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Afraid of progress made!

Sometimes it happens that you are on a roll. You are checking in daily here and you are making progress each week. Your graph is going up and up with negligible or no down sides. You would think this should make one very happy and confident.

Yes, It makes me little happy but it also makes me more nervous and fearful. How long will this streak continue ? How long will I be able to keep up ? What will happen if after a few weeks of good going I stumble or hit a barrier ? When things go smooth unexpectedly , it is very disheartening even if a single day goes bad. I am very afraid that all the progress made in weeks may be undone in days.

What do I do if I hit a barrier ? What do I do if for some days things do not go my way ? What do I do if my will power fails me ?



What I had feared has happened!

It has happened.  The thing I had feared would happen.  After making some progress in my goal to be an early riser, now I am regressing. 

I used to get up at around 7.15 - 7.30 AM. I used to post here daily and had improved my wake times. I had really worked hard for this. I had pushed myself hard since check-in had made me accountable. My best was perfect 6 AM.

But suddenly I am now waking up at 7 AM. No matter what I do, even check-in is not working. But I knew all along this would happen.  When I start something new (like checking-in in the PA), for some time I am excited and I am making progress. Then I lose it!!!

And I  think part of the blame lies on those people who promise to check-in daily with me and then disappear. They claim to have the same goal but they don't show up.  I think as member of PA we should kick each other's ass if needed. I will kick yours and you kick mine.


Common kick reply"

"You are responsible for your own recovery, no one else.Whatever it takes, it is your responsibility"

journey kicks titan's ass

Just kidding of course, but keep going!   It's hard to make a big change.

'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy


Thx for the replies. Now I

Thx for the replies. Now I know what to do! And I hope this helps others too.

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What I do is connect to my HP and others to stop the downward spiral. and of course, Keep Showing up No matter what!

re: progress made

What do you do if you hit a barrier?  You'll come here, post about it, and get support!  Then you will recover from the slump or bump and move forward.   Everyone has a bad day now and then, even "normal" people.   Wink