Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Third Step: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of the Higher Power as we understood It.

Letting go means giving myself permission to do things imperfectly.

Letting go means allowing others to make their own decisions.

Letting go means doing the work and releasing myself from the outcome.

Letting go
means doing what must be done most in the moment and having faith that
lower priority tasks will get done when they need to.

Letting go means taking the next right step.

Letting go means acting as if

Letting go means ______________. 

Findingaway check in

1.30 pm Thursday

Thanks for the starter fudo.

Not so good today. Didn't sleep well. Some things done, others not.

Heading off on 2 hour drive to the city to do counselling with my husband.

fudoshin: hiking finally: 5:32pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



Because today is a walking day in the middle of my running plan I'm going hiking today FINALLY with the OC hiking club on

Revised plan

5:21 PM: The day hasn't gone smoothly. My mind is far from tranquil. I did pretty well yesterday with a '30 minutes on a task, then move on to the next' approach. Just couldn't find the rhythm today. Too stressed. I felt miserable after lunch. The afternoon was spent ekeing out a little work. Well, I think I am a bit calmer now. I am heading out of town tomorrow, but will hacve to come in and work in the morning. That's okay. Right now, I will be happy if I can get 3 cases done before I leave tonite. I will devote 1 hour per case rather than the 30 minutes. Pressuring myself today has been counterproductive and had the opposite of the intended result.

Can relate Journey

I came to work today determined to clear my desk because I have to go out of town tomorrow and won't be back for over a week. Instead, I have been paralyzed by what I have to do, unsure of what to tackle first. But I am still here, still plugging away. There's a path in here somewhere for each of us. Just have to keep looking. Peace.

thanks 4change

I did better in the afternoon but I was in the shower when I suddenly remembered a conference call!   I jumped out and dialed in to the call, less than a minute late but I had to take the conference call wet and naked.!! 

We won't be afraid of being sweet to ourselves.  - Her Space Holiday

mediabat 12.36 PM

Thanks for starting Fudo_Shin

  • Practice saxophone
  • Read the driver's manual
  • Resume writing
  • Look at the career center links
  • Look for a new place

Agnus, again

Hi y'all.  Good to be back.  Facing a cluttered desk and an uncertain to-do list, but feeling mounting pressures as deadlines draw near. I have an accountability partner at work who calls me twice each day from the west edge of the continent; it's great. Just started that today. And realized I miss PA too.  It's good to be back.

Here's what's up for the rest of today:
Draft language for Oh-Mo outreach, MCA thanks and local intro 
Make calls to Oh, Mo and Br                
Find my notes from last few calls with S
Draft presentation flow for Dallas
Outreach SB guy

CU in chat! :-)

glad to see you, Agnus!

i've missed you!

Hi Agnus!!!

So nice to see you!!!

♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥

Agnus checks back - and says thanks, y'all!

Thanks for all the welcome-backs.  It feels good. I've missed you guys too.

Results du jour:
DONE - Draft language for Oh-Mo outreach, MCA thanks and local intro 
DONE - Make calls to Oh, Mo and Br                
Partly done - Find my notes from last few calls with S
Draft presentation flow for Dallas
DONE all I can for today, leaving msgs - Outreach SB guy

Two-thirds done is better than none!  Now it's time to walk the frisky dog and feed the cranky cat, then off to pick up sponsee for a 12 Step meeting. G'night, PA pals! :-)

tracy-la check in feb 23



In the past, we used compulsive procrastination as a crutch, and we developed a false
dependency on it. We turned to
compulsive procrastination to calm us down, to
cheer us up, and to avoid facing our problems, anxieties, fears or other issues. As a cure-all,
compulsive procrastination let us down. Rather than solving our problems, compulsive procrastination multiplied them.

As human beings, there are many times when we are weak and dependent. If
we say we can go it alone, we are whistling in the dark and deluding
ourselves. We need to rely on a Power greater than ourselves, but
procrastination is not that Power. What we need to find is the Power strong enough to
sustain our dependency.

Accepting the fact that we are dependent, that we cannot manage our lives by
ourselves--this is the beginning of recovery. We need to be humble,
open, and willing to be led by those who have replaced their false
dependency on
compulsive procrastination with a healthy dependency on a Higher Power.

Higher Power, may I not be too proud to be dependent on You.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations

Meditation for the Day

Love the busy life. It is a joy-filled life. Take your fill of joy in the
spring. Live outdoors whenever possible. Sun and air are nature's great
healing forces. That inward joy changes poisoned blood into a pure,
healthy, life-giving flow. But never forget that the real healing of the
spirit comes from within, from the close, loving contact of your spirit
with God's spirit. Keep in close communion with God's spirit day by

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may learn to live the abundant life. I pray that I may enjoy a close contact with God this day and be glad in it.



MY BASICS: checking in; support calls (1x); affirmation; gratitudes; reading; check calendar; plan to plan; email my 3 most important tasks; voicemail;
billing from prior day/delete - file prior day's email; exercise #1; manage
A; manage D
; use timesheet and timer; if mood gets down do exercise #2

Affirmation: Where, when and on what can I start?





clement ci

Nice starter fudo_shin

from monday tracy-la

I will be more afraid of spirit unrest, of soul disturbance, of any
ruffling of the mind, than of earthquake or fire. When I feel the calm
of my spirit has been broken by emotional upset, then I must steal away
alone with God, until my heart sings and all is strong and calm again.
Uncalm times are the only times when evil can find an entrance. I will
be ware of unguarded spots of unrest. I will try to keep calm, no matter
what turmoil surrounds me.

i just read this right now and it hit home really squarely. This is exactly what i've been going thru, and the instruction "I will be more afraid of spirit unrest, of soul disturbance, of any ruffling of the mind, than of earthquake or fire" is something i need to hear. "Stealing away alone with God" is indeed what does it for me and can and does make my heart sing, strong and calm. I am thankful for this.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Journey noon

Working from home today.  I went to the gym this morning and as soon as I got home I started preparing for a meeting with my boss.   The meeting is done, and I have my todo list made, and I'm sitting here freaking out because I have too many things on my list and I can't get them all done today and I know I need to prioritize them and I can't decide how, or whether to do it in my journal or on paper . . .so I'm doing . . . nothing . . .!

I figured I better come here and check in to get unstuck!    Going now to decide what I am going to get done this afternoon and then do it!

1 pm feeling calmer now, my afternoon is planned and I'm going to jump in the shower now.  I'm still in my gym clothes!


We won't be afraid of being sweet to ourselves.  - Her Space Holiday


here we go!

shower 10min easy

eat breakfast 10 min easy


garbage out 5 min easy

paper planning .5 + .5 stressy

paper write .5 + .5 + .5 +.5  stressy

m topic explore .5 + .5 + .5 stressy

m write for help 15 min. very stressy. ugh and eek.

book time with team 5 min easy

meet with team on time stressy

get to class on time easy 

 + dishes (distraction) 5 min

+ financial deposit (distraction) 5 min 

katia 2/23

Oh man I'm late apparently. lol.

No class today and not TOO much hw to do. . . so a nice day relaxing with my baby.

Getting bad at doing all my #1 #2 #3 etc tasks. They are very important, so I'll try to get those done.

Things to do-
-Vitamins & #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
-2 math problems
-last 2 math problems
-just ONE problem from last week I did TWO
-put in order for baptism invites

kromer 10 CI

Yesterday I didn't get nearly as much done as I'd wanted, so I'm feeling like I'm starting today behind.

Oh well, I'll do the best I can:
Web crawling project:
Email (made some progress)
Finish science (making good progress on this)
100 nature (making good progress on this)
Lists of articles for nejm, nat. im, cell, nat. gen

Lab stuff:
Plan for double labeling
Start double labeling
Change food, setup, restore, collect 

MK stuff
Cancel credit card (will do this soon)
MP list (will do this soon)
Order phone

OK, starting with science, nature, and food/restore/collect.

Beautiful, sunny day!

Makes me feel cheerful and optimistic :-)

Had a great swim last night and doubled my distance over last week (did 1/2 km total). I felt like I could have continued but was worried I'd overdo and potentially skuttle my ability to do yoga tomorrow, so I stopped while ahead. Also improved endurance in that I was able to do 8 lengths before taking a breather.

- powerpoint for presentation (didn't get to this yesterday)
- walking at lunch?
- walking home
- physio before bed (I STILL have not done this since I started here)

Humpin' with the Scribbler CI 9 a.m.

I like the part in the opener about doing the work and releasing myself from the outcome. That's important for me. I've had a mantra I repeat to myself whenever I'm getting too anxious about success or failure. It goes: "Just go through the motions." I had a pretty good day yesterday from the standpoint of completing tasks and avoiding procrastination. I did crumple in the evening. But it's hard to be perfect. Onward...


