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I'm Afraid of Lists

Two things keep me from bookending.

The first is that, no offense to you good people, it takes me a while to respect people.  I'm not saying that I spit on anyone....  I work to always be respectful OF people, and I think I do a pretty good job.  But I don't listen to their ideas unless I see some proof that their ideas have value.  

So I don't give any credit to strangers' opinions of me until I respect them.  This position is emotionally healthy in many ways, but it makes encouragement and consolation more difficult to come by for me.  In other words, knowing that a stranger doesn't know me, I'm not going to believe him if he tells me that "I can do it", etc. 

I guess as I get to know the people on this site, or I get into a face-to-face group, then the encouragement and consolation will be more meaningful and motivating to me.

The second is that I have a rather severe fear of lists.  Quite frankly, I don't know HOW to overcome this one, but I'm certainly open to ideas!

I've been working on my procrastination a long time and previous therapists have encouraged me to make lists, to eliminate unnecessary tasks from lists, to break lists down into manageable chunks, etc.  My list-making habits didn't get off to a good start, though.  I would put too many items and too large items on lists, and I would fail to complete the lists.

While I still get some satisfaction from crossing something off the lists, lists now hold the same psychological place in my head as the "should" voice.  No matter how manageable I intend to make a list, I don't.  And perhaps, scary thought, because the lists now have the same role as the "should" voice, my "I don't like it and I won't do it" voice guarantees that I will not complete any list I make.  In other words, although I don't have good control over my choices, I think it is possible I am choosing not to complete a list out of the same rebelliousness that makes me procrastinate without lists.

How bad has this become?  I like making lists, if not ever looking at them again, so here is a partial list of "lists" that cause me anxiety.  Interestingly, some of these limit the options of what I do when I procrastinate:

1) To-do lists (obviously)
2) E-mail (I have several folders full of stuff.... No matter how I unsubscribe or sort things, I ignore almost everything I receive, even important things)
3) TV guide (limits my television watching)
4) Restaurant menus
5) Bookshelves
6) Piles of anything - in fact, piles give me SO much stress that, if the piles get big enough, my stress overcomes my procrastination and I WILL wash the dishes, or at least file papers in some kind of logical order to look at "later"; so my apartment is always neat - but I still know where all the chores are hiding.
7) My daily calendar
8. Any category of entries in the phone book (if I'm looking for a tailor, for example)
9) Sadly, the 12 steps of PA

Some of these I push through, because I need them.  Some of them, I avoid as much as I can.  The truth is, I'm no longer able to keep more than 2 or 3 things in my head at a time. 

I saw someone else posted that she makes lists of only 5 tasks, which take no more than 8 minutes each to do.  That sounds reasonable....  part of me wants to try it, part of me is afraid of making my list anxiety worse.  (sigh)


I haven't been doing this very long, but it still sort of "goes against my grain" to post my life on the internet. This is a big problem and it's hard. Recently I've pretty much "hit bottom" with this, and had to become humble enough to admit I can't do it by myself. By doing what's been suggested here, it seems to be working so far.

Several years ago I had another problem that needed attention, so I ended up in 12 step meetings, didn't want people to know I had it, or to see me going into church basements. So far that's working okay.

There's alot of fear here in sharing my pain. The type of work I do is pretty unique, and I'm fearful someone will know it's me, etc. (I admit that's very unlikely, and ultimately I'm not all that important.) All I can say is so far so good for me. I can see my gameplan each day, answers to my questions just appear on my computer screen, and I don't feel like a worthless and lazy person right now. I hope this helps someone.


I very carefully guard my anonymity here so I can share what I need to share to get the help I need here. I don't even want people to know if I'm a man or a woman, so I'm careful not to say anything in posts that indicates it. This site was even registered anonymously so my identity could not be found that way. I've mentioned what I do for a living in general terms, but have left out all identifying details. I suggest you do the same. You may not want to hide your gender - that's kind of extreme. But you can disguise who you are if you're careful.