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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hjf2bme's check-in 1/24/12

going to try to check in each day this week...I know I am productive but I get to the end of the week and have no proof...


3:30 take daughter practice driving

4:45 help boss create a letter

7:00 go home 

7:20 home talk to neighbor(rare!) take out dog and garbage...feed animals...find correct tip for computer charger...

8:00 start check-in (man, this takes TIME!)

ok, now for the rest of the evening:

8:10research colleges for son

9:10make grocery list(start watching Obama)

check email, fb
, 10:15Obama speech ends...I need to go to bed...the den will have to wait another day!(clean den) while watching Obama

go to bed

ready or not, here I go! 

Agnus showing up

 It sure is easier to maintain a good habit than to start one!  Checking in because it's the right thing for me to do. To keep from becoming too discouraged, I am listing what I've accomplished today, rather than the impossible to-do list that I can't possibly finish in this 24 hours.

Morning routines: pray, pets, personal care, plan, prep food
Sponsor calls twice @ :15 each; took notes
Five sponsee calls @ :15 each
Ate breakfast; cleaned up kitchen
Meditation and a specific writing assignment from sponsor
Whacked some work emails for about an hour
Had a PM call for :30 minutes
Went to 1-hour counseling appt
Talked to J's diabetes counselors
Went to 2-hour dentist appointment
Cooked and ate late lunch
Took :30 minute call from sponsee in crisis
Visited a few minutes with J
Played puter card games for :15
Wasted time researching the ages of interesting newsmen online :blush:
Checked in here

I have a PM waiting for me to review a doc so I'm going to do that, then walk the dog and pray about what to do next/first. Many deadlines loom, and I'm way overtired, under-meeting'ed, full of fears and anxieties, and generally have been neglecting my own basic needs for too long to be safe from my addictions.


"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land." Psalm 16

Gah, I am having a hard

Gah, I am having a hard time getting started today. I can do it, though. I can focus, and I can be productive! :)

To Do List:

  • Shower and dress
  • Make bed
  • Organize work TDL
  • Fluff clothes in dryer
  • Fold clothes in dryer
  • Move clothes in washer to dryer
  • Start new load of laundry
  • Check to make sure the correct document got sent
  • Read through B's new ms that she sent me
  • Compare and contrast B's with what I am reading
  • Continue reading full (for at least 3 hours--worked for 2 hours. Not bad. 
  • Vaccuum by birdies cage
  • More laundry
  • Make dinner
  • Feed birdies
  • Clean up dinner
  • Make lunch for hubby


Joining the fray

Alright: it's time to stop putting off daily check-ins. They help a bit when I do it on my own, and they should prove even more effective here.

1) Mail credit card bill 

2) Research jobs and apartments

3) Practise chanter

4) Install headlight (instead of avoiding night-driving) - FAILED

5) Study C++ and Ajax (at least five minutes)

6) Research chanter reeds

7) Go to library- FAILED

8) In bed by midnight

Shower Music

Shower [done]

Music training


Brush hair three times today

After shower

at 2:50

sometime after when I get home 

wrkinprogrss: 01/24/12

Hi, Everyone, and good wishes for your day! Journey, the opening graphic made me smile--thanks!

Today, I choose to concentrate on reality (rather than fiction) until at least 18:30.

Done or Done Enough Smile:
P1 prioritize
P2 email check-in buddy
P0 brush teeth, splint
P0 get early pills, eat something
P1 5 15-min bursts job work progress before noon (only about 5 minutes late)
P0 shower, wash hair etc.
P2 massage heel
P0 13:30 appointment, schedule more

In Progress:
P0 laundry for today
P2 check in and bookend at P.A.

To Do:
P4 ck status of l+ request

P3 ck car odometer

P1 grocery shop?
P1 4 15-min bursts job work progress before 18:30

P2 5 minutes kitchen sink progress
P2 cook b-rom+rice?

P1 some sort of hopeful future research
P1 th h/w thinks (s-d no circ.s? anti-priv who/why/how?)

