Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 10 February 2012

Welcome to Friday

The last day of the working week

A good day to finish off before the weekend

Regards Rexroth

Steppin checkin

Just making a check in because it is the best for me.

Today went allright, apart from the morning in which I overslept and thereby missed a train. I made pretty good damage control though and the rest of the day, no major problems. 

I don't feel the need to make check ins as much as before, as I feel I do pretty well 

but I know that  I can relapse into old habits by the drop of a hat. So to make sure it doesn't get out of hand when it happens (and it will happen, cause that is a natural part of recovery) I'll stay in touch with this place.



Journey 2:45 pm

Late check-in, bit of a weirdly scheduled day.    I had to stop and get car tags this morning, and in this case it was not due to my procrastination but due to someone elses - my daughter forgot to get her car inspected until last night.   So I was late to work (with permission) and then had an important 2 hour meeting shortly after I got here.

I took a short lunch break, then had trouble getting back in the groove after the messed up morning, but I finally got started and did my first two MITs which were thankfully non-stressful.   Now I have only 2 hours left in the day and I am going to work on Project O for those 2 hours.  Altogether not too shabby for a day in which I did not have time to sit down and plan.  I fell off the wagon for about half an hour, but got back up and kept going, so I'm happy.


Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.

kromer 9:50 CI

OK, today is a busy day, like usual. But I feel like I have a path forward on a lot of my work, so that's good.

I need to:
*Help rotation student with imaging
*Check dosed animals
*Check and maybe collect
*Count (working on this now)

New plan

Okay. Keeping the 30 minutes per case approach, but trying to schedule my way through the day by setting up a specific order for what I plan to tackle when. I often find that avoidance of one specific task is keeping me from working on anything else, so that the day slips away with no progres on that or anything else. Now I have a plan for moving on and a more-or-less firm time for doing it. That won't help me face the ones i am avoiding, but at least I hope it will keep me moving forward. Also, on a more mudane note, it will help me show progress on this irritating *required* time tracking business at work. I think I will "lose" yesterday's time track, because lots of blank space and/or "Too depressed to work" entries probably won't have the desired effect. I did get some things done, but with big gaps in between. Anyway, here is the plan, building around two scheduled back-to-back midday meetings.

10:30-11:00 AM: Work on prep for Meeting #2 Actual: 11:30 AM  

11-11:30 AM: Work on prep for Meeting #1

11:30-12 Noon: Work on a A, current case

Work on prep for Meeting #1

12 Noon - 12:30 PM: Meeting #1

12:30 - 2:30 PM: Meeting #2

2:30 - 3 PM: Lunch Work on A, current case

3-3:30 PM: Work on B, big project 

3:30 - 4 PM: Work on C, big project

4 - 4:30 PM: Work on D, current case

4:30-5 PM: Work on E, current case

5-5:30 PM: Work on F, current case

5;30 -6 PM: Work on G, current case

6-6;30 PM: Work on H, current case

6:30-7 PM: Work on I, current case

7-7:30 PM: Work on J, current case

7:30-8 PM: Work on K, current case

8-8:30 PM: Finish J (looks longer than a 30 minute job), Work on L, current cases

8:30-9 PM: Work on M, followup case, email client

9 PM: Leave work

Holy mackerel. First of all, just planning this was hard. Can't tell from the list, but cases have been triaged in terms of age and/or urgency, which required some thought. It took me an hour just to put a schedule together. Hopefully that will go faster in the future. Steam is already rising from my shiny bald head from the effort.

The other take home is that even looking at a carefully (by my standards) planned day, what I can actually hope to accomplish is far less than my nebulous, time-insenstive view that somehow *today* I will get a huge number of cases done. I really, really have a poor grasp of time. Anyway, I will take 5 minute breaks every half hour to keep from developing DVTs. Glad I am wearing moderate compression man hose (mantyhose?). Well, off to it, a little chastened, a little humbled, hopefully a little more clear-eyed.

