Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday March 26, 2012


Have a great proactive day!


Smile Laughing Smile Laughing

wrkinprogrss: 03/26/12

Good wishes to all for your week!

Laughing = done or done enough
:-) = making progress

***do for sure:***
Laughing shower, etc.
Laughing ear exam
:-) prioritize
:-) get something to eat, pills, etc.
Laughing R3 job task follow-up
Laughing check if grp meeting, today (nope!)
take astragalus
:-) think re what to make for Thursday potluck
:-) make shopping lists!
:-) pick up & use ear Rx after 18:00
use balancer!
:-) check for J email re grp share, reply (no email from J, yet)
Laughing do at LEAST 15min Qi Gong

***shall I do these, today?***
call dentist's office: splint case rpl
Laughing cook artichoke?
submit timecard? (note 1 vac. day!)
library book returns? planning?
:-) grocery shopping?
think re when glasses pick-up vs. car?
call to schedule car maint.
warm &/or dark load laundry?
make progress on TAX data entry?
20min. Habitat Unf*cking?
delete some files?
load dishwasher?
journal re emailing P? do?
call T?
ping K?
rsch Social chocolate superbetter?


Third consecutive weekday check in (I probably won't check in on weekends, except I might on Saturdays when my hubby has to work).

1. Drink coffee

2. Make bed

3. Shower/dress

4. Edit blog

5. Read O (in stages)

30 minutes Laughing

30 minutes

30 minutes

30 minutes

30 minutes

30 minutes

30 minutes

30 minutes

30 minutes

30 minutes

6. Go to gym

7. Make dinner for hubby

8. Pack hubby's lunch

9. Get ready for bed--take vitamins, wash face, brush teeth

10. In bed by 9:45


"What if there was a place that was safe enough where the worst of me
could be known and I would discover that I would be loved more, not
less, in the telling of it? ...Fresh trusting of love trumps old shame.
Always. Here

Innertruth check-in

Morning (or what's left of it)

  1. Check email
  2. Buzz piece


  1. Wrap up buzz piece and send to PWAC contact
  2. Connect with contacts on LI
  3. Go through jobs and apply to 2 including GB
  4. Spend 1 hour on SM
  5. Review websites of people who conducted seminar
  6. Run
  7. Go to Metro for groceries


  1. Newsletter
  2. Wash dishes
  3. Read newspaper
  4. Throw out recycling
  5. Go to sister's 


Vaskaat 26 March



  • 30 situps
  • Shower
  • Flax
  • Mouthwash/brush  


  1. Job search (10+ minutes)
  2. Volunteer search (10+ minutes)
  3. Review resumes
  4. Practise chanter at least 5 minutes
  5. Coding study (10+ minutes)
  6. Search for C.Fal. book
  7. Research business cards
  8. Pet care: Afternoon/evening
  9. Vacuum car
  10. Lock up house 
  11. Wash dishes
  12. Bring in bin
  13. Mouthwash/brush
  14. Bed before 0030 

- "A procrastinator's work is never done."

kromer 10:10 CI

OK, today is busy!

I need to:
*Email JS, MK,(will finish this soon)
*Ask about R8 antibody, JW, P9 (will do this soon)
*Order mortar/pestle
*Finish counts (will do this soon)
*Collect 2 samps
*Work on S3 analysis (working on this now)
*Bible study
*Finish financial stuff

Journey 10 am

Back to work today!   I've been to the gym, and socialized a little bit in the office catching up with everyone.  Now I have about 600 emails to get through before making the rest of my todo list.   I feel tired already!   Oh well, once I get through today it will seem better, right?   Oh, first thing I need to check on the agenda for the noon meeting.  


"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.  Try again.  Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett

Sasha 3/26/12


.make appt for Jake

. see S

. cancel April trip- call hotel

The next two days are light. Mondays are always my days off from many responsibilities. And I am taking the day off tomorrow to see Dad. Wednesday will be again packed with things to do.


job search
...spent 5 minutes



clean house/yard...ok, fine...I'll do it now!

read work books and medicare book

Other things I can't remember now. 

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still- Chinese

OnceMore Check-In 7:05, 4:23

Hi everyone! This is my first check-in. I feel very lucky to have found this site.

Done already:  

Wake up on time 

Stay off reddit/facebook/etc immediately upon waking


Plan for this morning:

Sit (meditation)/spiritual reading 7-7:45

Breakfast/Get ready for day 7:45-8:30

Finish class reading on train 

Class 9-12:30

Plan rest of day (pomodoros!) and check in 12:30-1 EDIT: didn't do this b/c of pressing schoolwork. I'm OK with it.

