Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

1st Post, wondering where to start

hello everybody, this is my first post here. I am 16, and i started worrying about my habits. they're awful. i want to go to the air force academy in a couple years, and i know im physically and mentally capable. and while i do very well on standardized tests, my schoolwork is suffering, mostly because of procrastination. During a particuarly bad session of procrastination and surfing the internet (instead of schoolwork!), i found this site. the irony was not lost on me, and i joined immediately. So i would just like to say hello everyone, im hoping that you guys can help me get back on track with everything. And on a side note... Where do i start?


Thanks Everybody


Where do I start...?

Everyday I get a fresh start.... I Wasted a lot of time on the Internet, procrastinating on My Space, Yearbook, Facebook ect. But now I'm learning how to take control of my cyber habit... I did write a song a couple of years back called "my space Eyes" and it was about my addiction to the Internet.... Today I write short term Goals and try to handle them one day at a time... Thanks for joining us... Kdzee

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Have you seen this? 

Re; Procrastinators Song

  Sammy, Yes I have heard the  Procrastinators song..... It is very good....Kdzee

welcome epsilon :)

Nice name, although I HATE delta-epsilon proofs :P

The thing that helps the most for me is the daily check-ins. On a simple level it is a good place to put your to do list, as written down ones seem to get lost in pockets and planners often are used for a week and then unused (if you are like me). And the publicness if good because then you feel kind of accountable. Though don't worry if you don't get anything done no one will yell at you. BUT if you say something like "I'm having a hard time today" I can almost guarantee one of the awesome people on here will post some encouraging things.

The chatbox is good for big assignments/papers for me. Some people use it everyday.

I'm in college, so kind of similar with schoolwork, etc. :)

Good luck!

May I join in to say WELCOME (((epsilon)))

So glad you are here with us. Please keep coming and sharing!!! Wishing you much progress & success!!!

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Welcome to PA! 

Good that you have a goal!

That, in itself, will hopefully help you immensely, as it gives you a focus for your efforts and a specific result to work toward. Welcome!

Hi E

Welcome, wow, my son is 16, he is learning to compensate with his issues too, not at pa, but it is working because he is now an A student, so much easier with support and others who understand you. Wishing you the best.

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alright, thanks everybody!

alright, thanks everybody! hopefully the daily forum keeps me on track until summer!


welcome epsilon!

As findingaway said, there are lots of ways to start here!

The way I started here was by using the daily check-in boards. I post every day in the morning the tasks I want to get done, and then in the evening I report back on how I did. It's a little thing but it really helps keep me on track!

Hello and welcome!

Welcome Epsilon, good to have you here! Have a look around the site - some of the main tools we use are:

  • daily forums (look for today's date heading on the right) where you can write about what you want to get done and how it went
  • chatbox - tab at the top - great support for whatever you're working on
  • meetings - phone, online and face-to-face in some areas - more details on the tab.

It's up to you what helps most. There are lots of articles and discussion forums too.

Hope to see you here again!

Welcome Epsilon

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