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Specific ways to combat procrastination habits

Hello all,

  There may have been a thread about this some time ago, but there doesn't seem to be one currently. In the spirit of overcoming habits that feed procrastination I offer and ask for specific ways to overcome it. For example, instead of using your laptop at home where it is so easy to get sidetracked, take it to the library instead and break free of all the distractions. You might also be inspired by the studious people around you (either that or be shamed into not browsing the Web mindlessly). If you have a tendency to run around and frolick instead of staying at the desk, wear nicer clothes that would discourage that sort of behaviour for the moment (for fear of dirtying them). If starting a paper proves too daunting, simply opening a notebook with relevant notes might start a "microburst" of writing. At the very least you might read up on the subject. If you want to code something open a rich text editor or command shell and see where that leads. 

  I know this approach focuses on symptoms rather than the ultimate cause, but it might be a good step towards liberation. I hope to compile a reference list for when a general anti-procrastination approach isn't working. Any thoughts?



Falcon's (10+2)x5

Falcon mentioned this method a few months ago and it really helps.  When I'm having a real problem staying on task I use this method for an hour.     I normally try to stay on task for longer periods of time, but on those "ADHD" days this method works miracles for me. 

Good luck!  


Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.

Re: Falcon's (10+2)x5

Thank you, Journey!

It's my first day on this forum and it's already helping me.

I managed to study the whole afternoon using the (10+2)x5 method, watching some series in the two minute breakes. Yay!