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Sunday, 19 November 2006

Here is a pretty picture which someone more skilled than I has posted.

Graphics added by pro.

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pro's last check-in - 11:40pm

I finished my bedtime routine - even took my pills. See you all tomorrow!

Good night!

pro's CI - 11:15pm

I really, REALLY didn't feel like doing any more dishes, but I finished washing them all because I was scared of bugs. Mine is probably one of the only apartments in New York that doesn't have cockroaches, and I want to keep it that way. I never leave food out, or leave dishes unwashed.

Okay - now contacts, teeth, and bed.

pro's CI - 10:15pm

I've been cooking all day. I have dietary restrictions because of my health problems, and it's easier for me stick to them when I have readily available substitutes. These are things I can't buy - I have to make them myself. It's time consuming, but I can make things in bulk and freeze it.

I'm pooped from cooking all day, and especially sick of doing dishes. I've already done mountains, but there is more to do. I'm not sure I can handle any more today.

I need to start my bedtime routine. I was up very late last night, even though I finished my bedtime routine early, because I found a Star Trek marathon on TV-Land that lasted most of the night. I love the original Star Trek. Truth is, it's on again tonight, starting at 11pm. }:)

same marathon threw me for a loop

I was up too late watching Star Trek too. It was fun. I really love it. But I was wrecked this morning, and even when I started feeling better, I didn't really do anything worthwhile. I feel kind of sick of myself for this behavior. I wish I didn't completely check out on weekends like I do. I get stuff done, but because I am not owning the freelance jobs that are demanding me right now, nothing I do is enough. I will try to take advantage of the support here and bookend on weekends for these things.

I don't know, pro, you're sounding trepidatious about the prospect of it starting up at 11 tonigh, but I'm not sure I can say straight out that you shouldn't watch Star Trek. If you have a flexible schedule and no one's gonna get hurt, maybe it'll just be a good healthy entertainment. Just don't go overboard, or over the limit that you think is okay.

Housereclaimer 6:07pm

Morning routine[done]
wash dishes[done]
breakfast dishes[done]
go to bank[done]
go to recycle center[done]
call dad to get list[done]
back exercises

Get out of town list

defrost freezer
copy disks
disk 1
disk 2
disk 3
disk 4
disk 5
disk 6
disk 7

make pasta sauce for dinner
put together med/vitamin pacs for trip
get paper & fruit
load flash drive
down load emcp files
post out of town todo list thread

back up hard drive [do when I get back]
down load information for nephew [do when I get to dads]
make cd for nephew [do when I get to dads]


OK Lark

I don't see an image!

Oh heck I do now. Ain't it wonderful.

Don't want to waste people's time but where can I learn to do this properly. Do I just need to type in the . If that is so it is indeed easy.

Regards Rexroth

pro's first check-in - 11:15am

I did like I said I would and showered, etc., before sitting down to breakfast. It's definitely the right way to go - I feel much, much better this morning than I did yesterday. As I post this message, I'm already showered and dressed, the bed is made, dishes (except for what I just used) washed, pills laid out and first dose taken.

I have to make a day plan for today - haven't done that yet.

Good morning everyone

It's 9:40 already!
It seems I've been "doing" this past week, but not well enough. The most important "thing" for today is to come up with some sort of game plan for the next few days, and then do it one day at a time. I've been hacking away on alot of things and making progress, but something(or things) just need to be finished. I like the tidy kitchen and bathroom, but they aren't going to pay the bills this month. There are two big work projects that I've broken down into steps. By focusing on one, and working on the other parttime, I seem to do best. Bottom line is, one has to go by next Monday. Your thoughts will be appreciated. In the meantime:
1. Do a ten minute clean sweep of the house, the cellar, and the shop.
2. Focus on project A unitil paint, etc has to dry (Don't touch).
3. Work on project B till I can do more to "A".
4. Whenever both are untouchable, do some kitchen repairs till one
can be touched again.
I'll check in later.

It worked, I tell you. It worked!

6:00 PM
Everything on the to do list is ta da. I feel like ice cream, so I'm going out tonight and have some. Thanks everyone for being there! My new goal is what flavor...

Your singing like a lark



Lark - I notice that in every post you start by criticizing yourself for not doing well enough. Please start noticing what you DO - your victories - instead of always focusing on what you haven't yet done.

The process of recovery comes in baby steps. You must celebrate every victory! Please be kind to yourself.

Pat on the head

Thank you. I need a pat on the head sometimes too. I'm greatful my schedule allows me to take a few minutes frequently to stop in here for a meeting. Things have been pretty bad here, and I'm still p/o'ed at myself for the way they are. IS getting better. As always, I appreciate the help. (I think that's why they call it "help".)

Housereclaimer 1st checkin 8:00am

Morning routine
wash dishes
breakfast dishes
back exercises

Get out of town list
defrost freezer
copy disks
disk 1
disk 2
disk 3
disk 4
disk 5
disk 6
disk 7

call dad to get list
down load information for nephew
make cd for nephew

go to recycle center
get paper & fruit
go to bank
back up hard drive
load flash drive
down load emcp files


Rexroth 11.36 GMT

I'm back. I've been ill for the past week and I'm not wholy better yet.

Todo Today

Focus to get things back in order so I can get back to work tomorrow if I'm fit enough to do so.

Up prayer and reflection
post this
wash tea towels and dry and put away
wash bed linen and dry and put back on bed
go out walk and see how I feel and money from ATM
put coloured dry clothes away
clean up in kitchen after defrosting freezer
clean kitchen floor
wash up things left to soak
clean up living room and remake bed
sort out some bits in living room which are in the way
prayerful thought on health. I am ill more often than I would like and I'm getting fat and unfit and I'm overeating and not exercising
plan the weeks work
note down more of where I'm at and what I'm doing as I've been thinking a lot about this while I've been in bed ill.
write journal
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep

That is it for now but I feel I've left a bit out. I'm glad for the edit function.

Thank you all for being here.

Regards Rexroth

Hey rexroth

Sorry you are ill, hope you feel better, I'm sending up the prayers!
I too have defrosting [2nd] freezer on my list.


Rexroth 16.52 GMT

Thanks Housereclaimer. It's now late afternoon and I'm exhausted. I'm not procrastinating at the moment just waiting for the sheets to dry so I can make the bed and get into it. I'm due to do voluntary work tomorrow and its a committment I want to keep. At the moment I think I've sort of half done various things on my list. I'll return to it later when I've had a rest.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 21.48 GMT

It feels late and I feel very tired so bed soon. I've achieved a lot today and I'm grateful for support.

Regards Rexroth