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Chickadee & Sarito's Fall Declutter Challenge


Chickadee and I are embarking on a Declutter Challenge. 

Our aim is to complete twenty 15 minute decluttering sessions.  For each session completed, we will add a smiley to our individual posts. 

You are welcome to join us!

Just one important note.  Please do not reply directly to individual comments.  Otherwise, we will no longer be able to edit our posts and add smileys. 

If you would like to share your thoughts, simply add a new comment.  Thanks and happy decluttering!   

Changed to Fall Declutter Challenge

Hey, I figure it is progress not perfection.  Still want to be able to do the 20 smileys even if the month of October has ended.  Laughing  I still managed to clean out most of my closet to the point where I can actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning and easily find where things are.  I also discovered that I enjoy mending!

I also have a better sense of what I might like to add to what I already have as a shopping reference for the future as well as what I absolutely do not want or need.  Goal is to make smarter and fewer choices to avoid clutter and waste.  

Okay, so my next tasks will be to start on the hanging clothes sections.  I still can't seem to find those illusive non-slip thin hangers here, but I have a few more stores to scout out.  Otherwise, I'll settle for a few chunkier ones I saw. 

Sarito - congrats on your progress on clothing declutter

and whoever is the lucky recipient of your donations will be happy too!!

You're motivating me too! 


Thanks Tracy-La!

This seems to be working- one smiley at a time.  Smile


Congratulations Tracy-La!

What an accomplishment on your emails!  Gives me inspiration.


Thanks. It was a good lesson

Thanks. It was a good lesson for me on breaking it down. And once I got started it was good. Now I've been maintaining them on a daily basis so they don't get built back up.

Now time for me to apply that same task management to some other areas :)


Working through declutter & purging of clothing

I made a huge dent in my clothing organization.  Found all sorts of things I forgot I had.  Still haven't found some things that have disappeared into the abyss that is my closet. 

I now have a pile of clothing to donate to charity.  Went to store to find thinner slip-free hangers, but they didn't have the ones I was looking for.  Need to search another store for them to start organizing hanging items. 

Finally, I bought one of those label makers to eventually start on my kitchen pantry.  I want to put sugar, flour, spices etc. into glass jars.  Right now, I have boxes of teas piled on top of rolled up bags of sugar, flour, rice and spices.  I can't find anything...

More to come...

Just dropped off clothes to charity.  Hurray!

Admin/Other Projects

Since my email project was successful. I will work on some back admin work and see what I can get done in 15 min blocks. It's built up admin paper work  so clutter of a different sort.

10/25 Project L - SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile - DONE

took 4 hours  - longer than I would have ever predicted. I did it all in one day so I could use the momentum but breaking it down in 15 min helped. That timer goes off way faster than I imagine. But I still use it at 15 rather than moving to 30 min. I feel like it's a bit of a heart attack since it was a long standing admin project.  But instead of just being relieved I got it done, I will celebrate getting it done.  

11/2 Projects - 1. Smile project phone msgs). 2. project F Smile 3.   project NC - Smile


Started on the closet...

Yesterday, I started organizing accessories and sweaters in my closet.  I need to buy thinner hangers because the wooden ones I have are too bulky and take up way too much space.

It is actually interesting to see what I actually own... and very freeing to purge items I don't like and/or no longer use. 

To be be continued... 

I am in

Excellent idea! Think it will be great to get me in the habit of doing minibursts!

One 15 min session which turned to 45 minutes, but big dunt in my kitchen cupboard clutter

1. :smile:

2.  :smile:

3. :smile:

4. :smile:

5. :smile:

6. :smile:         

7. :smile:

8.  :smile:

9. :smile:

10. :smile:

11. :smile:

12. :smile:

13. :smile:


Carpe Diem

Journey - evil laughter

I have this irrational urge to go reply to all your posts just for meanness Tongue out .   I won't do it though, I'll go get back to work instead! 


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

I will join in

Count me in. For me the declutter can apply to so many things other than physical clutter (which is at a minimum in the house although there is some in the garage and closets). My declutter I'd like to focus on the back billing which includes emails and physical files. 20 15 min sessions = 5 hours. 

This may help me start on it even when I don't have blocks of hours. 

Smile (email declutter)#1 (10,500 emails at start - they need to be moved to folders and not just deleted for most part which is time consuming) 

Smile (email declutter) #2  Smile (email declutter) #12  (8,224 at end of session)   

Smile (email declutter) #3  (email declutter) #13 Smile (8,097 at end of session)  

Smile (email declutter) #4 (9,730 at end of this session) #14 Smile (7857 at end)

Smile (email declutter) #5 (9,528 at end of this session) #15 Smile (7548 at end)

 Smile Smile(email declutter) #6 #7  (9,093 at end of this session) 88)

Smile (email declutter) #8  (8,842 at end of this session)   #16-17 SmileSmile (6988)

 Smile (email declutter) #9  (8,725 at end of this session)   #18-19 SmileSmile (6622)

 Smile (email declutter) #10  (8,593 at end of this session)    #20-24 SmileSmile (5694)

 Smile (email declutter) #11  (8,400 at end of this session)   #24-26 SmileSmile (4629)

#27 - 28Smile Smile (3893)  #29 - 34SmileSmile Smile SmileSmile(2469) 

 #35 -40SmileSmile Smile SmileSmile(1682)  #41 -42SmileSmile (1308) 

#43 -48SmileSmileSmile SmileSmile(846)  #49 -55SmileSmileSmileSmile SmileSmile(59)  

# 56 - 57SmileSmile(0) 


There were probably 20,000 emails in there since only #s showing were "unread" emails. Many emails were meetings and things I could see without opening so they never got openend. So I probably moved to folders or deleted twice as many as indicated.


With help from PA friend who suggested rule of no more than 10 emails in Inbox, I created subfolders for Inbox where action is needed. If no action, I delete or drag to folder where I need to save them.

So I have "0 - Current" Today" "1 - Personal Follow-Up" and other enumerated subfolders - since looking at the numbers is helpful. I have other marked alphabetical folders but those get dragged there after the action is done. Now that all the folders are complete I can focus on things that need to be done.

Yea! I will celebrate. It is a step in the right direction and now I need daily maintenance since email is like the old piles of mail. In today's world I get very little mail that I haven't seen via fax or scanned email. I get 50 to 100 work emails a day. I didn't realize how I didn't have a very good email plan till I shared it and saw others working on it. Thanks everyone for your support.    


This is harder than I thought...

But I'm taking baby steps.  Did one declutter session today.  Finally!

Oct DC - Me too!

I like this challenge. Not sure if I can make the total of twenty 15-minute declutter bursts, but any smiley faces I get will be progress for sure!

*insert smileys here* -- coming soon...



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Chickadee's October Declutter challenge--Please do not reply

Chickadee-dee--Here I go! 20 x 15

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more than half way there and getting better at starting up with the stints 

I'm in

I will go for 4 15 minute DC sessions this week, including


30 min shredding old paper and recycling it

15 min ea on 2 boxes





Lennon Decluttering Challenge for October

Things I need to do to declutter

1. Declutter 1,000 e-mail

2. Clear the floor

3. Clear the tables

4. Clear the couch

5. Empty one storage box

Sarito's October Declutter Challenge Countdown

Please do not respond directly to my post so that I may continue to edit and add smileys.  You may post a new comment if you'd like to share your thoughts.  Thank you!

 Ouf, I finally started! 

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YellYell Smile Smile Cool

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