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Wednesday February 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday, Everybody!


Have a great proactive day!


Smile Smile Smile Smile

Seattleguy1968s _Check

Seattleguy1968s _Check In


apply tape, power down :D
go to attic, disconnect :D
remove item :D
install new item :D
done :D :D :D :D

:D = Done

tiptree CI 8:48 PM

to be done:

- tc e issue testable
- 1845 testable
- progress on XML in pub
- get to sleep earlier than last night
- fix mod. map bug
- clean office
- clean kitchen
- review open items

Going to doctor today

Im in a good mood and im afraid the trip to the docs office will ruin it, and ill procrastinate as a result. Leaving in 40 mins. Laundry needs to be packed. Need to get dressed. Im going to carry my euro book to read up on the next chp. Ill get home and either do precalculus or american gov. Yesterday i planned to do too much, put too much pressure on myself, and cracked. So today im gonna act like im not a robot =]

happy groundhog day

meet w/k, s and r
start laundry
start dishes
unload dishes

QT with spouse

If I have time:
Work on bios
January invoicing

Sunny Southern California

It's bright and sunny outside with cold, dry wind. Oddly enough, it irritates me. I'd much rather have lovely gray clouds.

Before work:

  • Take sponsee calls
  • Eat breakfast
  • Meditate
  • Call Sylvia re PRG
  • 15 min on dishes

At work:

  • Reply to Connie's email 
  • 3 hours on presentation
  • Review database reports
  • Draft CRF status report & send for review
  • Review upcoming tasks (this week)
  • update active project list

On break:

  • send food plan
  • email Gillian
  • Choose a few asanas to start home yoga practice
  • Get expense tracker setup for February

After work:

  • Check that I have everything for my class tonight
  • Call Dad - Happy Birthday!
  • meditate

Hump Day for the Scribbler

I had a pretty good day yesterday, although not as good as the previous one. I decided not to go to an even in the evening because it was so cold outside. And my sister dropped by and spent a while chatting, which prevented me from finishing a writing project I had scheduled. Otherwise, not bad. I'll try to do even better today.


  • get up at 6 (7 today)
  • make bed
  • exercise
  • sweeps
  • coffee, paper
  • healthy breakfast
  • checkins


  • Update Quicken
  • send query
  • Music marketing - send 5 emails
  • Deposit check


  • Healthy lunch (Chef Boyardee ravioli may not qualify as "healthy")
  • Read re: cruise
  • Call 2 re: investors
  • Draft databreach
  • Contact Lonestar re: hearing
  • Do 2 CIO
  • Do 1 BN


  • Healthy dinner
  • Have fun w/R at New World
  • Bed by 10:30

I got sidetracked to day with downloading classical guitar sheet music and watching people play the songs on Youtube. But I did make my deadline on the article I had scheduled. So that's something.

hope4meandu checkin (1:00PM)

Thanks lennon for starting us!!

Hi Everyone!! Sorry in advance for my long post.
Katia, LOL, me too, the weather was so bad this a.m., I didn't go in, even though I was spoken to about my bad attendance, but I'M HERE NOW, now that the roads aren't so slippery, so that's amazing, thank HP and you all!! I wish I had used my morning for "doing" instead of sleeping, so I'm mad at me for that. Also, slightly mad that I'm not accomplishing more in the p.m.

Kind of am now realizing why I have trouble showing up at work. I should be grateful that I am no longer being yelled at out-right, after about 5 or 6 years of being screamed at by various bosses, etc. Now I'm being emotionally beaten up and if I don't speak about it, I will continue with my bad attendance as a way of acting out. I also am now recognizing how it contributes to my depression. I know "others" are frustrated with their lives and take it out on "others", so I hope to be able to rise above and see that he would treat anyone this way, it's just hard for me not to internalize and I'm mad at myself, after all those years of being yelled at and trying not to take it in, I let this Bozzo get to me, so upset about that.

Self-generate at work - UGH!!

To do:
-transfer Yoffee's records
-write Dr. H a thank you email
-call AMC to thank them for all their help
-get fedex # to track Yoffee's package & get total $
-what to do for M's birthday?

-work out (pray for willingness to work out 3x's this week)
-wash rug
-clean birdcage

♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥

mediabat 10.06 AM 2/2

  • Read the pro-meat essay
  • Practice saxophone
  • Read driver's manual 

Success rate:84.62% Tasks completed/total tasks: 11/13

Oh the weather outside is frightful. . .

But PAers are so delightful :)

Seriously it's insane here. Even my university cancelled classes, and they NEVER do that. Not that it matters as I don't have class today anyway. I'm hoping I don't have class tomorrow :)

Luckily I have plenty of things I can do inside. Mainly my problem set and reading.

Things to do
-#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 [#7 #8 #9]
-Make bed
-Read Thucydides
-Start math hw.

Brain freeze. Not sure what else. I'm sure things will come up.

Journey 9:20

I'm working from home today and I hope to do some chores around the house as well as get all my work done today.   I've been to the gym and picked up some drugstore items on the way home.   I have Instant Boss turned on, and I'm making my todo list.   I think I have recovered from the lack of sleep over the weekend and I'm feeling pretty good and motivated today.   I have to work again this weekend but it will only be a couple of hours, and I have to get everything ready for that install, as well as some tedious admin type stuff.   But the tedious admin stuff is good work-at-home duty, so it's good. 

Have a productive and enjoyable day everyone!


Never have an ordinary day!  - Pepperidge Farm (lol)


lennon, thanks for starting the thread!

Work 8AM-5PM: 

-Figure out fix for low

-Test low r

-Test high r

-Test add c

-Call v [DONE]

-Ask b to help define tasks [DONE]

After Work 5PM-Sleep:

-Document stuff for insurance

-followup with mom about acctn

-find and print 3 personal tax documents [DONE]

-double check qb

-prepare weedwacker for warranty

-take 8 from RI

-tally up b expenses and make sure all have been paid out

-ask b how many days [DONE]

-send out bills 

-pump tires

-get oil change 

-go through mail/opened mail/email and find out what things need to be done [DONE]

-check bills [DONE]

-get circus tickets 

-remove disc items 

-complete 3 tasks on personal actions list [DONE] 

Findingaway check in

10.03 pm Wednesday

thanks for the thread starter lennon.

My Wednesday is nearly over, so maybe will do list for Thursday.

Today I got myself to the client's office and put in a moderately productive day. This usually works for me; if I can just get there I do get some work done. Also I don't have all the domestic jobs to distract me. In fact I am letting them go just a little as I want to go out all day tomorrow too - on a field trip unless it is raining a lot.


  • look at news
  • download GPS
  • do dishes
  • exercises
  • bed


  • check stuff for field trip
  • do ft
  • make calls etc - see list
  • water garden if no rain


I wanted to post earlier, but forgot. But better late than never. . .

Nice to see you back! :)

((thanks Katia!))

It's good to be back too! (Although being at the beach was great.) Even though I totally stuffed up and didn't go on today's work trip. Got completely distracted reading a book which at last makes some sense of the dynamics of the relationship with my husband.  Dealing with the emotional fallout from our separation and associated issues could be a long process.

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

3. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

4. Read and Study Chapters 2 & 3

5. Take shower

6. Get dressed

7. Make bed

8. Wash dishes

9. Fix and eat brunch

10. Fix and eat dinner

11. Do hair

12. Send Al-Anon literature for today

13. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

14. Take blood sugar twice

15. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

Thanks for letting me share