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Friday, 13 October 2006

I just realized, it's
Friday the 13th!!

RIF Evening Check-in

Evening checklist is complete!

However, only did one major point today:

-Go to meeting

Still left:
-Revise and send out resume
-Weekly Review
-Buy computer and manilla folders

Good night.

pro's CI - 6:50pm

I finally got around to taking the rest of my morning pills (yes, I realize it's almost 7pm). Better late than never. Won't be able to take two more doses, but it's early enough for one more.

G-I-D 2:35

Hello Friends. I am so glad it's friday. It's been a rather busy morning. have had a crazy time at the pharmacy trying to get this Rx filled for dd0. They didn't have what the doc prescribed in stock yesterday- said it would be here today- got there, they said it didn't come- doctor was on lunch break so couldn't get it changed to something else. I get a message when i get home that Turns out it did come in- it was just in with some over the counter stuff rather than pharmecauticals. Good grief. They, being the extremely helpful samll town pharmacy that they are are going to have one of their employee's who lives out my way meet me with it (for those of you who are new- I live 20 miles from town). Isn't that nice of them?! Knowing some big chain Pharm. wouldn't do that in a million years. They'd say no you gotta come pay first. The best thing about the whole deal was that I managed to not freak out or get a headache. I felt myself tensing up but then I effectively calmed myself down. I usually get really worked up about things like that, but i just made the conscious choice that it wasn't worth getting mad about.

Done: The school/doctor drive all over the world routine
picked up the med that they did have for DD0
Picked up my check from consignment sale. woo hoo.
lunch for girls and I
Sicky kids to bed (ahhhh.... nap time is so nice on a regular day but even nicer when they are sick, cause they are extra crabby)
Cleaned up from lunch
flipped laundry
Started straightening up Laund. Room

fold laundry
order some christmas presents (expressing gratitude for a good consignment sale :))
1 big focus
dinner for all

Housereclaimer 10:30 PM

hi G-I-D
Glad you were able to stay calm. They say life is about choices, you chose calm. It was very nice of them to come out to you.

Pro glad you got the z-pak even if you don't need it you have it on hand. Does your doctor in ne have a computer with webcam. If he does in the future you could do a net meeting. My dad does that with his primary care doctor some times.

I took a nap at 5:30 woke at 8:00 this is what I have done
Clean off fridge [done]
Clean fridge 3rdshelf [done]
Clean fridge 1st crisper shelf [done]
Clean fridge 2nd crisper shelf [done]


pharmacy frustration

I've had my share of pharmacy frustration today, too. I'm switching pharmacies after this. No more Rite Aid. I'm going to start using a small, family-owned pharmacy that's near me. My mother uses them, and they don't torture people like Rite Aid does.

Congrats on not letting them get to you. I'm afraid I can't say the same. :P

Housreclaimer 2:00PM

Wash dishes [Done]
Clean sink [Done]
clean counter [Done]
clean side of cabinets [Done]
clean and hung pot that go on side of cabinets [Done]

On to the fridge!!!

Glad your better. To be honest the drugstore and gas station people refuse tips they just like me. The grocery store I tip between .50 -$1 a bag depending on how many and how heavy. But something small like a prescription maybe $1-$2:00.


by the way, HR...

The antibiotic my doctor prescribed is azithromycin. I think that's a broad spectrum upper respiratory thing. I don't think I'm going to have to take it, but at least I have it just in case.

I still haven't taken any pills today. I'm feeling energetic enough now to at least lay them out.


It's very important to take a Z-pack (azithromycin) exactly according to directions. (A word to the wise) ;)

following instructions

I've taken this before - no problems. I don't think I'm going to need to take it this time, though.

you're on a roll, HR!

Wow - look at that ta-da list!! :)

Thanks for the tipping tips. My next door neighbor just offered to go to the store for me. I just wanted some cottage cheese and a loaf of bread. It was really nice of her to do that.

Housereclaimer 12:30pm checkin

Hi, all

Pro, hope you are feeling better, turning the good health corner.

I have totally goofed off and procrastinated in the last to days. A sign of how powerful posting and bookending is. It seems to give me an urgency that I don't have with out it. I think I can't face the fridge but today is the day. going to clear the dishes in the sink in the next hour so the sink clear to clean fridge stuff.

wash/teeth/hair [done]
breakfast [done]
meds and vitamins [done]
take out trash [done]

To dos major focus:fridge
call IRS
go to aunts
am Decluter Journal
pm Declutter journal
Wash dishes
Wipe down freezer [Done]
Clean off fridge
Clean fridge 1st shelf
Clean fridge 2nd shelf
Clean fridge 3rdshelf
Clean fridge side shelf
Clean fridge 1st crisper shelf
Clean fridge 2nd crisper shelf

deliver package to niece
pick up laptop
take bottles to recycling center


thanks, HR

>Pro, hope you are feeling better, turning the good health corner.

