Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday September 20, 2010

"Monday Monday--ba ba, ba ba ba ba"

The Mamas and the Papas

Enjoy the beginning of a Proactive Week

Have a Great Proactive Day

Cool Laughing Smile Wink


[moved to correct day]

tiptree CI

to be done by bedtime:

1) f. enhancements implemented/tested

2) new feature -> initial design work

3) finish ER

4) diagnose customer q. issue

5) debug issue with new sess. feature

6) clean office

7) pay bills

8) review outstanding items

9) exercise

10) read for at least a 1/2 hr

11) practice g.

The Scribbler's Tuesday


  • Get up at 6 (moved this an hour earlier to help productivity) 
  • make bed
  • exercise
  • coffee, paper
  • healthy breakfast
  • checkins


  • Send query
  • Add 5 to musc db
  • Send 5 music emails
  • Update CL listings
  • Make bank deposit 
  • Get card laminated
  • Deliver Meals on Wheels


  • healthy lunch
  • Do 2 BN
  • Do 4 CIO
  • Mow back yard


  • P/u Jovita poster
  • Healthy dinner
  • Rehearse for shows
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 11

wrong day again

I blame the scribbler


checking in monday september 20

Tired from the weekend projects & sleep deprivation last week but caught up on sleep 2 nights (sat and sun).

plan to plan. DONE

check in/show up. DONE

reviewed calendar. DONE

drafting article. DONE.  

list of things to focus on today. DONE 


wh.syl 4:20pm  Just

wh.syl 4:20pm 

Just reading this check-in list has given me some strength. I think I will

write to freinds

Read up on cell phone apps, droids


Just had my appendix taken out Tuesday (Sept. 14)

Felt ok yesterday. But I haven't been able to get myself going.

I'll check in tomorrow. Good Luck everyone

katia 9/20

Hello all! Things are ok I guess. Unfortunately I do have to make some very important decisions that I am putting off because they are so painful. But I'm just not ready.

To do today-
Fold Clothes
Deal with dishes
Copy PS #8 into notebook
Work on PS #13
Copy PS #13 into notebook
Check out lab for this week
Empty bag of malarkey
Put 15 strewn about items away
Discuss math course
Lab evaluation
Take vitamins/iron
Find checkbook
Fill out form/envelope

Thank you! Hopefully I have more energy today lol.
Edit- can you tell I find copying problem sets extremely odious, even if it's helpful for later studying. . .
Edit- one more thing. . . .!
Edit- Yay! Feels soooo good to see all those crossouts. If only everything else went as swimmingly lol. Goodnight!

Fastening seat belt

11:45 AM: Okay, starting to take care of loose ends that have been flapping in the breeze too long. Worked on organizing finances over the weekend.

Goal 1: 12 noon - 12:30 PM: Get prepared to go out. Already fooled around on computer this morning. Want to be ready to leave apt by 12:30. Need to keep working on this. Much too slow.

12:33 PM: Wow, I am so easily distractible. Trying again, shooting for 1 PM.

clement ci

happy to be recovering along side all of you.

ok H.E. should not take to long. get that out of the way. guess 10 min.

34..57 = 22min thats ok

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Journey 11 am today sucks pretty hard

First day back at work after vacation . . .first day in the new building.  Had no power in my cube when I got here, finally got online a few minutes ago.   Getting through email, then I have to prepare for a noon club meeting that I'm totally not ready for.   Oh well, tomorrow will be better!   I'll be be back after lunch with a todo list for the rest of the day.


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

Journey 3:30 pm and thanks 4change!

ok, I'm back on the horse.   fought the post-vacation fires, slogged thru email, have my todo list.   I have three things I need to work on before I leave today.   I do not want to do any of them so checking in to bookend the next task, which is to contact change management.  

4:30 - done - now to work on requirements until the end of the day.


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

I hear that Jo

Hard to ease back into the flow. Peace to you.

Bring it on, Monday - The Scribbler


  • Get up at 7 (actually got up at 6 to get son to school) 
  • make bed
  • exercise
  • coffee, paper
  • healthy breakfast
  • Son to school
  • Check-ins


  • Send query
  • Note to school
  • Fax mtg docs
  • Fax heater receipts


  • Passport appointment
  • Lunch w/B
  • Do 4 CIO
  • Do 2 BN posts 
  • G new SS card
  • P/U posters for shows


  • Return movie
  • Print biz cards
  • Do ASG open mic
  • Rehearse
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 11

hope4meandu checkin (9:30AM)

Hi All,

Thanks, Lennon, for the start.

