Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday March 22nd, 2011

Good morning!  I thought I'd try starting the thread myself today.

Yesterday was not good - I finally started the report from the morning's work at 4pm, only to be interrupted by an urgent call which meant I had to go to another site to do something else.

Today I've got a meeting  30 mins drive from the office which will take the whole afternoon so I'm limiting myself to two work targets

  • finish the report from yesterday
  • write one other report from the urgent list 


tracy-la thurs check in

Hi Everyone,

Tough day. Went on a business trip out of town after getting 1 1/2 hours sleep the night before due to all the work that had to be done before I left. Between the flights, lack of sleep and stress I was exhausted this afternoon. Could take me 2 days to recover.  But it's a reminder why putting off these things and using the excitement of the trip to get a lot done is not a good idea - to say the least. 

 Reading #1

 The things we hate about ourselves aren't more real than things we like about ourselves.
—Ellen Goodman

It is so easy, and tempting, to get down on ourselves, to focus on an
imperfect face, a dismal batting average, our fear of math, or our big
feet. The trouble is, the more we feel sorry for ourselves, and the more
we have to feel sorry about. And though it probably doesn't hurt to
indulge in a little self-pity once in a while, how unfortunate--and
limiting--it can be to let those attitudes define us.

The things we hate about ourselves are no more real than the things we like
about ourselves. The trick is to dwell on the things we like instead of
those we don't. Even on days when we are sure we are the least loveable
creatures in the world, we can "act as if" we like ourselves. What a
surprise at the end of the day, to find out that we actually do!

What can I like about myself today?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families

Reading #2


Ours is a program of Action. It does no good to develop new awareness if we
do not take appropriate new actions. When we become aware of the damage
done by compulsive procrastination and realize that PA has the answer to our
problem, we take action by going to meetings, making phone calls, going to the chatbox, doing what works for us and
working the steps. We follow an action or time plan and abstain from procrastinating

Taking inventory,
admitting our mistakes, and making amends involves action. Our Higher
Power gives us courage to change the things we can. He gives us the
confidence to get involved in new activities, to be more assertive, to
make new friends, to go back to school, to change jobs.

abstaining from the type of procrastination that paralyzed us, we have strength
and energy to do new things. One step at a time, we are led into action.

Not to move according to the direction of HP as we understand Him is
to fall backwards and stagnate. Each positive action we take strengthens
our recovery.

Direct my actions, Higher Power.

From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations

 MY BASICS: checking in; support calls(1x); affirmations; gratitudes; reading; check calendar AM; check calendar PM; listen to positive recording for 20 minutes;  write down my 6 most important tasks; voicemail; exercise; manage A; manage D; use master list; use timer; track time on sheet and/or iPhone application

Affirmations (said aloud as well):

I choose to show up and start my top 6 tasks, 15
to 30 minutes at a time. I complete my top 6 tasks -- in 15 to 30 minute
periods.I embrace the pain or feeling the pain while I do these tasks.

I know that if I have that old feeling of pain or
anxiety while I am working on my top 6 - I will embrace and love that
pain since it means that I am doing something important.

  And remember . . . if I am feeling
resistance or "shame" or "screwed up" or procrastinated at something
lately, it's probably just the Dynamics of Human Change doing its checks
& balances . . . I am going to keep going!

Rainy but lovely Thursday here in L.A.

 Warm wishes to all -- tracy-la

Scribbler's Hump Day CI 9:41 a.m.

Weird day yesterday. I couldn't get off the dime on my big project, which is now late. But I'll try again today. Onward....


  • Get up at 6 
  • Make bed
  • Exercise
  • Coffee, paper
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Checkins
  • Sightreading


  • Update Quicken 
  • Draft new11
  • Send new11 FC
  • File new11 draft


  • Lunch w/B
  • Draft pricehike
  • Music marketing - make flyers, post flyers
  • Call 1 re: cruise
  • Call 1 re: govtexit
  • Work on taxes
  • Send query
  • Run


  • Healthy dinner
  • Rehearse w/R
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 10:30

fudoshin: day 64: 7:53pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


This is the  64th day that I have followed through with the following:

I'm making a pledge to quit using the dating site(s) and Facebook for 90
days.  I had written this on my 43things account, but I wrote that I
wanted to avoid dating sites for a full six months, so I think 90 days
is reasonable for a dating site.  I also have a penchant for looking at
and stalking certain people repeatedly on the dating website and online,
which has prevented me from sanity.  Just all out stalking certain
people has been all out crazy; if I'm not stalking one person, it's
another person.   During times I've tried to quit the dating site
before, I have visited people's dating profiles, even while not
registered on the dating site.  So part of my whole thing with quitting
dating sites is also quitting stalking people's profiles that I've tried
to date in the past.  If I accidentally load a dating site, b/c I
accidentally clicked on something obviously that doesn't count.  You can
hardly hang a cat on the Internet without hitting a dating site ad. 
Intention is everything. 

In other words:

  • 90 days away from dating sites and facebook
  • 90 days of not stalking people's profiles of people I've tried to date in the past
  • 90 days of not stalking people online that I've tried to date in
    the past. (I am now back on day 27 for this).
  • No Internet chat, aside from employment or twelve-step.  This
    includes not stalking people on AIM or other chat networks, whom I've
    tried to date in the past.  I just want to take a step back and get
    sanity and focus on MYSELF. (I'm on day 1 
    of this.)
  • 56 days of exercise:  All I need to do is exercise for 30 minutes a
    day: walking, swimming, hiking, biking, running, jogging, karate, yoga,
    a dance class.  Anything of those for at least 30 minutes.  And nothing
    else.  I can do the running plan, but I assure myself that each day
    that I show up to run, I will be okay, if all I do is ultimately choose
    to walk.  Whatever I feel comfortable with when I do. That way I don't
    intimidate myself.
    • on day 2 of this


When a thred get started it needs to be typed with a greeting.

If you plan to do some things, Go into Add new comment to write your list.

Thanks for pointing that

Thanks for pointing that out.  i had read it in the instructions a couple of days ago, but hadn't remembered it

 I'll know for next time


11th_hour Late check-in

What a difference going to sleep early makes!  A set "bedtime" is not just for kids!  I woke up refreshed and had more time in the morning before rushing off to work.  Also I got to work on time!  At work though, I AGAIN did not accomplish my main objective (or even attempt it).  Tomorrow is another day...  Try again, HARDER!!

WELCOME to Hypatia and thanks for starting this thread!


* Spring out of bed at 7:00  WOO HOO!! Went to bed "early" last night 11:45pm  Laughing
* Make the bed
* Call J before work  (No answer  Frown, 7:15 and 7:40)

* Eat breakfast (Special K)
* Take multivitamin and fish oil tabs
* Call in refills
* Enjoy a cup of coffee
* Take out trash
* Get to work on time  Smile
Be very productive at work, focusing on my PROJECT
I worked on anything BUT project (was on my mind all day)   Frown
* Eat lunch
* Buy gas (before needing) at good price!
* Pickup refills
* Buy more makeup (found some I like, buy more before stop selling/discontinue)
   For years I stopped wearing daily makeup, but it is such a easy pick-me-up, plus
   it starts my day off right.  Makes me feel confident, and oh so PRETTY
      "I Feel Pretty"

* Eat healthy dinner
* Drink lots of water
* Talk to J (got stressful status update)
* Watch just 1 hour of Hulu/Veetle/tv
* Read from "The WORD among us"
* Bed by 11:00 pm

"Jesus, give me a love for all that is good and pleasing to you.  Create a clean heart in me, one that desires to serve and not to be served.  Fill me with your love so that I may help bring people to you."

Finding a way check in

9.36 am Wednesday

Thanks for getting us started Hypatia.

Yesterday was difficult. Even though I did quite a lot of what was on my list, I had some disappointments, then felt worse because I got into addictive reading, ate extra snacks and stayed up to 2 am, so then late start today.

Today I have to go to Melbourne for counselling so had planned to do some shopping beforehand. Now feel like I don't 'deserve' it. Well, I will try to deal with a few things before I go:

  • insurance for J
  • weeds seminar - post
  • finish template if time
  • leave 11 am

hope4meandu DAY 1

Thanks Hypatia for the start!!! Welcome, welcome JFT!!

K, back to day 1. Had some holidays over the weekend, but didn't come yesteday and didn't go to work, stomach problems, but not 2 days worth!!

Other people struggle here, everywhere, but other people keep going...I don't.

I did go on-line and take care of stuff I needed to do. Will start therapy weekly next week & hoping to get connedted in DA again...again...again... I need to get to work to make my life better.

My step-daughter might be coming this weekend, will have to do major binge cleaning again!! Disappointed in myself and life.

-clean kitchen countertops, sinks, dishes, etc.

Wishing you many blessings today!!

♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥

tracy-la check in tues 3/22

Great article in the New Yorker magazine on Barry Michels, L.A. Therapist for Blocked Screenwriters.

 Here is an excerpt:

By far the most common problem afflicting the writers in Michels’s
practice is procrastination, which he understands in terms of Jung’s
Father archetype. “They procrastinate because they have no external
authority figure demanding that they write,” he says. “Often I explain
to the patient that there is an authority figure he’s answerable
to, but it’s not human. It’s Time itself that’s passing inexorably.
That’s why they call it Father Time. Every time you procrastinate or
waste time, you’re defying this authority figure.”

Procrastination, he
says, is a “spurious form of immortality,” the ego’s way of claiming
that it has all the time in the world; writing, by extension, is a kind
of death. He gives procrastinators a tool he calls the Arbitrary Use of
Time Moment, which asks them to sit in front of their computers for a
fixed amount of time each day. “You say, ‘I’m surrendering myself to the
archetypal Father, Chronos,’ ” he says. ‘I’m surrendering to him
because he has hegemony over me.’ That submission activates something
inside someone. In the simplest terms, it gets people to get their ass
in the chair.” For the truly unproductive, he sets the initial period at
ten minutes—“an amount of time it would sort of embarrass them not to
be able to do.”

MY BASICS: checking in; support calls(1x); affirmations; gratitudes; reading; check calendar AM; check calendar PM; listen to positive recording for 20 minutes;  write down my 6 most important tasks; voicemail; exercise; manage A; manage D; use master list; use timer; track time on sheet and/or iPhone application

Affirmations (said aloud as well):

I choose to show up and start my top 6 tasks, 15 to 30 minutes at a time. I complete my top 6 tasks -- in 15 to 30 minute periods.I embrace the pain or feeling the pain while I do these tasks.

I know that if I have that old feeling of pain or anxiety while I am working on my top 6 - I will embrace and love that pain since it means that I am doing something important.

  And remember . . . if I am feeling resistance or "shame" or "screwed up" or procrastinated at something lately, it's probably just the Dynamics of Human Change doing its checks & balances . . . I am going to keep going!

 Terrific Tuesday to all here.


worth a read

The New Yorker article I referenced above is worth a read in my opinion.  I also recommend reviewing these "therapy drawings" that relate to what alot of us go through.




First time caller here. Giving this a go!


Run this afternoon.


Complete a section of the article I'm writing.

Start on data analysis sheets (at least set up template).



Walk on the beach.

Friends & Family:

Phone someone in recovery!

Crazybug CI

Worked with boss on seriously overdue project this morning and got through a lot.  This afternoon will be devoted to revising what we did and assessing what else needs to be done.

Will plug in calm music and work in 30 minute 'sessions' 

5 minute break between sessions


REWARD for each successful 30 min: 1 music download!  ( I have time to earn 3 if I start now!!!)

Best wishes to all today.

Very late check-in

Where has the day gone?! Ackkkk! I went to be 1 measly hour late last night and it has made me feel tired and sick all day . . .

- class
- desk yoga (stretching exercised you can do at work)
- walking home
- physio
- early to bed


For 3/21


-Prep for Day
-Morning Prayer
-Morning Email/News Check
-Afternoon Email/News Check
-Evening Email/News Check
-Daily Water
-Wash Dishes
-Take Out Trash
-Make Bed
-Clean Room
-Organize Stacks
-Evening Prayer

-Weekly Payroll
-Daily Hours
-File Feburary Papers
-Article 1, 2, 3, 4

-Email Draft
-Statement Revision
-Call School
-Article Brainstorm

kromer 12:50 CI

Having a tough time today. Didn't get as much done yesterday as I'd hoped, so I'mfeeling really behind.

So far, I've been to mtg and had a healthy lunch.

This afternoon I need to :
*Do emails (eucomm,teacher,AP day)
*Do orders (antibody, chuck, PK)
*Check on expts
*Start Aal/A1 plan
*Spec samples

Trying to climb

12:12 PM: My work charting is helping to keep me on track, with occasional slips. However, the time I devote to tasks is too much. After being admonished for my conitinued late arrivals, I am now making a concerted effort to be one of the first in my group to arrive. Problem is, I am still the last to leave. I feel that I desperately do not want to fail. The question is, how badly do I want to succeed? That may be the missing motivation piece. It may well be that I hold back for fear of having to face, as with my inherent slowness, my limitations and others' criticisms even if I do try my best. Well, that is something to work on. Okay, some time back i was experimenting with timed involvement with my tasks, so I could at least have contact with all of my pending cases rather than having some collecting dust while i struggled with others. I want now to combine that with my charting, so the goal is:

1. Continue to chart work in 15 minute increments, as required.

2. Spend 30 minutes on a case, then move on if not done. When all cases have been attended to, can circle back and finish those which only need a little more work to wrap up today. 

We'll see how it goes.


Firefly: JFT

Hello all!  I need to keep coming back.

  • Troubleshooting flowcharts goal:  feedback from N. - nothing done
  • Emails:  two
  • Schedule:  Reorganize based on new priorities: Very Slow!

Just For Today, I must abstain from: surfing the web (especially news sites)(update: spent about 20 mins on CNN), and eating junk to “help” me face my work (update: ate a cheese danish).  I want to choose proactivity, which means checking in on this site when I need support, remembering to pray, and then getting back to it.  Proactivity also means making decisions and moving along, instead of getting stuck.  If I don't know what to do, I want to make a note and move on.  It is okay to enjoy other people in the context of productivity and very short personal interactions.

God, please help me to stay on task, to have the inner fortitude to do this work today without empty props and escapism.  I need Your strength because mine is not enough.  Help me to be useful to You and my fellows today.  Amen.   

"Why not get it done now?"  RexRoth

katia 3/22

So I've been enjoyingmy break but been stressed cuz I hate getting to the end and thinking "wow I accomplised nothing" as this is a great time to do things as my parents are around.

Things to do today-
-Vitamins and #1 #2 #3 #4
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
-Upload pictures from my camera
-Upload pictures from mom's camera
-Set up printer again on laptop
-Print off sheet music
-Print off course schedule/grades
-Put dishes away
-Put dishes in sink in dishwasher
-Go get hair cut
-Go out to watch hockey game

Oh and Connor's christening was last weekend. It was beautiful!!! There was a wonderful reception after and he looked like an angel in his handmade gown. :)


Best wishes (belated) to Connor on his christening!

Happy to hear it went so well. Smile

Journey 10:10

Got to the gym at 6:40, which was WORSE than yesterday. Obviously I need more work on this :rolleyes:. I was 10 minutes late to work, but that was better than yesterday; mainly because I stuck to my workout and didn't spend time chatting, flirting, and drinking coffee :evil:

I had a 9:30 meeting, which has just ended, and I've already done email so that's good. I'm making my todo list for the rest of the day now.

I've been writing down my thoughts in my journal whenever I get that 'stuck' feeling and that has been helping a lot! Usually I find that I feel inadequate for some reason and don't want to face it. This was a suggestion in a book by Dr. Daniel Amen. Interesting reading, kinda pop psychology stuff, but some good points nonetheless.


Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent. Maxwell Maltz

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I have done today

1. Went to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Went to the 8:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 9:30 a.m. telephone PA check-in

2. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

3. Go to the 10:30 a.m. telephone PA check-in

4. Take shower

5. Get dressed

6. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

7. Eat brunch

8. Eat dinner

9. Test blood sugar twice

10. Go to the Vocational group at 11 a.m.

11. Go to the Internship at 1 p.m.

12. Get my backpack cleaned up and organize stuff

13. Send Al-Anon e-mail for today

14. Finish Chapter 10

15. Go to the 8 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

16. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meeting

17. Go to the 9:30 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

18. Put clothes away

19. Make bed

20. Wash dishes

21. Clear off tables near and on the computer

22. Do numbers

23. Call my DA Sponsor

24. Call my NA Sponsor

Thanks for letting me share

Scribbler's Tuesday CI 7:39 a.m.

Not so good on the work front yesterday. But today's a new one. We'll see how it goes...


  • Get up at 6
  • Make bed
  • Exercise
  • Coffee, paper
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Checkins
  • Sight reading practice


  • Update Quicken
  • Draft new11
  • Send new11 FC
  • Deliver Meals On Wheels


  • Healthy lunch
  • Send query
  • Music marketing -- post new show, send email
  • File pricehike
  • Revise BN post
  • Call 1 re: cruise
  • Call 1 re: govtexit
  • Add new11 FC
  • File new11
  • Install TurboTax


  • G charger
  • Healthy dinner
  • Soccer practice
  • Swap gun
  • Song doctor (?) or rehearse
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 10:30

vic 3/22/11

Show up (done)

classes, son, etc.

pm- feel like a human being today because I was around other people. The cont. ed class had people I worked with in the past. The human connection changes everything. Basics, walk. MORE SNOW TONIGHT???UGH


  • finish the report from yesterday Done
  • write one other report from the urgent list 
  • write report on this morning's work before I go to my meeting - spent 20 minutes on phone calls and information gathering before I could write the report, then ran out of time as I had to leave for my meeting. Underlying problem was allowing other things to distract me before getting started.

Check in 10 am

Thanks H for starting the thread

Today I am home from work with my daughter who is ill. I have been postponing a few unpleasant phone calls for ages - put this morning I actually made three of those calls. One more to go. I feel quite nervous but I am trying to take one at a time.

Newspaper arrangements

Prepare unpleasant phone calls

Unpleasant phone call to A

Unpleasant phone call to P

Unpleasant phone call to A S

Unpleasant phone call to V

Phone grandmother

Report part 1

Report part 2

Report finish

Project planning TIPT

Create survey

Meditation and prayer

Running (at least 30 min)



Unhealthy snacking

Distractions: Web sites, newspapers, radio etc.



Writing the minutes



Watching a half hour TV show with my daughter