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Good days and bad days - afraid to go to sleep

When it's a good day I will get a lot done and feel really good and on top of it all, and find resources and new things that are beneficial and feel like I've done a good hard day - and ask me to do anything on that day and I'll probably say "Ok, let's just do it now!" and breeze through a lot of tasks. That's a good day. But then it's a new day and I really can't find that many reasons to get out of bed, and just keep sleeping. And when it's work time I will sleep until the very last moment and then not really wake up until 11am or so. Even then I really just want to do nothing, and create busy work for myself.

 When I'm in the right frame of mind it usually lasts the whole day and I get it done! But I'm afriad to go to sleep because I lose that frame of mind when I wake up and just don't have the same attitude

Sleep, wonderful sleep

It's amazimg to me what a difference a good night's sleep makes.  It's almost like I'm choosing to have a bad next day when I stay up too late.  So why do I keep doing it?  Greed for entertainment.

As my coworker says, any day I wake up is a good day.  (Consider the alternative.)

re: good days and bad days

Yes it would be wonderful if we felt great every day, wouldn't it?  But we all have those down days that we have to slog through.  The trick is to not let a down day send you into a downward spiral.   I have a tendency to start feeling guilty about a bad day and let that make the next day worse, etc.   As my friend Tony says 'Some days suck less than others, and that's what keeps me going!"  Wink

'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy