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medication for procrastination?

Hi everyone.

Has anyone found any anxiety or depression meds which have helped with their procrastination?

I'm aware that my procrastination behaviour has two distinct parts - severe anxiety about a task followed by avoidance of said task in order to reduce the anxiety. As I don't seem to have the self-discipline to overcome the avoidance, I was wondering if chemically treating the anxiety might be a better option for me.

Or am I just looking for a quick fix where none exists....

All the best,



Anti-Procrastination Pill

Don't dismiss the idea just yet.


Read this ...


There is no anti-procrastination pill :grin:

But, it's always worth seeing a therapist and discussing your symptoms to see if medication is needed. I take a very low dose of zoloft myself for anxiety/panic and it has helped me a great deal. It didn't cure my procrastination but I can think more clearly and therefore, it helps me get more done.


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Thanks for your comments

Thanks for your comments everyone - I guess I knew the answer really. A magic pill would be nice though!

What I really need to do is start taking responsibility for this problem and make some changes to my behaviour. I plan to start using the daily check ins tomorrow.


something to look into

But of course, then you might also want to look into the cause of the anxiety (low self confidence? over-achiever? perfectionist? or . . .?) and try to work on resolving that if you can . . . maybe not instead of, but in conjunction with medication?

It's certainly worth discussing with doctor! Good luck :-)

Just wonderin'

Wouldn't procrastination need to be classified as a disorder/disability, in order for them to produce a Rx for it?  In that case, I could get out on disability... 


Medication for procrastination

I was given a couple of medications after I told my shrink about my procrastination problem.  None of them really helped.  One of them, Klonopin, has changed my life in many ways, but all it has done for my procrastination is help me procrastinate with a more relaxed attitude.  I don't think the answer is going to be found with medication. 


Low dose SSRI antidepressants e.g. Prozac are really effective for anxiety. If your procrastination is anxiety based then try those. I think it is also about habit and attitude too. Sort out the anxiety first then use other tools to relearn how to live. e.g. this site, cognitive behaviour therapy and so on.


HaHaHa  " me procrastinate with a more relaxed attitude"
Sorry to laugh, but that IS funny!  Smile

That is kind of funny.

That is kind of funny.  When I relax due to meds, i still procrastinate.  it's just that my critic gives me a break for procrastinating, until the meds wear off qnd the critic says, "My God!  What have you not done?" and has a major hissy fit.