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this anxiety is irrational!


To call the mechanic was on my to do list. After I called him (actually texted him) I felt such incredible relief!

W H Y ? ?                    W H Y ? ?                  W H Y ? ? 

What is so scary about calling the mechanic about when the car will be ready? It's not about the price; I am quite aware that any time the mechanic even looks at the car it's in the 100's of $'s. And I have the money! 

It's only since finding this site that I realise that 'sinking' feeling in the pit of my stomach is not the GUILT feeling that I thought it was; it's actually ANXIETY!

The last time I filled out a K10 form at the doctor's surgery (to receive 12 govt funded psychology visits) the doc adjusted some of my answers (multiple choice) so that I would have enough 'points' to get the govt funding! I didn't understand I was suffering with ANXIETY! I thought it was GUILT!

More than once, sitting in the toilets at the plaza shopping centre, I remember looking at the picture of the lady in the advert (on the inside of the loo door) for 'Beyond Blue - Anxiety Disorders', and thinking how terrible it must be to be that paralysed, not realising that - that's me!

Talk about denial!


phone calls/emails/anxiety

Totally with you there. Can't really talk too much, but wanted to let you know I'm with you.

Have a hard time with phone calls and e-mails. Often have to go through what I'm going to say several times (though I usually think about it while I'm doing other things like brushing my teeth).

Sometimes I put it off because I know if I reply that I'll get a reply back and then I'd have to get anxious twice! lol.

I've been really anxious lately. I'm living in a pretty stressful situation, so that will do that for you.

If you figure out any tips or tricks you have for these things, please let us know! :)

I hate making phone calls

I hate making phone calls and will actively try to avoid them.  Some of it is fear - I'm always convinced that the person on the other end of the phone will be uncooperative, or spot something I've done wrong, or will view my call as a nuisance.

This includes ringing friends, booking appointments - you name it, I've probably tried to put it off.  It doesn't help that my husband is deaf, so I end up doing all the household phone calls, arguing with insurers, the television company etc etc

I am now disciplining myself at work to respond to phone messages as soon as possible - I'm in a new job, and am using the risk of getting a bad reputation as my motivator.  It's hard!


phone calls/anxiety

You'll see many posts on here about avoiding phone calls. I don't know why it's linked to procrastination but it surely does seem to be pervasive on this board.

Are you going to be seeing someone about the anxiety now? I'm sure that will be helpful! Good luck.


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