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Writing project for Do It Now

Make this a top rpiority in the little time I ahve each day.  


progress not prefection

Do the high anxiety task first 

Checking in with Do It Now

Hi, Do It Now,

How's it going with your writing project? I'm thinking of you and hoping that you're finding ways to make progress with it!

I send you solidarity and good wishes!


oct 26

Did about 15 today

progress not prefeciont

Yay, DoItNow!

Three days in a row--you're on a roll! Laughing

Oct 25

Did today

oct 24

ok did today

cheering DoItNow's project

Yay for a successful day! Congrats!


Ok back from a very busy week:

priorities:  finish up some basic reading


send VL form in

Do a minimum a half hour per day on this.  Be patient...


progress not prefection

(WIP - check email please) 

thanks, Do It Now!

Thanks for the email, DoItNow!  I appreciate both the update and your ongoing positive attitude. Good wishes for the week ahead!


tiptree CI

to do:

- clear 4 dept bugs
- figure out script issue
- clean office
- follow-up on uts email
- review issues list and clear one item
x mail check
x pay bills
- read 30 pp
- one load of laundry
- clean kitchen


I have 3-4 days then out thursday through Sunday.

Almost done with the BG reading.

next steps:

send VL form (sent the first one)

Reveiw what I'vewritten adn do the second module!

progress not prefction 

Congrats, DIN!

Congrats on the reading progress, Do It Now -- sounds like you're progressing steadily!


This is an extremely busy time but sticking with t  TH

Off line Thu to Sun


Did more reading

sent form 


progress not prefction 

Hooray for Do It Now!

Big yay for continued progress, even in a busy time! How's it feeling?


did some more reading today and yesterday 

Filled form.  

Send form to VL 

Cheers for dotnow!

It's wonderful to see you moving along with this--hooray!

Missed Sunday

Ok , but I just keep going..


progress not prefec 

Back on Sunday

More bg reading - max 1 hour, send form to Mys


progress not prefect ion

Good wishes for dotnow's project

Good wishes for it! You can do it!

Wed Oct 5

B'ground reading 1 hour DONE


Do another 40 minutes


After reading task do: send license agreement in   sign for VL 


find formula dcf

do am pp 

yay for dotnow!

Hi, dotnow--congrats on making this post and doing your hour of background reading for today!

I was late at seeing your chat remarks about it, but I saw them eventually. Wink  I'm pleased to have a place to cheer you on!

I send you good wishes for more progress on this, hopefully today, despite its "second job" nature!

Thanks and you take care, too!