Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 18 February 2011

One small step is not just much more than nothing, it is infinitely   more. (Clement)

And the task that seems infinite is finite, even if it seems big.


Help me find the courage   and    faith   to   start and to  keep going.

Vic 2/18/11

 Show up (done). Kind of had a childish meltdown because was trying to do too much.  and nothing left for me was able to stop and and work on myself and mood before it was too late. I guess for PA I need to add don't get too negative along with HALT. 

 Studies show that positive employees outperform negative employees in terms of productivity, sales, energy levels, turnover rates and healthcare costs. According to Shawn Achor, Harvard researcher and author of "The Happiness Advantage," optimistic sales people outperform their pessimistic counterparts by up to 37%. In fact, the benefits can be seen across industries and job functions. Doctors with a positive mindset are 50% more accurate when making diagnoses than those that are negative.Today, a few forward-thinking companies are investing in the happiness of their employees to drive innovation and boost productivity. 



Thanks for starting the thread chickadee!

Work 8AM-5PM: 

-Figure out fix for low c (test low r, test high r, test add c)

-review pinouts

-chooes 10 cn

-get h ordered

-get l ordered

-get f ordered

-review g with m

-review g with d 

After Work 5PM-Sleep:

-Document stuff for insurance

-followup with mom about acctn

-find and print 6 personal tax documents

-prepare weedwacker for warranty

-check payout for b expenses

-get oil change 

-remove disc items

-order postcard thank you cards

-check bills

-Sort out issues with kaspersky lab key

-Unclog shower drain 

mediabat 3.34 PM

I love the quotes up top!

  • Do the washing
  • Practice saxophone for 1 hr
  • Do hwk for 3 hrs
  • Work on the resume
  • Read the driver's manual

Top item of procrastination: ring Lewis to make sure that he will be home when I go by to drop stuff off (5 points).

Deadline: tomorrow


No. of mins/hrs procrastinating:0

Succes rate: 68%-> 70%


tracy-la checkin friday 2-18


Setting Priorities

One of our slogans is "first things first." We cannot have or do
everything; we must set our priorities and choose what means the most to

Each of us needs to spend quiet time searching the inner self to determine which people, which
activities, which tasks are most important. The results may surprise us.
We may find that we are spending too much time with someone we really
do not enjoy, preparing complicated meals which no one needs, working at
a job which we dislike in order to make more money to buy more things.
Do we really need the things? Do they enrich our lives or are they
merely impressive?

Because I am a compulsive procrastinator, abstinence is the most important thing in my
life. Without it, I do not enjoy other people, I do not like myself, I
do not work well. If abstinence does not come first, everything else

May I remember that abstinence is my number one priority.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations


MY BASICS: checking in; support calls (1x); affirmation; gratitudes; reading; check calendar; plan to plan; email my 3 most important tasks; voicemail;
billing from prior day/declutter prior day's email; exercise #1; manage
A; manage D; use timesheet and timer; if mood gets down do exercise #2  


POST-SCRIPT: Didn't exercise and that made a stressful day harder to take. Had 2 exhausting, stressful days in court. 3 days in a row of no exercising means I started eating poorly, skipping meals, etc.



clement ci

:) 1. contact K
:) 2. prayer
:) 3. next right action: workout & read
:) hoping the prayer will give me the strength to do NRA.

HP visited me, then left.

4. mcp

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Journey 9 am long weekend

I have a 4-day weekend!  I'm taking today off and Monday is a holiday.  Saturday I'm having a post-bday, post-Valentines day party.  I've been working every weekend lately so I have lot of food shopping and house cleaning to do, but I have plenty of time to get it all done.   

I slept until 8, and I didn't really mean to sleep that late, so I feel like I'm behind already.  I'm going to stop feeling like that right now, as I have plenty of time to do everything I want to do and get some R&R for myself too.  

I'm going to make a todo list and schedule for the day now.   I'll check back in when I get home from the grocery store because I always procrastinate putting away the groceries :)


We won't be afraid of being sweet to ourselves.  - Her Space Holiday

no guilt!

It's a long weekend, so just enjoy the luxury of having been able to sleep in! :-) ENJOY!!!!

I did not know

I did not know that someone else was going to start a trend.  The next time, I will wait and see if someone else will start a trend before I start the trend for today.


No, don't wait, I love it ,,,,,,,,,,imagine an excess of productivity.I hope it is contagious.

yeah no problem

a technique to help this is to check if there's a thread started already, then start the new thread, and just put TBD in the body, and POST. Then the thread is there for other people who might be around at the same time. They can reply while you are editing your TBD into something more.

And yes, it is a valuable service to us that you start the threads. Thanks!

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

@lennon re:starting

Sometimes it happens, no worries.  Wink

We really appreciate you starting us out many mornings.  It is a service to the group.  

<3 <3


We won't be afraid of being sweet to ourselves.  - Her Space Holiday

chickadee CI



work on ..-almost done

another session at p

...asking HP for help finding courage and good judgement and abiity to stay focussed