((Slowbro)) my thoughts & prayers are with you. Also know of a program called nicotine anonymous. Here's the link , if you're interested:

In the midst of holidays, Saturday was a fast day. I got so sick afterwards, which never happened before. Still not feeling well today, but I came into work!!! Lots of fears to turn over today. The next holidays will be joyous, but food oriented -eating at other people's homes, so I want to be able to prepare and bring food. This is causing much anxiety. I usually am not able to plan ahead and make this happen. Also, didn't show up at my step meeting last night and am falling behind on step work. So I turn my day and will over to HP and here goes:

-mailing back nail clippers
-finding 0% credit card to transfer balance to
-listening to voice mails starting on Friday
-catching up on emails
-mailing out ML package

-work out
-clean bathroom
-step work

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's healing.♥

Hang in there Hope

Sounds like you are facing several stressors. Wishing you peace.

Thanks ((4change)), really appreciate your support!!

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's healing.♥

Quiting smoking is tough. 

Quiting smoking is tough.  At least I can actually taste the food I am eating.

8:30 - work aparently I start tommorow

*work on logo and cards

*return shoes

*paint or draw something

*Continue with exersize 

No set scedual, just need to complete the above.


Quitting smoking sucks, but the reward of being free from that habit is worth it!  Hang in there!   I quit 7 years ago.   


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

Wow a new week :)

Today I will:


-read e-mails, reply too if needed

-eat moderate breakfast, wash up

-eat modetare lunch and was up too

-write M and Mom

-clean bathroom

-12 step meditation and OA online meeting

-sort stuff at least ten minutes.


In recovery,

Elina  :)



-When I look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes ~ Oprah Windfrey

Crazybug CI

Thanks for starting the thread lennon.

Slooow waking up this morning, so can't see very far ahead of myself.  Will just post one task here for now and will try to come back and update in a little while.


  • make new LH and send


Thanks everyone for being here.

BC 9/20

lennon, thanks for the thread starter

WORK [8AM - 5PM]: 

-Finish building cables for project 3 [DONE]

-Get labelmaker and white tape [DONE]

-Get longer wires for project 3 [DONE]

-Label cables for project 3 [DONE]

-Test cables for project 3 [DONE]

If time allows: 

-Finish tr analysis for project 3

-Finish com analysis for project 3


-Pay pest control company [DONE]

-Go for a run [DONE]

-Finish reading SE documents

-Find what tutorials for project a [DONE]

-Think of 3 keywords for project a [DONE]

-Send out bills to r b and k [DONE]

-Give r b and k ls to sign


Dreamweaver...Monday Check-in


 Morning Activities A  Mid-day Activities A  Evening Activities A
 Morning Activities B  Mid-day Activities B  Evening Activities B
 Morning Activities C  Mid-day Activities C  Evening Activities C


S/E PROJECT TASKS - 9/19/2010

 Task A.1.1
 Task B.1.1  Task C.1.1
 Task A.1.2
 Task B.1.2  Task C.1.2
 Task A.1.3
 Task A.2.1
 Task B.2.1
 Task C.2.1
 Task A.2.2
 Task B.2.2
 Task C.2.2
 Task A.2.3
 Task A.3.1
 Task B.3.1  Task C.3.1
 Task A.3.2
 Task B.3.2  Task C.3.2
 Task A.3.3
 Task A.4.1
 Task B.4.1  Task C.4.1
 Task A.4.2  Task B.4.2  Task C.4.2
 Task A.4.3    
 Task A.5.1  Task B.5.1  Task C.5.1
 Task A.5.2  Task B.5.2  Task C.5.2
 Task A.5.3    


Vic 9/20

Show up (done), think it through

Hope to "surrender" my will today. My EGO (ease God Out) just does not want to "give it up". I keep wanting to believe I know better than my HP,I can find all the answers, etc. etc. I am worse than my teenage son.

AA BB p 30 "The persistence of this illusion is astonishing."

For today, I will read AA BB, and remember p 13

"I was to test my thinking by the new God-consciousness within. Common sense would thus become uncommon sense. I was to sit quietly when in doubt, asking only for direction and strength to meet my problems as He would have me."

Thanks for being here and letting me share what works for me (the only thing that works for me) also more meetings, connections, etc.

Vic 9/20

Thank you Vic!

Your insight has provided the guidance that I need for today.  I had pulled out my BB, and I was somewhat vague as to what I wanted to read.  The thoughts you have shared have directed me to the place that my brain would like to avoid--the beginning.

Also, thank you so much for sharing your comparison to your son.  I had the same thoughts this week in regards to my child as well.


Thank you.  I heard a good quote this morning, love it and so appropriate this Monday:

Cool quote Vic

Like that Einstein quote! Peace to you.

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. e-mail my Advisor for advising

2. Post Al-Anon literature for the week

3. Do Business work

4. Do Computer work

5. Clear the floor

6. Clear the couch

7. Clear the tables

8. Take shower

9. Eat breakfast

10. Eat lunch

11. Eat dinner

12. Do hair

13. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

14. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

15. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

16. Go to the 11 a.m. telephone PA meeting

17. Go to the 1 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

18. Take shower

19. Get dressed

20. Make bed

21. Wash dishes

22. Go to work

Thanks for letting me share.