PE 10


I finally started my report...and am now almost finished it.  I, as often is the case, enjoyed writing it.  I now have to add some scores and that is the part that I don't really like.  I don't like fumbling through appendices to figure out scores. I like to write creatively...It took me until today to figure this out.  So, here I go.  I ned to finish in the next hour, because I promised it to my boss 1st thing this morning.  It will be 2nd or 3rd thing, but she will have it this morning:)  Then I will move on to the rest of those annoying reports.  Off to chat I go-

Vic 2/10/12

Show up (done),calender, basics

Got through some major hurdles and now "want to take a break" , like check out of any responsibilities and thinking I'll start again tommorrow, it never worked, in any of my programs. Old thinking. What does work is maybe switch to different catagory of responsibilities, take car to garage to get fixed (done) , some yard work, etc. , help son with stuff, get help with next issue.

Melodie Beattie writes in the Language of Letting Go:

"Recovery is an acceptance process. It moves us from
our past, into today, and into a better future - a future free of
sabotaging behaviors, a future that holds more options than our past.

as I move through this day, let me be open to my feelings Today, help
me know that I don't have to either force or repress the healing
available to me in recovery. Help me trust that if I am open and
available, the healing will happen naturally, in a manageable way. 

Vaskaat 10th Feb

I finally got to sleep before 0030 this morning. It's been a while since I could start my day at 0900.

1) Return book

2) Conclude matters with Mon after 1530

3) Check ice times

4) Research jobs, no apartments

5)  Study coding(at least 10 minutes)

6) Search for tool for headlight

7) Clean out some of closet (at least 5 minutes)


"A procrastinator's work is never done."

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank Rexroth for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Test my blood sugar three times

2. Eat breakfast

3. Take shower

4. Get dressed

5. Go to donate bags

6. Do numbers

7. Eat lunch

8. Eat dinner

9. Go to work at 5L30 p.m.

10. Go to the 10 p.m. telephone DA meeting

Thanks for letting me share

tracy-la check in 2-10

Up early. Feel good as I went to bed by 10:30 or so. Good night's sleep.

Now time to structure day. One of my PA friends talked about finding the "pause" in a recovery program. Where you stop before you do what you're abstaining from. I can be a runaway train on the procrastination and once I begin, have trouble stopping. Here's a reading for the day to inspire me to experiment and find new ways. Have a great day everyone!


Write Before You Procrastinate (Or After You've Started) 

When you are tempted to procrastinate, do something not on your "to do" or "most important task list," stop and make contact with another PA member. If you cannot bring yourself to make the call, go into the chat room or if you make it and still want to procrastinate on less important tasks, then try writing.

Before you take the action of procrastinating or stop in the middle of it, write down exactly how you are feeling, what you think the procrastination or activity you're doing instead (whether sleeping, watching TV, going on the Internet or cleaning your house when you have a big deadline) will do for you, what the likely result will be, and how you will feel an hour later. It is a good idea to keep a pad of paper handy at your desk at work and somewhere handy at home; you can grab a pencil instead of start on the procrastination.

Often the process of writing down exactly how you are feeling will reveal the hidden emotions which are masquerading as anxiety or fear and a desire to procrastinate. You may discover that you are angry, or fearful, or lonely. Write the feelings and write the consequences of procrastinating because of them.

Grant me insight, Lord, and self-understanding.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations  


thanks, Tracy! (and vic!)

That exercise looks like a good thing for me to try--thanks so much.

I really appreciate you bringing these meditations to P.A. so regularly. They don't always resonate for me, but when they do, they really do!

Just so you know, I just requested Language of Letting Go from my library system, due to the quotes you and vic have been posting.

Bless you both!

(wrkinprogrss) Hazelton Daily Meditations on line

 No problem. I find the procrastination stuff is so intertwined with so many other things. the Melodie Beattie Language of Letting Go readings can be found on line, free, that day is posted and there are others like the AA 24 hrs, etc. I have the books but I find this site easier. than looking for my books . Vic

(vic) thanks!

