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Tools that have actually helped you

Just wondering if anyone has any productivity tools that help them.

I'm a big user of google calendar, but most importantly, I have most things set to automatically send me email reminders about 10 hours beforehand. This has helped me manage my appointments and workshifts much better. I am also sending myself alerts that tell me when I should be a half hour away from leaving the house and need to be ready.

My newest tool is GQueues, which is a free to-do-list program. You can set it up so you can email or gchat todos into your todo lists. I tend to have a list of my morning routine and chores, and it helps me get the things i need done in the morning.

Anything working for you lately? 

Even productivity tools can cause us to procrastinate

I'm VERY much into productivity and am always researching productivity tools and related products. I'm even a beta tester for one now. What I just realized this week, however, is that my obsession with productivity is directly related to my problems with procrastination. I keep searching for the "cure" but it's not out there. At the end of the day, it lies within me. Tools can help, but I must use them with caution. For me, sometimes the simplest things are the best (index cards, my white board, an egg-timer). It's pretty hard to get lost for hours "tweaking" the settings on these things, you know?Smile


I am a productivity tool junkie and after trying many tools, I can definitely say it does not matter what tool you use as long as you use it every day.   A tool needs to have a way to assist you in setting goals and items to do, but pencil and paper can work just as well as the fanciest program.  

Having said that, my favorite productivity book is Zen to Done by Leo Babauta, and the tool I use daily is Remember the Milk.   I keep my goals, projects, and stuff like that on paper and/or Evernote.  

The main things are to capture everything, plan what needs to be done TODAY and then get it done :)   Easier to say than to do I know.   But whatever tools works for you is fine, just use it every day and don't spend too much time fiddling with the tools - none of them are perfect but most of them are usable. 

Good luck! 

Embrace the suck!


i set reminders for everything.

And i have come to find out that often when my reminders go off, i am in the midst of some distraction or procrastination or depression and they just annoy me.

Sorry i cant be more encouraging. I'm having a bad day. :(

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