I don't exactly feel like running around the block, but I do think I've turned the corner. I'm only 6-7 on the misery scale, down from 10.

My doctor is calling in antibiotics in case my fever spikes up again. If I continue to get better, I won't take them.

How much do you tip people who deliver prescriptions? groceries?

>I have totally goofed off and procrastinated in the last to days. A sign of how powerful posting and bookending is. It seems to give me an urgency that I don't have with out it.

It's the same for me. Bookending here gives me some sort of badly needed structure and accountability. It's made a huge difference in my life. Posting here is even getting me to take my meds while I've been sick, which is close to amazing. I never take my regular meds (for my chronic problems) when I'm sick.

>I think I can't face the fridge but today is the day. going to clear the dishes in the sink in the next hour so the sink clear to clean fridge stuff.

Baby steps! One thing at a time. I just put the breakfast leftovers in the refrigerator, which feels like a huge triumph to me because my energy is so low. I would wash the dishes if I could (I tried this morning), but it wears me out.

pro's CI - 11:50am

I ate breakfast (not much - no appetite) and checked email while I ate. Now I feel exhausted again, and I'm ready for another nap. Maybe I'll try for the pills the next time I wake up.

The one thing I need to continue to do while sick is take my vitamins and medication. It's difficult to do that consistently when I'm well - feels next to impossible when I'm sick.

Rexroth 16.24 BST

Todo today

Up prayer
emails check
post deal with
finish landlord stuff which means:
return phone call re security and be reasonable
report all repairs by email with copies to relevant people at landlords. Their admin is bad, mine need not be.
send off rent cheque
finish up landlord complaint paperwork file it and forget it
clean bathroom ugh...
put dates in diary and plan what and when
write furniture shop

I'm sure that there is something else I should/could/might be doing but I've no idea what it is. At the moment I'm halfway through several tasks.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 21.46 BST

Done -- save writing to the furniture shop as I'm not sure what I want to say to them and prayers as that's what I do last before bed.

Cleaning the bathroom was just as unpleasant as I had imagined it might be and it still needs more attention. I gave it an hour today.

Have finished dispute with landlord. Talked with him on the phone and he was apologetic and I think/hope matters are settled. This took a lot of time and I got almost high on (over)working on it. There was a mass of filing work to do associated with it. It's the first time I've had that feeling for a long time. Also it was a biggie, one of the things listed on my big list for October.

So now a little time messing about on the computer and then bed.

Regards Rexroth

pro's CI - 10:50am

I don't think I'm going to try to wash any more dishes. That's very tiring for me for some reason. I'm making myself a nice breakfast - eggs scrambled with onions and sun-dried tomatoes. That's enough labor in my present state.

Ta Da..............................

  • Got up 7am.
  • Washed dish-drain-full of dishes.
  • Took two-hour nap.
  • Talked to doctor (he called).
  • Made breakfast (in progress).

To Do..............................

  • Take out pills for day.
  • Take morning pills.
  • Rest.
  • Take afternoon pills.
  • Rest.
  • Take evening pills.
  • Rest.
  • Sleep.

scarlett CI 9 am

Last night: bedtime 12:30 am (unavoidable)
This morning: wakeup 8:10 am (target 7 am)

I found out yesterday I have a meeting this morning so my big cleanout day will have to start when I get back.

Still feeling really tired and listless.

pro, glad to hear you're on the road to recovery.

todayfirst 8:45 AM CI

Yesterday went very well. I started out with a really short list but did a good job of dealing with additional items as they came up (instead of leaving them for today). Just a couple leftover items to deal with this AM.

My goal to spend 3 hours programming per day seem really sad and inadequate but it sometimes really seems like about all I have time/energy for after all the other little interruptions are taken care of. And I do feel like I am making some progress on the program. Should I increase it? Part of me says that if I don't aim to do more, I won't. Part of me says I need to keep my expectations realistic.

Things I chose to do so far today:
- Workout :)
- Email
- CUOP/Check in

Things I still want to do today:
- Get network account setup
- Get update from hardware vendor
- Source control updates
- Review/post october list
- Program (at least 3 hours)

3 hours is good!

I think 3 hours programming per day is a very good amount. Most people spend 50-60% of their work day doing various small things. It's a myth that anyone spends 8 hours per day being productive.

pro's CI - 8am

Washed some of the dishes and started to make breakfast, but feel very tired. Taking a nap break...

pro's first check-in - 7:30am EDT US

I'm turning the corner on my illness. The cough medicine helped me to rest and nap all day yesterday, and get a good night's sleep last night. My temp is down this morning. I'm not all better yet, but I see light at the end of the tunnel. I picked up my apartment a little bit before I went to sleep last night. I have quite a few dishes piled up - I'm going to try to do those this morning. What else I do today depends on how I feel. I still have a sore throat and a bad cough, ear discomfort, and feel a little weak.

To Do.....................

  • Wash dishes.
  • Make and eat breakfast.
  • Lay out pills for the day.
  • Take morning pills.