagues me is the frustration and raw, powerful anger that arises because of where my life is (not) going. Having destroyed my third i-phone in a fit of frustration (again) as a result of a tiny-task-procrastination-seed growing into a huge, all-singing all-dancing oak tree, I felt the need to take decisive action and googled 'procrastination help'. So here I am.

I look forward hearing other people's experiences and finally working to remove procrastination from my life.



welcome ((PEA))

Hope you will not mind....I wrote what I thought was a decent welcome to another newcomer not long after I joined up myself. So, perhaps I can use it welcome you:

pssst....using swim lessons' analogy (motivated by kids)

hey, you, that's right, you...come on, no worries.....don't be scared .........just take my hand.....come on up....that's it.....push just a little bit more....I got use your legs....and just a bit of your arms.....come on....yeah, YEAH, yeah!!! YOU'RE doing it....just a bit at a time.....keep following....come one along.,...LET US KNOW...I have been where you are [and worse]......I will not say it is easy....but I know you can...and KUDOS for admitting and trying........Wink