Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 7 October 2010

One step at a time. Each step is infinitely more than nothing.

Serenity      Wisdom      Courage

thanks, all for being here

Journey 10 am

I have a lot to do today to finish getting ready for the weekend installs.  I'm overwhelmed and under-confident and these feelings are def procrastination triggers for me.   I will check in whenever I find myself drifting and/or avoiding.   


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

Thursday - tracy-la checking in

Good morning - thanks to everyone for all the posts --


1.  Checking in - showing up - Done

2. Check calendar - done

3.  Plan to plan - done

4.  Gratitude - thought/prayer and deed - done

 Have a great day everyone! It's rough going at times being conscious of all this but it's worth it. I am feeling things that aren't always pleasant in confronting these issues -- but burying the feelings didn't work either. Tracy


1. Letting go of naivete.  We can be loving, trusting people and still not allow ourselves to be used or abused. We don't have to let people to whatever they want to us. Not all requests are legitimate. Not all requests require a yes! Life may test us. People may seek out our weak spots. We may see a common denomnator to the limits that are being tested in our life.  If we have a weak spot in one area, we may find ourselves tested repeatedly in that area by family, friends, clients, co-workers and neighbors. Life, people,our HP and the Universe may be trying to teach us something specific. When we learn that lesson, we will find that problems with that area dwindle. The boundary has been set, the power has been owned.  

today, I will be open to new awareness about the areas where I need healthier boundaries. I will forego my naive assumption that the other person is right or will act like I would in the same position.  I will exchange that view for trusting myself, listening to myself, and having and setting healthy boundaries.

2. Value of seeing.  Today, when I can't get unstuck, let me watch myself. Soon I will be able to see the change. The act of observing can affect change.  



Great Reading

thanks, great topic

Hi ruthb, It's from Melody

Hi ruthb,

It's from Melody Beattie. She has so much great stuff. As a friend and I noted who are reading these materials together, it's like she's been following me around :) 



Good morning!

Hello all!

Nice image, Chickadee!

Trust it was a good interview by Lucky this morning!

Lennon it does get better on the taxes. I sat down with tax preparer and did 2001 to 2009 altogether in one batch in one morning. Guessed on the numbers, though I have the receipts in boxes if needed. Then, yesterday, IRS says they wanted 1995!! So I went to Social Security Administration, got their income figure for the year (zero), filled in a 1995 1040A with all zeros, and sent it certified mail! SO THERE! Take THAT, scary IRS!

Bottom line - it DOES get better!


Jester in L.A. -- as of 6:06pm

DONE BY 11:58am:
Groomed, dressed, drove to office
Check-In w/ PA

DONE BY 12:58pm:
Check email
tweet laura

DONE BY 1:56pm:
Update schedule as planned and email to self

DONE BY 2:59pm:
Expireds called, off desk and filed
Call made to tech support for TitleProfile

DONE BY 4:05pm:
Laptop into to-home folder
Expired printout handled & off desk
Started calling NOTS's

DONE BY 6:06pm:
Caught up on calling NOTS's

TO DO SINCE WED 10-6-2010:
Call NOD's

Fix Itech again!
Work expireds saturday thru today
Handle Actives


Park Towers Mailing
Arrange passport
Prepare Passport application mailing
money orders
Post Office - Mailing,Passport

A Gift:  I've found one

A Gift:  I've found one way that my current severe procrastination issues are a gift.  There's this guy at work who speaks about everyone's else's ineptitude with a rather harsh bite.  If anything goes wrong, he's got a good reason why its not his fault.  He speaks about others both behind their backs and to their faces.

I shift between over- and under-performance, WA and PA.  When I was in superwoman mode, I used to relate to that guy.  I would chat with him and snipe about others' shortcomings too (behind their backs, as if that made it ok).  Now I'm the butt of some of his remarks--I feel like I deserve it and I've been taking it in, getting my feelings hurt. 

Today I realized, I don't want to be like that ever again.  Each person has great value, whether or not I can see their contributions.  I don't want to be so arrogant that others can't measure up to my high standards, and I don't want to feel like a worthless worm, worse than everyone else.  All any one of us can do for today is what we can do, and that's enough.  We all have great value.  (Even that other guy--I know exactly where he's coming from.)


After writing all that, the sting from his latest remark is completely gone.  Thanks for listening.

 I feel like HP is working on me--for the 1st time, I really get why people end up homeless.  There but for the grace of God go I...  I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the grace and mercy that has been showered on me throughout this procrastination journey.  (Okay, so I learned something... can we be done with this now?)

Humility - reply to ((ruthb))

The greatest side-benefit of P.A. has been a new sense of humility and appreciation....I say that phrase, "...go I" when I see many a desititue or ill person. In fact, the humility has not been a side-benefit -- let me correct myself -- but a TREMENDOUS gift in and of itself. Thank you for re-highlighting it to me, RuthB.

