Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday, 8 September, 2010

Getting there

slowly but surely...

Week of 9/5


find (and print) French worksheets
confirm registrations on ALEKS
finish Michael’s LR
research and send activities to Windham
sign up Josh for PE and art (?) classes
sign up Tyler for math strands classes
check into classes for Windhams
look up Ema's fee breakdown
search for robotics
send ed/career syllabus to Pagan
send links to Nasco, Delta, etc. to Rausch
report broken Brain Gym link
submit new POs –Williams, Windham, Rausch, Ollis, Shapiro, Bratz, Cann, Overby, Pagan
LRs and RSs – Williams, Strout, Pagan, Rausch, Gomez and Fabyan (11)
Study Island sign-ups!
Rosetta Stone sign-ups!
set appointment time windows
print maps by location
look through new student paperwork
add course titles to notes for HS students
adjust RC and or transcript for Sara, Stephanie and Michael
spreadsheet - new students
decide on HQTs
compile email contact list
check on drop slips
log in computer info.


pay BILLS!
add 10 numbers
ask Jeff about benefits
sweep stairs
water lawn and mow
buy stamps
hang closet door curtain
sort boxes in office

Finish ACCG hw done check

Finish ACCG hw done

check pay

complete WASP 3

complete GNAT 2

Complete buslaw hw

Review this weeks lecture for stat.

My first check-in

I'm really excited about this! This is my first check-in, but definitely not the last, as I'm now determined to change my life! These are my obligations for today:

- finish FAQ

- N -a - m - e

- finish plan for procrastination

- find M's phone number

- procrastination journal - DONE (I don't know how to cross out)

- Hpn - DONE

- try to fix problem with Skype - DONE

 - arrange phone meeting with P - DONE

- clean dishes


yay for first check in!

You cross out by highlighting the text you want to cross out and then selecting the ABC  symbol at the top of your post.   There are some other formatting options there too.   I have heard people say that it doesn't work on all browsers though, but give it a try.


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

BC 9/8

Thanks for starting the thread Edge!

Tasks at work (8AM-5PM):

-Finish testing second part of project 1 [DONE]

-Get dimensions for load from ME [DONE]

-Review tp for project 3 [DONE]

-Clarify dimensions for load from ME [DONE]

-Check with C about connectors for project 3 [DONE]

-Update reliability information [Partially Completed]

-Check for complete degradation analysis [DONE]

-Update degradation analysis with tran and comp  

-Read and refresh on failure analysis [Partially Completed]

Tasks after work (5PM-Sleep)

-Workout [DONE]

-Buy meat for dinner [DONE]

-Install new outlets [DONE]

-Install new switches [DONE]

-Put up shelf in master closet [DONE]

-Set up credit card rewards account [DONE]

-Apply for PenFed Visa [DONE]

-Check and pay upcoming bills [DONE]


Woohoo! First good day in a week or so 

Vic 9/8

  Show up (done) Think it through

Love the starter, so grateful thet PA gave me the courage to dare to dream again because the PA friends and tools to make our dreams come true, still hopeless but no longer helpless.

Go to chatbox, was "in the zone" yesterday, today am "out of the zone" but still in the game, thanks PA friends.

P.A. Tools for RecoveryFrom the P.A. Meeting Materials...

  1. Break It Down: Break down projects into specific action steps; include preparation tasks in the breakdown.
  1. Visualization: Plan what to do, then imagine yourself doing it. The more specific and vivid your visualization, the better. See yourself doing the task, and doing it well.



Job Interview


Call Ron 


Iron Clothes 


Shoppers Drug Mart. : Buy Milk

PE 1230

Hi everyone,

I am going to commit to 5 x 15 min. work sessions. I came home early to do paperwork, but have been sitting figuring where to start as usual.  Yesterday I shot for 10 x 15 but only actually did 5 So here I go.

1    2    3    4   5


Agnus checking in

Really need to get a priority list today, too many competing MITs and MUTs (again)! The following is from assorted scattered to-do lists and is incomplete - there are two more notepads on which I've jotted commitments and to-do's that I need to cull for a complete list. I will prioritize it after I get through a few morning MUTs:

  • eat breakfast MUT/MIT
  • commit a food plan for today MUT/MIT
  • book chiro appt: me and Mike MUT/MIT
  • act on promises made to cl this morning:
    outreach bk re political stuff
    research ldrshp tr ops
    think thru, email my thots
  • email GM narrative
  • deliver/pick up @ atty MUT
  • Outrch tr-where are we? MIT
  • sb-where am i? MIT
  • monthly reports for both MUT
  • sched vr presentation
  • white paper re staffing brg MIT
  • catch up on youth intr proj
  • wf3 proposals: MUT/MIT
    FPO tr (record 9/17, post 9/22)
    Hd2Sv (11/4, 9)
    Order ppts
    Draft fp ltr
    Sched to write copy

Wednesday with the Scribbler


  • get up at 7 (well, a few minutes late)
  • make bed
  • exercises
  • coffee
  • paper
  • water plant
  • healthy breakfast
  • checkins


  • Location intvw 1
  • CK heater warranty
  • Finish BN post
  • Location intvw 2


  • Lunch w/B
  • Email PP people
  • Draft BN post
  • Do 1 CIO
  • Email CIO re: pak
  • Query


  • Visit sis
  • Healthy dinner
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 11


sept 8 check in tracy

A for me:

1. Use electronics moderately

2. Review calendar and deadlines for day/and week (done). 

3. Plan to Plan (done) 

4. Expressing gratitude for today for 1 min. (done)

Tools: A. Drafted my to do list for day knowing it is somewhat flexible with a few things that really need be done today.

