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What to do when a block occurs

Hi fellow procrastinators.

I am a chronic procrastinator in many aspects of life. I have recently taken interest in the problem, and started reading some books and articles. I implemented some tips that helped me to an extent; mostly time management stuff.

I find it helpful to break a task to small pieces and schedule my work on each piece by itself. The problem is that although these habits help, I still get into mental blocks from time to time (for example, if I finished the work I planed for the day, and still have time at work, I almost never manage to bring myself to start working on new stuff).

To sum thing up, I think that good time-management techniques can help reduce the occurence of such blocks, but I want to know what to do when they happen. Anyone has techniques to overcome them? make them go-away fast?

And another thing, I would also like to know if anyone has managed to overcome procrastination all-together. i.e. eliminated these blocks completely.

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Other ways I get over blocks:

*Dress for the occasion - if I want to go running, put running gear on; if I want to do paperwork, put a jacket on etc. It sounds obvious (or stupid) but it usually helps me.

*Write it down (with realistic dates and times)

*I did think of something else (on my tax return thread in my Bookending - as I had a severe block to doing that!) but I've forgotten it - good job we've got this website to refer back to! Oh yes, make sure files and papers are easily accessible, in the right place. When they're finished with throw them out or archive them. If you need to refer to them again, but not for a while, put them away and only have the files you're using frequently on your desk.


Great Hints

Thanks, Normy. I agree. It DOES help to do the seemingly mundane things like dressing for the activity and organizing the materials of your life. Sometimes I can be lulled into thinking it doesn't matter, that I'll just do the thing without the ceremony, but I am beginning to put a lot more stock in routine and convention. Maybe I'm growing up!!

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