Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 29 December 2010

Welcome to Wednesday the middle day of the week

The first day back at work after the holiday in the UK

Outside it is grey and misty and inside full of warmth and hope

Only a few days now until the New Year

Lets be doing it!

Findingaway check in

10.00 am Thursday

Thanks to Rexroth for starting the thread.


  • meditation 
  • bike ride

To do:

  • Data project - as much as possible, needs to be finished tomorrow
  • Make bread (afternoon/evening)
  • dishes
  • monitor M's stuff
  • shed if time, including box
  • cleaning if time

Have tried to keep today's list short as the data stuff needs to be done. Lots of family distractions right now.

Thanks to everyone for being here.

Just_me checking in 20:22

I´ve been away for far too long and really need this..

Today I´m sick and will only

- write a list

- brush the cat

- write one page of expert opinion

- clean the kitchen

Thanks for letting me share. 


kromer 9:30 CI

"Showing up" again after a few days of planned break and then a few days where I've been trying and failing to get a few things done. I need this place!

Feel overwhelmed so I'll start with 3 small tasks:
*Bible reading
*Send 3 emails about MH
*Send 3 emails about room

Ian's to-do list / renewal, 12.29

Fancy that: the horse-whipping I've been giving myself as a strategy of squeezing production out of myself hasn't worked at all in recent days. Talking about your classic same-street, same-pothole addiction story.

May I be willing to try a different way of life today.



  • call 1 - sponsor
  • morning prayer
  • meditation
  • journaling
  • daily renewal
  • readings
  • call 2
  • call 3
  • exercise
  • meeting



  • client #2: note to other consultant
  • client #2: creative brief, requirements, rough prototype
  • client #2: write microcontent



  • buy gift for brother


  • I'm powerless over perfectionism, procrastination, intensely uncomfortable feelings (fear, despair, etc), and the various substances and behaviors I've used to cope with those feelings.
  • I'm powerless over laceratingly negative self-talk.
  • I'm powerless over under-earning, under-being, hiding from reality, living small.
  • I can't manage my life. I quit. I'm out of management.
  • I want to be sober today. For work issues, these are the inner-circle behaviors I want to avoid:
    • sleeping to avoid work/reality
    • using my sexuality to avoid work/reality
    • working without a clear plan -- a prioritized to-do list, a time-boxed calendar
    • working outside the PA Chatbox -- e.g., without bookending each task
    • staying in vague, unstructured time during business hours
    • impulsive decisions about what to do, or work on, during business hours
    • failure to record hours with a timer during business hours
    • failure to estimate how much time a task will take
    • failure to scope a project
    • engaging in perfectionism: seeking immunity from disapproval/judgment via a strategy of producing nothing until I feel total mastery over the subject, and then chipping away at a deliverable until I'm certain it is unassailably perfect. I'm not sober if I'm exceeding my time estimates more than 3x-4x.
  • top lines / outer circle:
    • I want to do whatever's necessary — go to any lengths in taking any spiritual actions that may be necessary for me to experience my work process as one of choice and freedom.
  • Only higher power can keep me sober, but I need others to connect to higher power — and other people can help me see things I won't otherwise see, and can help me be accountable.
  • this is just for today; tomorrow I can go another way if I so choose.
  • I turn my will and my life over to walking whatever path the truth — the dharma — reveals to me.
  • In the 24 hours ahead, fear is likely to arise again and again. I hereby declare that my intention is to write quick spot inventories when they do, and then turn them to another person and to HP.


I love your posts, they really speak to me, and you're a great writer!

I have one small suggestion for you, I notice that you write most of your behavior goals in a negative fashion, e.g., failure to scope a project.   It's a small thing but I find it really helps to phrase those goals in a positive way, as 'I will estimate the time and effort for each of my tasks so that I can make a successful plan for the day' or some such. 

I had/have a real problem with the negative self-talk also and I find this helps me! 

Never have an ordinary day!  - Pepperidge Farm (lol)


Thanks for your suggestion! Helped me see that I needed to do some more work on my "script" for renewing my commitment to recovery each day — I needed to finish out my "Three Circles" abstinence definition. (Did that today.)

Abstinence — e.g. identifying and abstaining from behaviors that NEVER work out for me and always leave me feeling horrible — is an important tool for me. It's part of how the 12 Steps work for me — identifying a line in the sand and saying, "I intend to avoid doing these things, and if I do it's a clear sign that I'm headed for serious pain and trouble." Yeah, it's negative, but defining certain choices that way is a way of setting a mental alarm that flips on when I'm about to cross one of these lines, a reminder that I need to ask for help right then and there.   

egfraz check-in

 Good Morning.  Hope everyone has a successful day.


Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
Article 5
Apply for one TWJ
Apply for one WCJ
FitDeck Exercises
Sort Papers
Clean Desk
Sort Laundry
NA for Grad School App Process
Prep for Day
Read for FM Article (1 source)
Print CRF
Article 6
Article 7

Vic 12/29

Show up (done) Slowly getting back in the groove.

In pain and sorrow lies truth. I honor the anguish the heart may feel
to understand myself and those around me. Sadness begets joy, joy begets sadness. I push forward, through the dark towards the light. I celebrate the richness of the human exprience.
~from RowanTurningLeaf

Grateful for PA (ers)

tracy-la weds checkin

Good morning,

Very rainy here in L.A. again. But at least no blizzards.

Got up at 5 am and wrote an article by 7 am.

7-7:30 meditation/check in

Basics: done

Exercise: done

Office admin matters - 4 hours

Will check in later.


Afternoon/Evebubg Check-In:

Organize closet, emptying bathroom boxes and organizing 3 bathrooms. Est 4 hours so I will increase my estimate to 5 hours.

Start 4:50 pm - Will add Smile for each 1/2 hour



Helped son with tutoring SmileSmile


Journey 8:30 & updates

Good morning!  First day back at work after vacation.   I had planned on doing some organizing around the house but I was so exhausted after my Christmas party that I just took it easy for a few days instead.   I did have the kids over for dinner last night and do the normal chores but other than that I was lazy lol.

Working from home today, and I actually feel kind of energetic today yay!  I am not going back to the gym until next week - I did a yoga video monday and and pulled a muscle in my side - dumb me did a side plank after not exercising for a month haha. 

So, making a todo list now.   Catching up email will be the first thing.   I checked my calendar and there are two meetings on there but I'm bailing on both of them.   I doubt if the meetings will actually occur anyway, since many people are still on vacation, and I'm not needed for either of them.   I want to spend some time today thinking about my goals for 2011 too.

Update 10:30 I'm dressed, I've done about half of my email, and I have a todo list that is way too long and completely undoable.   I'm going to triage the todo list now and decide what I can really get done today, then I'll finish up the email.  I have 230 emails to go.

Update 5 pm not my most productive day,  but I did slog through all my email and make a couple of phone calls.  Back in the office tomorrow, so I'm going to call ti a day for today, at least as far as work goes.   I still need to make dinner, do the dishes, fill up my vitamin container, and water the plants. 


Never have an ordinary day!  - Pepperidge Farm (lol)

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank Rexroth for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

3. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

4. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

5. Put clothes away

6. Make bed

7. Wash dishes

8. Take shower

9. Get dressed

10. Go to telephone PA Check-in at 10:30 and 3:30

11. Go to work at 5:30

12. Declutter for 15 minutes

13. Send out Al-Anon literature for today

14. Go to library to get library books

15. Go to therapy group at 1 p.m.

16. Declutter 1,000 e-mail

17. Test my blood sugar twice

18. Eat brunch

19. Eat dinner

Thanks for letting me share

Lucca's to-do list, Wednesday

1. Meditation - 45 minutes - done Smile
2. Work on thesis - 6 hours - doneSmile
3. Clean apartment - 1 hour  - done Smile
4. Eat healthy / no candy or junk - slipped up here.. Embarassed
Have a great day everyone!

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Studied French
Put dry clothes away
One load of washing up
Checked emails

Another load of washing up
Clean kitchen and kitchen floor
Some admin
Post if and when it comes
Check and book evening in January

Regards Rexroth

I'm very tired and still recovering and it seems to have been going on for ever.

Rexroth Check Out

Above and phoned medical association regarding what is and is not professional conduct
Received letter from bank and wrote back immediately so the matter goes on
Prayed and reflected
Phoned friend who was not in

Now for bed and sleep

Night Folks



Thanks vic

Thanks vic - it looks like I've had flu and now tiredness and am recovering slowly. I did get a flu jab but I think I already had the flu.


Just wanted to say I admire your efforts to continue working and posting here, when you are not really well physically.
Best wishes and prayers for your full recovery from the illness - hope you are feeling a lot better soon.

Thanks findingaway

Thanks findingaway - I'm getting on but so slowly and have so much I want to do. the greatest blessing is that I am not depressed. I've had periods of depression all my life and after CBT in 2009 I have not been depressed since.