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Saturday, 25 November 2006

Question about things I didn't get done over a period

After looking back on this week I've found alot of things I meant to do, but didn't. Many were little things which were contingent on others. What do you do about these? Do you lump the related ones together and do them at week's end, etc?

You might want... repost this in the "Questions, Answers, and Insights" thread so it doesn't get lost.


Good idea. I will, as I've not found a good way to deal with them.

pro's last check-in - 1:30am

I started reading a book, and now it's very late. The restore is still going, but it's making bizarrely slow progress. I don't know why it's taking so long. I wonder if it will be done when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Good night!

pro's CI - 12:12am (SUNDAY!)

This restore is going extremely slowly - more slowly than it would seem it should. I can't wait for it to finish. I'm tired, and I'm also not well. When I felt like I was coming down with something the other day, I was. My throat is sore, and my sinuses are a little congested. It's not an all-out cold. Maybe it's a mitigated flu, since I had a flu shot.

I'm going to go to bed and let this finish running overnight.

pro's CI - 10:30pm

I feel like this has been a wasted day. I'm still restoring my data from backup. There is a lot of data, and it's very slow.

After it's all back, I'm going to burn a lot of it to DVD and delete it permanently. More time. Then once I (finally) have a clean installation with all my applications and settings, I need to back it up with Ghost so I never have to go through this again.

Theoretically I should be starting my bedtime routine, but I have to wake for the Restore process to complete and it's no where near done, and anyway I'm not tired.

I'm feeling very out of sorts. Maybe I'll meditate.

more frustration

This is typical. I thought I'd replace the battery in the wall clock. I know I have a big bag of batteries somewhere, but I can't find them.

pro's CI - 6:15pm

Today has been frustrating. Rebuilding a computer is VERY time consuming. I've restored most of my software now (not all - I keep remembering small things, like printer drivers), but I have a lot more data to restore. I have a huge amount of data - C source code, Web site source code, downloaded software, and more. I'm gathering all the software together to burn to DVD, but even that takes time (to transfer it all to one computer). This entire process seems endless. I wanted to go out today, and only managed a short walk.

Some of my time was wasted with stupid problems, like a configuration issue after installing IE7 that caused me to uninstall it then reinstall it. A blue-screen-crash
that I was able to fix after some research (bad driver on Microsoft's Update site). Blah.

I'm sick of this, and I feel like a hermit.

I'm also troubled by my thoughts lately - I have some things that have been bothering me.

Maybe while these massive copies and restores are processing I'll go read a book or watch TV.

scarlett CI 5:45 pm

Hello, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, for those that celebrated it.

Already done:
Go to meetings
Take pills
Wash dishes
Do laundry (2 loads)
Vacuum living rm
Clean vacuum filter
Scoop cats pan
Take out trash/recycling
Pay bills
Write thank you note to friend

To do:
Put away clothes

For tomorrow:
Take pills
Clean off kitchen table
File papers

oh well

found more bills that needed paying, so I didn't get to the clothes. i'll deal with them tomorrow. off to dinner and a movie with a friend.

Rexroth 17.05

Was awake in the early hours so read, Valuation for collective enfranchisement based on the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2003 and this helped me back to sleep.

Had long chat with brother on phone
Got up (more or less) prayed and reflected
bath and wash hair and change clothes I'd slept in
cleaned up in kitchen
emailed some friends
planned some of legal/admin actions I need to take
spent time asleep
spent time on computer
found and opened bottle of good red wine


phone brother and speak to sister in law to thank her for looking after Mum
take it easy
prayer and reflection (though I seem to be doing little else)
bed and sleep (maybe)

Thanks for being here Rexroth

bedtime reading

I think I need a copy of that book! LOL!! I've been having trouble sleeping, too.

Would not be so unkind

Pro I would not be so unkind as to give it to anyone. When legal/admin nonsense is over it goes in the bin.

Night Rexroth

prayer and reflection

may not seem like doing much, but sometimes it's the best thing one can do. i hope it brings you peace and guidance, Rexroth.

Rexroth 23.09

Thanks Scarlett.

I've been on the phone to brother and sister in law for an update and everything is arranged with great efficiency.

I've written a long email to a close friend who left me a kind phone message. I was going to leave this till tomorrow because I am tired and of course it would have been perfect tomorrow but I've remembered why I'm here and done it tonight.

So now I'm going to get to bed and I hope some sleep without nightmares.

Goodnight Rexroth

Lark's CI @9:20 AM

Yesterday wasn't very "efficient", so I have to even things out and get caught up today or tomorrow.
1. morning routine DONE!!!
2. Pick up supplies and help a friend with a little job (Combine trips.)
3. Do as much on my work project where I'll reach where I hoped to be last night midday today.
4. Go to bank before it closes at noon.
5. Do a 5 minute cleaning sweep in the house, the shop and the garage.
6. Spend an hour doing accounting (which I just hate doing)

Having a bad afternoon

Morning was okay, but I had interruptions when I got back home. While I was talking business with an important customer, a neighbor interrupted, and when I turned back, the customer "had to get moving". I felt like choking the neighbor, especially when he kept droning on and on. Then the phone calls (unimportant ones) started, and since I had to answer them, I was really upset. I went into the house and surfed the internet for nearly two hours, and now I have to get off. Arrgh.. I feel like I had a big slip. Later.


It sounds very frustrating. When stuff like this happens to me, it helps me to remember that I'm not in charge of outcomes - I have no control over outcomes. I'm only responsible for the effort. These unanticipated things from the neighbor, etc., cannot be considered a "slip" on your part. Just let it go, and continue trying - that's all you can do. And it's enough!!

Thank you.

It was nice of you both to offer your advice, which is right. Things are sort of back on track here, and I hope tomorrow will allow things to even out and catch up.

take a deep breath

and just focus on the next thing.


pro's first check-in - 9:15am

There's an anti-sleep conspiracy here. I went to bed (lights out) at 11pm, and I was proud of myself for not staying up late. It took me a little longer than usual to get to sleep, but I finally did. Then at 4am I was awakened by a neighbor bringing home a crowd of drunken loud-mouths. They woke up everyone in the building. An hour later they were still making noise. People came out into the halls and were yelling at them. My next door neighbor, who is a bit high strung, was especially angry, and got in a fight with one of them who threatened to "slit her throat". After that I had trouble getting back to sleep again. I finally did, then a squirrel woke me up by jumping around on my skylight.

Oh, yeah.

I hate it when that kind of thing happens. I live next to a park in a college town, so you'd be surprised (or not)how often I get woken by bottle rockets and roman candles and such.

That's so frustrating, I hope you sleep better tonight.