Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

The experiment of having nothing to do.

So, I graduated. I did this, by procrastinating like there was no tomorrow, and pulled through so last minute that I did not get into the Masters-Programme, simply because bureaucracy is not adjusted to procrastinators and I didn't get a verification on time.

Sadly, that was so devastating and dissappointing I completely forgot to be happy about having managed to graduate, but then Procrastination tends to eat away happiness in achievements.

So, now I have two-and-a-half months left, with nothing to do.  After the first feeling of desaster, I started thinking about my "hidden to-do list", all the things that I have been putting up, so I could procrastinate on studying by watching videos on youtube. Its mainly a list of creative passion-projects, hobbies and friends I haven't met in a while. But thats all stuff I can do or not do. I didn't tell anyone about the list, so there is no pressure from outside and no demand-resistance.

All thats on the solid to-do-list, like getting an apartment and moving can only be done in February. And of course, neverending household tasks, but since I live on my own, nobody can push me here either.

Its been 20 days of this now, and this is what I found:

I find the stuff I procrastinated with  so boring, that I do not even think about them (Blogs, video-games, shopping sites) and stuff that I thought would be more exciting than studying is not interesting either. This way, I am in a vaccuum. 

Does that mean, I need something to procrastinate on so I move at all?

change of fun

i go through that too. i will be fascinated by something while i have something else to do. but the minute i have genuine free time, i am totally bored of whatever preoccupied me so well earlier.

sometimes i say to myself "this isn't that interesting, it's just more interesting/less scary than having to face something that actually pains me." and somehow that makes it easier to let the distraction go and get back on focus. 

MORE IMPORTANTLY, congrats on graduating. i know how hard that is (especially for people like us) and i'm really proud of you for getting it done!!

hope you can find a nice way to reward yourself.:)