Oo, thanks for the link, vic! *saves as bookmark*


Thanks Tracy, it reminded me of the "think it through method" I used when I had sponsorees in another program, we would walk thorugh the day/week/etc. with "and then what" . It worked for me and I could do that now with the procrastination. Vic

Recycler CI Feb 10 7:30am EST


6:45am. Up, take puppy for a walk, feed puppy, eat breakfast, take caffeine tablet.

The floor is my project this morning. Yesterday I swept the floor, and picked up 20+ items. Today: pick up the remaining items and sweep again. I had been thinking about swiffering, but that may be a little too ambitious? Let me Pick Up, then see what I feel like doing, if anything ;)

8am. Floor is done :) Picked up & swept. I don't think it needs to be swiffered, unless I feel like it Saturday morning before company comes. I still have some other much more minor things to do today: Clear off dining room table [again] and 2 kitchen counters. Wipe out crockpot & rinse & run it through dishwasher. Even if I wait until tomorrow, that will be ok. The floor was the challenge for today ;)

Rambling about a fun victory from yesterday re one of my hobbies. Last October I went to a doll convention & had a great time. Brought home some dolls. After I got back, the rest of Oct & Nov was all about having a new puppy. Dec was about holidays. Jan was about my Mickey Mouse collection. Finally, after clearing a lot of the condo this week [thanks to PA], I had enough space and felt I had "earned" some playtime with my dolls, which is what I did :) I had procrastinated enjoying the dolls lol. Now I am getting caught up with the dolls and feeling happy.

OK, I'm going to bask in the glory of having a clean-swept floor, and then see how much else I am going to do -- or not do ;) for the rest of today ;)

Afternoon: helped 2 friends, then took nap. Turned on Ice Maker for tomorrow. Walked puppy.

Have a great day, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

bill cleckner's ONE big thing...

My one big thing for today is to FLOSS my teeth. thanks.

fudoshin: day 21: 3:06am

Please do not leave advice or feedback.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



So I've been successfully avoiding dating sites and cyber stalking the people on my list for 21 days.  I did however at one point look up an old school chum on linkedin, whom I ran into on a train station.  I think for the purposes of this that I should avoid stalking him.    I mean that sort of thing counts, but I feel indecisive about it right now.  I haven't added him to my list of people that I have a problem with stalking.  I don't think it's a big deal right now.  I've deleted my invitation to the person.  The only reason I don't want to add him to my list of folks is because he's only facebook, and I haven't decided if it's a good idea to subtract him, since I'm clearly not thinking of dating him.  The point is to avoid stalking people whom I wanted to date at some point, but have only become obsessive about, and while I may have aimed to get his attention in HS, it has been thirteen years.  But when I saw him on the train platform I felt that old feeling again.  I felt that he wasn't giving me the attention I deserved, b/c he didn't stand up to shake my hand as others have.  And I found myself wondering what in the world all it meant, and if I would ever be closer to him again.    But removing him from Facebook so that I do not stalk him, seems a bit extreme, since I've been avoiding facebook, not as a rule, but just to avoid stalking.  I realize I cannot stalk him, because he's one of the many who does not give me what I want in terms of treatment.  Of course, stalking anyone is a bad idea, but since I'm a love addict, I seem to choose the ultra-unavailable types, and I don't need that.

fudoshin: checkin: 7:34am

Please do not leave advice or feedback.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Check emails posts and mail
Study French
Go out (in the cold cold snow) for medicine
Finish important letter and pack in package
Big food order
Some admin
Email friend
Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check O|ut

Today I have not done well. My arm hurts and I feel hot and feverish which I expect is from the vaccine. I went out and got my medicine and some good advice from the pharmacist. Friend was due to come over and didn't. I should have been more definite in making an arrangment with him. Have not done much else and it is too late now. So forgivness and sleep.

Night Rexroth