You and me both!!  tracy-la

You and me both!!  tracy-la

Journey noon

Very busy day, the good news is I have no time to procrastinate . . . but stopping by to read your posts and say hello and wish you a productive day!


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

Lucky CI

1 hr 10 mins before a job interview and I'm scared!

Mend trousers
Find shoes, notebook & pen
Write up qs
Pack handbag& tote
Get dressed
Straighten hair
Put makeup on

Good luck Lucky!

'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy


We are with you, good luck. Is it ok of I say a prayer for you? Vic

Thursday with ... the Scribbler!


  • get up at 6
  • make bed
  • exercise
  • coffee, paper
  • healthy breakfast
  • checkins


  • Clean off desk
  • repost guitar
  • Add 5 to music db
  • File 2 CIO
  • Send query


  • Healthy lunch
  • Look over password article
  • File new BN post
  • P/U B at 4 pm


  • P/u C at 5
  • Fun w/kids
  • Healthy dinner
  • D/o kids at 8:30
  • Rewrite Rock House song
  • Work on new set list
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 10:30

Crazybug CI

Thank you for starting the thread chickadee. I will take many small steps today.  Yesterday I finally just gave up on trying to get work done and went home and took a nap. I guess the getting up early was starting to wear on me and I'm still in the adjustment phase.

Feeling much better and rested today. Here's what's on the schedule:

Go through all projects and make sure work tasks are labeled/deadlined
Print and reconcile statement
Fill out wc form and mail
Go through B stuff to prep for call

“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.”  Aristotle (Ancient Greek Philosopher, Scientist and Physician, 384 BC-322 BC)

I wish everyone courage today to conquer the self!

Vic 10/7

 Show up (done) Think it Through"A faith that goes unchallenged, is a faith that remains the same."I have faith that I am being led by my HP  and I am not alone, and that "I" do not have the answers that are best for me,(or anyone else-even my teen son as I watch I do not have the power to help him), and my HP's answers are so much better than "I could imagine".

Potential energy 8:50


1 invoice

2. as report rt report

3. inspection -made appt. need to get online renewal done for tomo. and arrange to borrow car.

4. insurance

5. pick  up check

I have been feeling like I am keeping up-but that feeling isn't reality.  My insurance was just cancelled because I didn't return one silly paper, my inspection ran out, here I am w/ my paycheck held again due to late reports, and the IRS is looking for us to pay up our taxes that we didn't complete from 2yrs ago.  I am fortunate that I feel like I can handle some of these things today.  I planned to stay home to do paperwork. I just get frustrated looking at everything that I miss.  I would like to jump to the can, will, did side of life.  It is not fun being on the can/cant at the same time side of life.  It is that feeling of yes, I can do this, but I just cant do this -that is so frustrating and confusing. Well, I am going to try to get done whatever I i go. 

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life

I want to thank chickadee for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Make bed

2. Wash dishes

3. Take shower

4. Get dressed

5. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

6. Fix and eat breakfast

7. Go to see my two instructors (Wasn't able to)

8. Do computer work

9. Go to the 6:30 p.m. religious meeting

10. Clear floor

11. Clear tables

12. Clear couch

13. Call Jim to tell him I have to see my instructors today

14. Pay my library fine

15. Get my things ready

16. Do my numbers

17. Print off my assignment

18. Do my paper that is due tomorrow.

19. Went to the 8:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

20. Post Al-Anon literature for today

21. Go to the 9:45 telephone CLA meeting

22. Went to the 11:00 a.m. telephone PA meeting

Thanks for letting me share,.

BC 10/7

chickadee thanks for starting!

Work Tasks:

-Complete DVDT analysis 

-Connect bb to bb

-Identify parts close to d

-Inspect parts close to d 

Non-Work Tasks:

-Go for a run

-Call PP, GC, YC, about freight

-Put up FP pics

-Fix FP navigation menu

-Power on broken computer 

-Put together table [DONE] 

on the menu today...

commute to work

draft cover letter for resume

phone FH for expense bills

email accounting for financial report

draft summery for all activitties for report

buy plastic totes

clean sheep pen (2 loads)

copy on memory sticks docs for technical bulletin

buy address book

after a good start I got sidetracked by a firend email asking me some questions...why cant I keep that stuff under 5 minutes??? :(

tech help

If any one can help, I'd be v. grateful. I can't paste images anymore.

Here's the steps i use dto follow:

google creative commons +name of image; control click on image and choose 'properties'; insert the tree icon into my post; choose and drag over the image URL to the box that the tree icon produces.



I had trouble with Google too. I wuse Yahoo (a bit different in how they give the URL address) , click on image, properties has url address, I copy and paste into PA blank address and it works