Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 11th May 2011

Welcome to Wednesday


The midweek day - looking backward with thanks and forward with hope

fudoshin: checkin : 8pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



I'm feeling suicidal, I'll come in later and talke about it, or not.  I am going to a meeting right now, totally late.  Going to take a shower, and leave.  Don't care what people think.


There are prayers for you from here in the UK too.


Hang in there

Sending positive thoughts. Peace.


Praying for you (and a little bit worried about you).


Praying for you. <3


We care about you.


Lots of prayers headed your way. No advice, just solidarity.

No advice, just prayers

I'm with you. I've felt the way your feeling, often, and recently. 

You are in my thoughts tonight.  

Please HELP!!

Hi everyone, 

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I've created a major crisis with my school procrastination this semester.

I now have 3 days until the end of the semester, and my final project is to conduct and analyze a research study.

I've FINALLY started to pull myself together, and got my survey written and posted online, HERE: 

I need at least 100 replies by tomorrow evening, and I have nowhere near that many acquaintances, so I'm hoping a few people on here can help me out by filling out the survey.

It takes about 10 minutes - and your response will literally be helping save me from flunking out. If you have the time, I'd be immensely grateful for your help. 

Thanks, everybody.

Prayers are also very much appreciated. I need all the help I can get.

re:Survey ((piet))

I took the survey, and will pass it on via Facebook. Hope you get all the responses you need!

Thank you!!!

The responses are slowly adding up! 


I think I may have enough for my statistical analysis by the end of the day. Just need about 26 more. 


Thanks for pitching in :) I may yet pass this class and graduate!!

(prayers too!)

(prayers too!)

ditto to what Sammy said!

I know it's never too late to make a brand new start - from "Brand New Start" by Paul Weller

Thanks, Journey :)

I'm feeling so mcuh more hopeful today than I was two weeks ago. I feel like I can breathe again! 

Hypatia's check-in at 7pm

No time to check-in at work today.  I've been pretty well working flat out except for nipping to a Disability shop in my lunch hour for some advice, and discovering they didn't have a clue what I was talking about!

I'm having to use my evenings for preparation for the next day's work this week.  My backlog is steadily getting more backlogged as I can't even keep up with the front-log, and I don't even have time to procrastinate!  Hopefully I'll get some more time next week.

This evening

  • write paper for tomorrow's meeting

  • start OU maths assignment

  • print off OU course articles

  • sort washing
  • make lace (for pleasure)


kromer 11:30 CI

So far today I've called company about utility bill and had mtg.

Tasks are:
*SMF nb  (though I need to add comp. notes tomorrow), start hybs (working on this now)
*B. draft email + antibody order (will do this soon)
*Rough draft of insights paper (I have an outline)
*Normalization, list of gc specific genes, timecourse graph, GC norm, sig.
*Collect one and mail 2

*Check pl.

OK, going to go check pl. and then I'll go have lunch. After lunch I'll collect/mail and then do normalization/gene list and then do rough draft. 


Very tired today, and it's only Wednesday. Have so much to do I am not sure where to start, so I am trying hard to procrastinate. For some reason, I was obsessing over one of my very overdue cases last night and this morning. Just getting it to a reasonable interim plateau is causing me stress. But I can't drop everything and attend to it intensively because there is too much other pressing work. Have to focus on the basics.

Goal 1: 15 minute "touches", then move on, circle back later

Goal 2: No internet until after 5 PM. I did well with avoiding/limiting internet use at work as a way to procrastinate for about 6 weeks. Then I gave myself a break, and now can't seem to re-acquire the discipline. Have to do it. Checking the same news site every few minutes for something distracting feels like a compulsion and I am not even enjoying it (not to mention that nothing changes between checks, so afterwards I am even more irritated at myself for wasting time).  

Goal 3: I say it every day, but I can only hope that repetition will cause it to sink in at some point: want to leave at 8 PM today.


We can go where we want to go, one step at a time.

"Stay present for each stage of your journey. Trust each stage. Many things are possible for you if you accept that the fastest way is one step at a time.” M. Beattie

I started writing/texting goals too. It really helps, until I start reflecting on the past or thinking of the future.  Knowing I am not alone helps give me courage. I am really scared of looking at all my unfinished tasks.


Very much relate - with you all the way!!!

♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥

hope4meandu day 26 here; day 30 at work

Thanks Rexroth for starting!!

Grateful to be here. Last night was good. It's funny - I keep thinking, "now I have it made...I'll never procrastinate again...." LOL!!

First thing I hope to do when I get home after feeding & caring for our four-leggeds is a 10 minute work out.

-research getting Yoffee stairs
-call vets in area and find cheapest for Goldie & how to get Yoffee allergy shots
-allergy shots for me
-check on credit cards
-how to go to PetWorks
-find groomer to come to house
-pay $188. vet bill
-get Goldie's other window opened in his room
-order from PetMeds for Yoffee

-10 minute workout
-clean bathroom


♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥



You're doing great!  



♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥


yw :)  I'm proud of you 

I know it's never too late to make a brand new start - from "Brand New Start" by Paul Weller

Journey 10:15 Ugh & update

I am at work but I feel like moldy a$$.  I went to the gym and did a lighter and shorter workout than usual, and I've spent the rest of the morning looking for misplaced items.   I have lost my blackberry, a check, and my debit card.  And I forgot to get gas so I had to get off the expressway and find a gas station when I was sitting on empty.   So I was an hour late to work.  Not a good start.    I did find all the things though, eventually :)  My blackberry was at work (so I couldn't call in and tell them I was going to be late), my debit card was in the bottom of my purse, and the check was in my notebook.  