From 4:30 on:

10 good minutes on taxes

Solid plan for memory palace for Crim

Snack now



Call Whitney--sympathy, DL

Start catch-up on Ks--get Jan assignments skimmed and familiarized in prep for outlining (due Tues)

Do all these in Pomodoros 


Thanks everyone for all of this. It's a great site. 

Welcome OnceMore!

You are in the right place. Keep coming back! :)

PS Sorry if I have messed up this post for your own editing. I should have welcomed you in your introduction post, but didn't notice it earlier.

No worries!

It's always great to be welcomed. I've got plenty of other days to cross stuff off! Thanks for the warm wishes. Talk to you soon!



OnceMore Checking Out

Wow! I had a good day. Could have been better, but not bad at all!

 Woke up on time

Didn't immediately turn on fb/reddit/email

Did morning sit

Ate good breakfast

3 minutes late to first class (not a disaster)

Got all the prep needed for afternoon class done; proud of my performance in the project today

Came home, fed myself, no nap

Did sit in afternoon (!)

Did three loads of laundry

Worked out

Got derailed here--took a hot bath to avoid soreness and did very little for next 1.5 hours after that. I think I'll need to avoid baths <sigh>

Did dishes

Got pork started

Did a good 10 minutes on my taxes! Very proud of this one.

Started pork in the slow cooker

Ate a good dinner

My studying was a little scattered and chaotic--didn't really get momentum until 30 min before bedtime. Still, in the context of the day, not bad.

Cleaned closet some

Folded laundry

Now I have one more load to fold, then brush teeth and bed. Fun to see the list of stuff I did today--it feels like a lot. 

Rexroth Check In 09.54

Thanks for the start lennon

Up prayer and reflection
Discovered no water in kitchen and phoned landlord
Checked emails
Checked and posted investment letter - I had put of sorting this out for over a year and it is done now! (I hope)

x Stay in waiting for phone call from plumber
x Continue to check emails, check posts and mail, when/if any comes
x Study French
Write up info for CBT tomorrow
There are a lot of odd bits to do. I had expected to be out a lot today and now need to stay in.

x update 16.46 and I am in the middle of the CBT notes.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out 22.06

Above and the CBT notes took a heck of a long time
Had a brief sleep
Tidied and sorted desk and it is all clear for the first time in weeks - an advantage of staying in
No plumber today

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Rexroth

My Check in

Thanks lennonSmile for starting.  

Woke up late It is already 9:30 a.m

I am going to rotate my study subjects every 1hour throught the whole day to figure out how much i can accomplish in each subject. 

Except for activities such as Yoga, Jogging , Meditation I am going to concentrate only on studying.  I will update how much i accomplished later on.

rotating subjects

That is a great idea to rotate subjects so not to get overwhelmed with one at a time. It keeps it interesting, your mind is alert, and you might get more done that way.
I will try that as well with my tasks.

Hi sasha,   It's great

Hi sasha, 

 It's great that my idea helped youSmile. Though i couldn't complete my tasks as i happened to fix a problem with my computer. But will try this the next day. Let's know whether it worked for you. 

Finding a way CI

Monday 10 am

Thanks for starting the daily forum, lennon.

Today I am keen to go, which is a nice change ;). Probably because I just had a 3 day weekend away at a music festival, which was fun. Glad I scheduled that early on!

Also we had a great online PA meeting this morning (well, morning in my time zone) - 12 people attended! 

And my colleague has finally forwarded the new project to me, which is a relief as work was getting a bit thin on the ground.

So time to update my weekly list and start work.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and productive start to the week!

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

3. Go to the 7:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

4. Test blood sugar after fasting

5. Cook and eat breakfast

6. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

7. Take shower

8. Get dressed

9. Go to the 9:30 a.m. telephone PA check-in

10. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA activity line

11. Go to the 10:30 a.m. telephone PA check-in

12. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

13. Spiritual reading

14. Empty three totes

15. Wash dishes

16. Go to the 12 noon telephone ACA meeting

17. Go to the 1 p.m. telephone CLA activity line

18. Declutter 100 e-mail

19. Eat lunch

20. Test blood sugar two hours after lunch

21. Go to work at 5:30

22. Eat dinner

23. Test blood sugar at bedtime

24. Inject insullin

25. Go to the 11 p.m. telephone ACA meeting 

Thanks for letting me share