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xSkyBirdx' 2nd Marking Period Imperfect Plan

Alright, tommorrow marks the start of the 2nd quarter marking period at my school! All the grades have been cleared and I am given a chance to start over with a clean slate! So I've decided that procrastination will end here! I've made a plan designed to keep me on track with my goal, but allowing for shortcomings so that I will not get discouraged and give up and I will be relying on the PA forums and chatbox as my motivation to keep going. This marking period has 42 school days spread over 10 weeks (plus a week of vacation with no school days :D). 42 days seems like a reasonable amount of time to continue working on this and 10 weeks is supposedly enough time to create a habit. My goal is 475 points, which is about 95% of the amount of points I would recieve if I was "perfect" in the areas of waking up on time (up to 2 pts), completing daily logs (3 per day for up to 2 pts), planning and use of PA (up to 2 pts), completing my homework in a timely fashion (up to 4 pts), and going to bed on time (up to 2 pts). However, I also have the oppurtunity to earn bonus points for doing other productive things like cleaning (up to 1 pt per day), and for long term projects (depending on the size of the project, up to 10 pts). Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to be able to achieve my "imperfect" goal and I shouldn't have to give up at any point. Also, I made it so that none of the areas are "all or nothing" and even if I am unsuccessful in one of the areas, I don't lose any points (though I don't gain any either). I will keep track of my points on this forum as well as posting daily logs. Feel free to post your own daily logs on this forum as well. In fact, I encourage it! It will give both of us a sense of accountability even greater than the regular daily logs, which are used by so many people that it often seems as if no one will notice or read your post anyway. Please do not respond to this post or I will be unable to edit the number of points I have. Post your own comment instead.


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