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Rexroth Travel Project 2011

This is my special project for this year. Wish me well with it.


Object – I will follow a little known trek in the wilds, take photographs and write an account afterwards. I will seek a publisher for the work.

Where – I am sharing anonymously and will tell people when I get back.

When – late August to October 2011 – I shall check dates of events in UK
which I would prefer not to miss

Duration – I shall go to the country for about seven weeks, the specific trek I will do takes an absolute minimum of three weeks

Other things to do in the country – these I shall list and plan. Last time I was in the country I spent a while hanging about which I could have spent doing other things.

Ticket – I will buy as soon as I know when I shall be going which depends in part on feedback from people in the country.

Insurance – I have renewed this and shall check that the terms have not changed.

Visa – I will check that the info I have is correct i.e. that I can obtain a visa on arrival.

Medical – I will visit a travel clinic and get a jab, malaria tablets and a few other bits which I will list before going. I shall make one accurate record of all jabs I have had. Also I shall research and buy appropriate medical items to take with me.


Camera – I shall complete research and get advice and then buy a new one and get used to using it competently. I shall also check needs for and buy batteries, chargers and memory

Dictaphone sound recorder – I shall complete research and buy one and get used to using it competently and obtain batteries etc as above

Boots – I shall decide whether I need to buy new ones and if I do I will.

Tent – I shall check my present tent, repair it and decide it I need a now one. If I do I shall buy one. Whichever tent I decide to use I shall practice erecting and dismantling it

Sleeping bag – I shall research what I need, buy one and get used to using it.

Kip mat – I shall buy one and get used to using it.

Swiss Army knife – I shall get this repaired or buy a new one

New map of whole country – I shall buy one


I am fit enough to go tomorrow but I would enjoy it more if I am fitter so I will keep walking, include walking with a loaded rucksack and train to swim a new stroke.

Map and compass – I shall practise this as I am a little rusty.

GPS – I shall learn how to use this until I am fully competent.

French – I shall keep studying and will concentrate on particular learn useful phrases


I will write to the following people with whom I have been in contact.

Missionaries, particularly medical ones

Drivers and tour people I know

Charity I support

Business people I am in contact with


I shall list these so I can spend extra time in country productively.

That’s it Folks

Comments, guidance, advice, prayers, thoughts etc are all welcome

Regards Rexroth

Very Exciting Rexroth!

Can I go with you?? O just kidding I am not it is cool to see one of "OUR KIND" following through on a dream/plan! This is a big one in my eyes! It gives me hope that someday if I keep trying to keep my ducks in a row, I too will be able to live out my dreams to travel to cool places and just explore! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!! Best wishes!!

Happy travelling Rexroth!

Wishing you a safe and wonderful journey!

Safe Travel, Rexroth!

Avoiding the truth consumes great effort and energy. - Jim Loehr


Wow, how exciting! Best wishes & of course prayers.

Thanks vic

Thanks vic - I'll do an update on my plans later this week but things are moving well

Regards Rexroth

Nine weeks to go before I do

Nine weeks to go before I do

In nine weeks time the Lord willing I shall be heading out. It is a good time to look at how far I have got with my plans. So here is my report.

I’ve booked a ticket which gives me a little over six weeks in the country. Last time I went for eight and it was a bit too long. I have also planned what I am intending to do. Visa info is correct and my insurance is in order. If I really wanted to I can stay longer without much extra expense.

Nice nurses have vaccinated me for about everything I could get and my medicine pack is full of interesting things. I need to buy a sterile kit and a few more things.

I have my new camera and have practiced using it. I am not confident and need to do have a lot of practice before I set off.

I’ve bought new boots and will probably take my old ones. Can’t remember how to put the tent up and will probably take it rather than buy another. I definitely need a new sleeping bag, kip mat and day sack.

Started learning how to use my GPS – I need help

Sent out email to my driver who was excellent and I hope he is available again, bought a new map of the country and spent time planning where exactly to go using is and more detailed maps.

Emailed organisations I want to visit including missionaries and a children’s home.

So in the next nine weeks I need to:

Get myself fitter by walking and swimming.

Learn a little more French

Write more emails and probably letters depending on contact

Buy various things I’ve listed above

Practice with camera and GPS

I have plenty of time but yesterday was feeling down thinking that I would never get things done

Remembering that the nature of an adventure is that the outcome is uncertain.

Any comments are welcome

Regards Rexroth

Good Luck

I hope you enjoy your trip.  Share your experience when you return.


Thank you lennon

Thank you lennon. I put off traveling for most of my life after long trips at 18 and 19 and I am grateful to be well enough to do some now.