P0 Qi Gong
P2 balancer
P0 be bed with lights and sound off by 23:00, set alarm 7:00
(8:00 mtg)

Bonus Items:
3 5 min. neatening twd passwd findg
P3 10min. making zine notes
P4? 5min. Tai Chi rsch / draft Qs?

P3 think when car maint incl tire rot
ck car odometer!
think re when willing
call TWC re due yet or not?
P3 5 minutes business pprwk/dec
microsteps (which?)
P3? 5 min on weed front bed 4tulips?

InnerTruth MIA

Haven't been using this forum for a couple of weeks.

I got a small contract and spent much of the past two weeks working on it and going to my part-time job. I think I worked about 60 hours in total last week.

There is a problem with the contract about getting paid and obtaining future work. The person I'm dealing with has shut me out. She was supposed to contact me yesterday about giving me a cheque. I'm not feeling good about this. Update: Everything is okay here. I'm just being paranoid. 

I have another opportunity for freelance work in about two weeks. It's a very reputable company with a big budget. I've already met with them twice, so it's probably a matter of going in to discuss the work and signing a contract.

My part-time job at the grocery store isn't going very well. I'm not scanning things fast enough and need to learn more produce codes and identify more produce. If I don't pick up my speed in about 6 weeks, I'll be fired.

I was hoping that the first contract worked out so I could quit my part-time job, but it doesn't look that way.

I'm falling back into my old habits of staying up late to watch TV and then getting up late. Also, I'm not running much. Standing makes my legs stiffen so it's difficult to run after working eight hours the day before or for four or five hours earlier in the day. i'm going to run today and on Thursday.

Keep time log and check in throughout the day

Work for day:

  1. Check all 3 email addresses
  2. Call Salina if I haven't heard from her by 3 pm (She called me!)
  3. Stretch and run
  4. Buy stuff for salad (do Wednesday)
  5. Register at Amazon
  6. Call Barb (for Thursday)
  7. email Sheryl

  8. Look for contract prospects

  9. Check websites for work

  10. email association

  11. email Brian if the event isn't booked
  12. Remind city about projector (do Thursday)
  13. Do email blast, send to PD (in progress, finish on Wed.)
  14. Get cell phone fixed (for Thursday)
  15. Borrow transit pass from sister

  16. Go to Rx for groceries

  17. Political meeting
  18. Fix sister's printer (Tried to. Need to talk to mfg of printer)
  19. Handwash 3 sweaters (Wednesday)
  20. Memorize produce codes (Do while in transit Wednesday morning)
  21. Prepare "to do" list for Wednesday (To do when I come home from work at 5:30 pm tomorrow)


Good Morning

Some mornings, I have a problem figuring out what needs to be done this is one. But I will take a stab at it, here goes.

Take pup out on the hour up til 3pm

Fill prescription(drop off movie at this time)

Switch load of laundry over and start another

research training puppies

wash self

comb hair

brush teeth

get lunch for lunch together

kromer 10 CI

OK, today is a busy day...I got kind of behind yesterday.
And I'm frustrated that I haven't yet gotten the article I need to do my work.

OK, today I need to:
*Analyze S8 and R10 data and figure out plan going forward (working on this now)
*Announce girls group, shop for it, go to it
*Resuspend probes
*Email T
*W18 plan (will do this soon)
*Undergrad ad
*Staining for control slides (need to start this by 2 at the latest)
*Check on expts/check pl.  (will do this soon)
*Email about hazmats
*Email about dinner party
*Go to dimsum with friends

OK, right now I'm going to work on data analysis and check pl. 

Falcon CI Tues.


Need to get this done in the next couple of hours:

  • Laundry
  • Clean/tidy
  • Look over notes for retirement stuff, see if I need to make (ugh!) phone call

Ready, set. . . go!


Steppin check in

To do:

 Make food for work


Modern Prelude


Go to work

Do the dishes

clement ci

said hi to the new people. Prayed for them.