  • Get up at 6 (7:30; stayed up late watching TV)
  • Make bed
  • Exercise
  • Coffee, paper
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Sightreading practice (I'm quitting sweeps after three months and no wins.)
  • Check-ins


  • Update Quicken
  • Send query
  • Music marketing
  • Do 2 CIO
  • Revise Walmart


  • Lunch w/B
  • Call 1 re: cruise
  • Call plumber
  • Spend one hour on taxes
  • Do 1 BN
  • Healthy dinner
  • Oil car
  • Fix fence
  • Rehearse
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 10:30

hope4meandu day 24

FUDOSHIN, EXCELLENT, letting go, means having trust & faith, thank you!!!

Can't believe I didn't check in yesterday, it wasn't due to procrastination, it was being too busy and forgetting, I'm saying it's a slip and today is still day 24. It feels strange now not to show up here!!

Rescued a sweet little dog 2 days ago off the street, and trying to find its owner. Taking him in has given me such a brighter and happier energy. Don't know why, just know that I'll be sad when everyone goes. Yoffee is enjoying all her new friends & is so sweet & generous letting all these odd characters into her life and loving them. I fear for her and me when they go. My husband wants the bird and the new dog gone.

-very busy at work and have a c.s. to do & I'm nervous. I see that my boss is very nervous yesterday, but that doesn't mean I have to take it on. I just hope to finish this in the a.m. hours, as the closing is at 2:30PM.
-make up signs for lost dog and put them up in neighborhood
-order meds at pedmeds & call Dr. F for script

-work out (I hope)

Wishing you all a day filled with unexpected miracles, big & small!!

♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥

Thanks for the post

Thanks for the post fudo_shin!

Work 8AM-5PM: 

-Figure out fix for low c (test low r, test high r, test add c)

-review pinouts

-PY AI-2 

-PY AI-3

-PY AI-5

-PY AI-6

-choose 10 cn 

-get h ordered

-get l ordered

-get f ordered

-review g with m 

-review g with d 

After Work 5PM-Sleep:

-Document stuff for insurance

-followup with mom about acctn

-find and print 6 personal tax documents

-prepare weedwacker for warranty

-check payout for b expenses

-get oil change 

-remove disc items

-order postcard thank you cards

-make qb list of things to do [DONE]

-start spreadsheet of c products

-wrap B present [DONE]

-send out ff invite [DONE]

-pay bills for a [DONE]

-shine shoes 

-pay MK 

-update price correction for e 

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone nd online meetings, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

3. Take shower

4. Get dressed

5. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

6. Go and study religious material with a friend at 9:45

7. Read and study Chapter 6

8. Study for the quiz

9. Make bed

10. Wash dishes

11. Cut onions and mix with jalepeno peppers

12. Cook dinner for the next three days

13. Go to the 1 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

14. Go to the 3 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

15. Eat brunch

16. Eat dinner

17. Wash hair

18. Do hair

19. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

20. Post and send out Al-Anon literature for today

21. Post Al-Anon literature for tomorrow

Thanks for letting me share

fudoshin: day 37: 1:23am

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


This is the 37th day that I have followed through with the following:

I'm making a pledge to quit using the dating site(s) and Facebook for
90 days.  I had written this on my 43things account, but I wrote that I
wanted to avoid dating sites for a full six months, so I think 90 days
is reasonable for a dating site.  I also have a penchant for looking at
and stalking certain people repeatedly on the dating website and online,
which has prevented me from sanity.  Just all out stalking certain
people has been all out crazy; if I'm not stalking one person, it's
another person.   During times I've tried to quit the dating site before, I
have visited people's dating profiles, even while not registered on the
dating site.  So part of my whole thing with quitting dating sites is
also quitting stalking people's profiles that I've tried to date in the
past.  If I accidentally load a dating site, b/c I accidentally clicked
on something obviously that doesn't count.  You can hardly hang a cat on
the Internet without hitting a dating site ad.  Intention is

In other words:

  • 90 days away from dating sites and facebook
  • 90 days of not stalking people's profiles of people I've tried to date in the past
  • 90 days of not stalking people online that I've tried to date in the past. (I am now back on day 19 for this).
  • Not using IM, aside from employment or twelve-step.  (I'm on day 9
    of this.)  This includes not stalking people on AIM or other chat
    networks, whom I've tried to date in the past.  I thoroughly embarrassed
    myself on IM before in ways I never would over the phone.
  • 56 days of exercise: I'm on day 18 for this.  All I need to do is
    exercise for 30 minutes a day: walking, swimming, hiking, biking,
    running, jogging, karate, yoga, a dance class.  Anything of those for at
    least 30 minutes.  And nothing else.  I can do the running plan, but I
    assure myself that each day that I show up to run, I will be okay, if
    all I do is ultimately choose to walk.  Whatever I feel comfortable with
    when I do. That way I don't intimidate myself.