Expedition Update

Received email from an excellent driver who drove me around the time before last. He is free and happy to drive me. A good development. Things are moving.

Seven weeks to go and I am excited

Seven weeks to go and I am excited

Done – Progress this last week

Asked trusted and experience friend to check my equipment list

Tried out tent and I need a new one

Decided not to buy dictaphone machine but to write up my journal

Sleeping bag is fine but I need one for colder temperatures

Done a load of research on tents etc and have advice from very experienced friend who will come with me to shop on Sunday

Asked Travel Insurers for copy of policy and this should arrive in the next few days

Continued to study French, met French person twice for practice and bought new and very useful phrase book

Transferred money from deposit to current account

Informed bank I shall be abroad so they shouldn’t refuse my debt card

Researched equipment and route on web


I need to decide and buy tent, sleeping bag, kip mat, 25L day sack, dry bags and water purification tablets and make sure I can put up the tent.

Go to dental hygienist

Go to French conversations and arrange other appointments, the French person I meet is happy with our arrangement, and keep up private study

Sort out finances further so money is in the right accounts, take out more cash, buy foreign currency, and make sure I have told all debit and credit cards that I shall be abroad

Keep walking to get fitter and go to swimming lessons

Sew up trousers and jersey (maybe I should buy a fleece)

Try out the GPS

Research camera case and take more photos

Check up on various things I have ordered and which have not yet arrived

Get a spare key cut for my flat

Ask two friends to hold copies of the key while I am away and tell landlords that I am travelling

and a few other bits but the above is most important

Comments, guidance, advice, prayers, thoughts etc are all welcome

Regards Rexroth

Six weeks to go before I'm off


Been to dental hygienist and teeth sorted
Went with friend and bought a 25 L daysack, tent and sleeping bag
Checked and sorted internet orders
More work on finances as some problems with cards etc
Used GPs and it is not difficult
Found best place for currency
Got out all bags and bits to sort what will go where
French study and walking for fitness

Put up tent and check it and practice putting up tent so I can do so when I am tired
Take day sack back for exchange
Try to finalise banking cards and cash
Email landlords to get permission for copy of security key
Sort out camera case
Practice using camera
Buy kip mat
Buy sterile kit
Buy trainers
Buy water purification tablets

That will do for now

Comments, guidence, prayers, thoughts etc are all welcome.

Regards Rexroth

Five weeks to go before I'm off

Not much this week and I am not happy about it. I have not been well
Studied French - and was given a French Book of James
Almost finalized credit cards and cash
Sorted out a potential problem with insurance
Emailed landlords for key and tried to get it cut anyway
Bought a few medical bits and asked Dr for repeat prescription
A lot of stuff tidying and sorting for going away - food, washed old sleeping bag, tidied and sorted files.

Almost all of last weeks stuff

Comments, guidence, prayers, thoughts etc are all welcome.

I have plenty of time but want to do things in good time for once in my life

Regards a slightly panicking Rexroth

Less than four weeks to go

It is now less than four weeks before I am off and I am generally well prepared.

Buy, new daysack, camera case, trainers, present
Meet with church Monday
Keep exercising and studying French
Put up tent again and check everything works
Trial pack everything to check weight and distribution etc
Get new PIN from bank which should have been here by now

and a few things which are nothing to do with the trip but I want to do before I go away.

It is an adventure and sometimes I want to hide under the duvet.

Wish me well Rexroth

Less than two weeks to go HELP

I am so nearly ready and feel stuck

Exercised and studied French
Practised using GPS and camera
Booked driver for trip
Tried to get PIN from bank - I have alternative ways of getting money
Got a lot of euros
Checked medicines and other bits of kit so I know if anything is missing
Met with minister from church

Meet with friend tomorrow and buy daysack and sleeping pad
Arrange with friend to buy camera case
Write to bank re PIN
Buy present for child I sponser
Email to sort hotel, orphanage visit and craft people visit
Make one list of all contacts and print to take with me and email as attachment to myself in case I lose it
Photocopy passpost
Put tent up again and check everything
Sort some photos for printing
Try to stop worrying about it all

Regards Rexroth

for Rexroth: letting go, letting higher power.

"In thinking about our day, we may face indecision. We may not be able to determine which course to take. Here we ask God for inspiration, an intuitive thought or a decision. We relax and take it easy. We don't struggle. We are often surprised how the right answers come after we have tried this for a while."

-- Big Book of AA, page 86.

Rexroth, you're doing just fine.  Relax and take it easy.  Let higherpower guide you.

We have faith in you!

Thank you movingalong

Thank you movingalong.

I have spent some prayerful time this afternoon reading the chapter in the Big Book. I've read it so many times over the years and I still find new insights there.