It shocks me to this day how people find their way here, and introduce themselves, and i can see my own struggle right there in their posts. And yet, so few people seem to suffer from this around me in my non-virtual life. Power of the internet to connect people. Internet at its best. Thank god for the internet. (is that weird?)

And yet, all that took time. I was disciplined that i clicked on the interesting article but put off reading it til later. I can do that in bed at the end of the day when i'm tired, and exercise and do my job work now when i have full energy.

And so i will make a schedule then work out, then appt then work. With God's help, guidance and strength.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


I work at a manufacturing

I work at a manufacturing plant and it seems like my coworkers are productive in and out of work and then there is me, lol. I am grateful for PA.

Invisible procrastinators

It is funny, isn't it, how there seem to be so many of us procrastinators in the world, yet it seems unusual to run into them in real life!  I have one good friend who procrastinates, all my other friends are task-oriented "doers" who actually seem to LIKE working.  Smile

On the other hand, when I first tell friends about my troubles with procrastination, most are surprised -- they see me as quite together and on top of things.  Even my friend the fellow procrastinator thought so.  So it could well be that a lot of the people I assume are proactive "get it done" types are actually procrastinators like me, and it's just not obvious on the surface.  People around me may be struggling more than I realize (probably a good thing to keep in mind, now I come to think of it.)


could be, falcon

i think almost all people are not as "together" as they make it seem. that's one of things we are working toward in church. To let people see us how we really are. Everyone's got their issues. Yes it IS important for those of us especially who compare ourselves to others and then feel bad about ourselves, to keep this in mind.

So much wisdom at PA!

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank Journey for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Take shower

2. Get dressed

3. Eat breakfast

4. Go to podiatrist at 9:45

5. Eat lunch

6. Pay bills

7. Return phone calls

8. Wash clothes

9. Do numbers

10. Eat dinner

11. Go to the 3 p.m. telephone DA meeting

12. Go to the 6 p.m. telephone OA meeting

13. Go to the 7 p.m. telephone OA meeting

14. Go to the 8 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

15. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meeting

16. Go to the 9:30 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

Thanks for letting me share

Journey 6:30 & updates

Happy Tuesday!   Yay, I get to start the thread today.

Working from home today and getting an early start.   I left a bit early yesterday because I was just exhausted and stressed out from giving a speech.   I worked a bit on a project in the afternoon but didn't make a lot of progress.   I went to bed early and today I'm ready to Get Things Done.  

I'll get through my email, make tdl, then exercise.   I'll check back after breakfast.

I forgot to check back after breakfast.   Took dog to vet at 10 for recheck following surgery last year.   (he's old and had some bad teeth which they removed).  His recheck was good and I got some medicine for his chronic cough.   He's doing pretty well for his age and I guess I am too :)

Got back noonish to find I'd been ordered to attend a class at 1 pm by live meeting which is supposed to last all afternoon.    This is for a new product which I do need to be familiar with, but it's kind of hard to follow the instructor over a conference call.  He's got a foreign accent and I understand only about half of what he's saying. I've been trying to pay attention as much as possible and get an overview at least but I'm giving up and I'm going to multi-task the rest of the day - we are going to get a copy of the handout so I'll review it and see if I can get a better grasp of the material.  I think I got the basics anyway. 

I'm going to continue reading about the planned upgrade for one of my products, that will be something I can do and still half pay attention to this stupid class.   I'm very frustrated cause I was really in the mood to get stuff done on another project today but it takes total concentration and that ain't gonna happen.  Better to post here and make a decision rather than sit here frustrated and get nothing done, eh?

Update 4 pm

Dropped out of the class at 3:00 after two hours, there was mostly discussion going on between the developer and the guy who will mainly be supporting the product so I bailed.   Finished reading about the upgrade.  Now I will take a break, then see if I can get a bit done on the project I had planned to work on.   See, this is good!  I didn't let myself get too frustrated at the schedule change.  



Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.