Obviously I have not brought my brain with me to work today, so I'm going to leave early.  I think I'll work half a day and call in sick tomorrow and work half a day from home, and call it one sick day.  

Anyway,  time to make the todo list.   It's a short day so I will only work on the top one or two priority items, attend one conference call, and then get out of here.  If I can find my car keys. 

Update 3 pm I'm outta here - but the funny thing is that i actually got a lot done because I knew I only had 4 hours to get it done.   Methinks there is a lesson in there somewhere but my brain can't comprehend new things today, I'll think about it tomorrow.  


I know it's never too late to make a brand new start - from "Brand New Start" by Paul Weller

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank Rexroth for starting this trend.

Thing I have done

1. Went to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Went to the 9:30 a.m. telephone PA check-in

3. Went to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 10:30 a.m. telephone PA check-in

2. Go to the 11:30 a.m. telephone PA check-in

3. Go to the 12 noon telephone ACA meeting

4. Go to the 1 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

5. Go to the pharmacy to get my medicine

6.Cook and eat brunch

7. Eat dinner

8. Take shower

9. Get dressed

10. Do my Al-Anon First Step

11. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

12. Send out three Al-Anon e-mail for today

Thanks for letting me share

Scribbler's Hump Day CI 8:15 a.m.

I learned yesterday that one of my more promising new accounts is having a change at the top, which is almost never good and, in fact, usually means I have sold them my last project. Oh, well. Still struggling with finances, still can't get paid by what used to be my biggest client. For some reason, the world is not arranging itself according to my wishes. Go figure. At times like this, my mantra is: "Go through the motions." By this I mean to mechanically perform the tasks, without worrying about whether they will produce the desired result. Gandhi used to say that he aimed to work without hope of success or fear of failure. He did okay, I'd say. It's worth noting that he died before his lifelong goal of Indian independence was realized so, as far as he knew, he was in some sense a failure. At least, he could have seen it that way. Fortunately, my own goals are more modest and easily achievable: For 2011, my one resolution is to spend $1 less than I earn. We'll see how I do today...  
  • Get up at 6
  • Make bed
  • Exercises
  • Healthy breakfast 
  • Coffee, paper
  • Check-ins
  • Practice classical piece


  • Update Quicken
  • Send music email
  • Q - AB
  • Draft Monroe piece
  • File BN (linked)
  • Ck w/Verizon re: bill
  • CK w/TW re: bill


  • Take C for dress alteration
  • S/u Bulloch file
  • Call 2 re: franchise ////
  • C/o custom pub dbase
  • Call 1 CCC
  • Do 2 CIO
  • P/u B at 2:45
  • C/o webcam


  • P/u C at 5
  • healthy dinner
  • Fun w/kids
  • D/o kids at 8:30
  • Draft set list
  • Rehearse for Thu show
  • Bed by 10:30


  • Monroe meet
  • Drive to FW for show
  • Update sites w/new shows
  • S/u Twitter, FB music pages
  • Revise investors


Thanks for the thread Rexroth!

Work 8AM-5PM: 

-Figure out fix for low c (test low r, test high r, test add c)

-talk to ME about tasks

-try to understand s better 

After Work 5PM-Sleep:


-check jo's

-add amendment to contract 

-write check for bus

-check new mortgage is correct 

-review and update action items

-run weedwhacker or empty out fuel tank ***

-brine pork 

Vic 5/11/11

Show up (done) Yesterday I used the tool of bookending via phone text. I did what I texted when I worked on one step at a time. 

 From Journey to The Heart by Melody Beattie:

“Many times when we are praying for miracles, what we are really praying for is help in skipping steps, shortcuts. The simple act of acceptance, or returning to each step of our path, can often bring us the miracle we need. Then we see the truth. The miracle is always one available to each one of us: the miracle of acceptance. We can go where we want to go, one step at a time.

Stay present for each stage of your journey. Trust each stage. Many things are possible for you if you accept that the fastest way is one step at a time.”

I did not dodge the discomfort of changing. I guess it like they say, no pain no gain.

Rexroth Check In

Woke from disturbing anxiety dream about my travel plans

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails

Tidy and put dry clothes away and others in washing machine x
Sort some financial stuff x
Make food shopping list x
Sort flowers x
Write letter for friend and copy letters from file to post with it x
Arrange to meet with friend later today - he said he would phone this morning and has not
List stuff on which I want help from friend x
Phone other friend wishing them well on their journey to the USA
Phone another friend thanking them for last evening (not sadly last night)
Find legal file and info and phone solicitor
More planning on expedition, see big projects, and on which support is welcome

Seems a lot and I am willing and grateful for support and am full of energy, gratitude and willingness.

Regards Rexroth

x done at 1.00pm

Rexroth Update

Friend came round and we worked on his letter and enclosures until we were both happy. I phoned my friend who is on her way to the States but she was not available. Friend who came round checked some images from scanned slides and uploaded them onto my laptop and also advised on a lot of photo related matters till my head is overfull of information.

The scanning of the slides is something I had been putting off since at least 2005 and I think earlier and now it is done.

Rest I am very tired
Write journal

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Done - above and prayer and reflection

Todo - bed and sleep

Feel a bit anxious and I don't know what about. I think it is reality breaking into my world of imagination.

Good Night All