Now I feel much more relaxed: previously I was fighting with myself and exhausting myself and the calm I feel now is like a calm after a storm. There are many things I wish I had done before and I haven't so now I need to focus on what I can do now not on what I might have done then.

One Week Before I Am Off

Only a week to go now and I should be on the aeroplane waiting for take off. I have almost everything ready and feel much calmer.

Met and said goodby to friend
Bought daysack, sleeping mat and camera case
Tried out sleeping equipment and it is fine

Buy present for child I sponser
Buy plastic bowl,mug and knife spoon etc for camping
Get a few extra photos printed
Put up tent another two or three times
Finish transfering info onto file print and email to myself
Meet and say goodby to person I share French/English swap lessons
Finish file and go to CAB with friend next week
Give keys to friend and a note so he can get in and print a note for my door
Finish up food
Hide valuables - that won't take long!
Book cab to airport
Attend last church service and collect introduction note
Test pack and real pack
I think that is everything and I have plenty of time

I am so glad that this time I am so well organised for the first time in my life.

Thanks for being here Folks


Safe journeying to Rexroth


Soon you'll be leaving in a cab for the airport.  I want to wish you godspeed.  May love, joy, and serenity be with you and may higherpower guide and protect you on your journeys.


Off tomorrow

I am packed and leaving tomorrow and as Movingalong writes I shall soon be in a cab heading for the airport and in a days time will be on an aeroplane heading for Africa. Thanks for you good wishes Movingalong. I am impressed with myself for having got this far and being well prepared even though not perfect. My luggage feel a little heavier than I had hoped but I shall be employing porters so it should not be too much of a problem. I've planned and written a little of my book and will be writing the rest when I get back. I write about what I am going to do and have as yet not mentioned that all this is in the power of a loving God and not in mine.

Thank you for all your support and kindness and for helping me to take a big step in my life.


Back safely and successfully

I arrived back in London this morning having been abroad for a little over six weeks and trekked in the wild and climbed the mountain.

Now I have the account to write.

Thanks for support


Rexroth, welcome back!!!

So inspirational to hear that a recovering procrastinator has followed a vision.

Welcome back, Rexroth!

I'd love to hear more about your travels, if you're inclined to post any of that here. Glad you're back, safe and sound.

I feel stuck

I feel stuck. I arrived back two weeks ago and have more or less sorted myself out. I've sent some info to the publisher of a guide and got my photos downloaded and more or less in order. I've made enquiries over some of the photos which are not as good as I wanted to try to find out why. My church have asked me to give a talk on my travels. I have planned what I need to do to get the info to finish my book.

I need to start writing and I can't!

Usually I don't have a problem starting but I do now.

Advice is welcome.

Regards Rexroth

This is the next stage to finish the job.


Unfortunately, I don't really have any advice. I'm REALLY stuck too. Like I have ALL this work that I am behind on and I really couldn't care less.

But maybe knowing that someone else is struggling is helpful. Misery loves company?

I know we have a bit of a time difference, but maybe we can work together and keep ourselves accountable. If not, I hope we can both start focusing!!!

to Rexroth and Katia re writing

Hi, Rexroth and Katia,

Have you tried writing whatever comes into your head, as fast as possible, without censoring or revising it, for a timed period of 15 minutes or so? When I am stuck, I find that doing that kind of "free-writing" often helps me get moving on whatever I need to do. With writing projects, sometimes we try to edit as we go along, trying to get every word/phrase/sentence "right." But I think it works better to write something imperfect fast, in order to get your ideas out onto screen or paper, where you can see them, and then edit and/or reorganize them afterwards.

Just yesterday, someone in the chatroom told me about a cool tool for that kind of writing: a web site called writeordie. It lets you set a goal for how long you will write or how many words you will write in a session, and what consequences will happen if you don't just start writing and keep writing. I haven't used it yet, but the person who told me about it found it very helpful. Looks like the online version is free, too.

Good luck with your projects!


Thanks wrkinprogrss

Thanks wrkinprogrss I've looked up the website and I'll have a longer look tomorrow.

Regards Rexroth

Again thanks wrkinprogrss

Thanks I am dyslexic and find writing in the way suggested does not work for me. I did in fact try the Artist's Way a few years ago and it really did not work for me. It did work very well indeed for many of my friends who got a lot out of it. I have had a look at the website and it is interesting but not for me.

A retreat, your first suggestion, is something that I am actively investigating.

Kind Regards


Kudos to Rexroth

Sorry to hear that neither freewriting nor Artist's Way worked for you, but YAY YOU for giving them a try! I find that it helps me to be in contact with people who are actively searching for what works, so thanks for openly trying out something new!