B. Updated electronic Outlook calendar for an hour with all son's school dates for year. Just knowing it's written in my calendar relieves me of a possible last minute snaffu. It's one breath easier. Never goes as fast as I imagine but that's okay.

C. Took action and sent reminders out on those items due this week. 

D. Yesterday took action reaching out to others for help including hiring someone and using my personal assistant on weekends to get admin backlog done. I didn't get done what I thought I would yesterday -- but it's a step in setting up the structure and help I need. I sent out another email this morning on the person I intend to hire for additional asstance to get rid of backlog of admin matters. 

 Have a great day everyone! Tracy

Journey 9:30 and already behind & update

Happy Wednesday all!   I kind of intended to get some work done on my holiday Monday but I spent the day with the grandkids instead, and then I was too tired!   In the grand scheme of things though I think it's more important to spend time with the grandkids than to get a few more hours of paperwork done.   

So then I got to work yesterday ready to rock and roll, and . . . my computer would not boot up.   I have a loaner now, but mine (with all my documentation!) is in the shop for a few days.   Hopefully they will be able to save my data.   But I lost another day's work yesterday.   I couldn't even re-organize my office because everything is packed up already for the building move.   I spent the day reading a vaguely work-related book called Difficult Conversations that I had borrowed from my old boss!   It was a good book but not what I had planned to be doing yesterday.

So today I feel pretty discouraged and don't see much chance of catching up today.   But the only thing to do is make a todo list and get started on it, eh?  Here goes.

UPDATE 3:30 I'm still behind, but I'm behind on more important stuff now lol.  I'm on vacation next week so I have a lot to do in the next couple of days.   I have a handle on what must be done . . . now I just need to get it done.   I've been staying on task pretty much and not goofing off a lot . . .but still having a problem working on the right things and keeping my focus.   I spend too much time figuring out what to do, and too little time actually DOing it!  

Right now, read the migration info for Project z.

UPDATE 5:55 Done!   I am not caught up but I've done all the work tasks that I planned for today.  This is good 8) because 1)  I made a reasonable, doable todo list and then proceeded to do everything on the list and 2) I didn't freak out over being behind and end up doing little or nothing.   So - not great that I have too much work to do and too little time to do it in - but still feel pretty good about maintaining today.  

Now for dinner, dishes, and laundry - working from home today so dishes and laundry are already started.


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

kromer 9:30 CI

Today I'm feeling a little, this is a good chance to practice working when I'm not feeling motivated.

Need to do lots of book-keeping/routine type work:
Place orders, return library books, organize papers (started), pack, write emails, take care of finances, check on expt, get study materials together for weekend, figure out schedule for weekend, ask about seminar. 

And some real work: Make outline of expt techniques (started), work on revising slides, and start studying biochem. 

And I have an event to help out at, 6-9

I'm going to go place orders and check on expt now

hope4meandu checkin (9:20AM)

Dear Friends,

Hi!! Thanks Edge for the starter!!

Realizing that cleaning is on ongoing process and can never be finished. I know this is obvious, but I think I understand it on a new level.

My step daughter is coming today and staying until Sunday. Haven't seen her in a year or so. The cleaning wasn't perfect, the food won't be and I wasn't cleaning for her, but my HP, which really also helped me.

I would like to throw in that I won't be perfect either, but that, might be a little too hard to let go of. I pray to do my best, not personalize things, pray to be loving & forgiving and that it might be hard for me & I won't expect it to be easy.

Left to do:
-clean floors
-kitchen cabinets

Wow, woo hoo, did a real lot in the house, and thank you all for the support that keeps me grounded and not alone. I'll be signing off until Sunday or Monday, so much love in the meantime.

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's healing.♥

Crazybug CI

Getting a little better jump on the day today, trying to start off on the right foot...

Too many big projects hanging out there to focus on more than just the immediate tasks at hand. So I'll work on those defined tasks this morning and then check in again later.

  • create/print doc
  • send links to DI
  • Bookkeeping
    • Download statements
      • S
      • C
      • Cap
      • HL
    • Reconcile
    • Start cashflow
    • Reimburse ments
    • Enter receipts
    • Pay bills

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank Edge for starting the thread

Things I have done

1. Sent out some Al-Anon literature that I have posted previously

2. Went to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

3. Went to the 7:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

Things I will do today

1. Take a shower

2. Get dressed

3. Go see my therapist

4. Go to a therapy group

5. Go to a recovery support group

6. Read my business book

7. Read my computer book

8. Go to a Time Management workshop

9. Go to work

10. Get clothes ready for tomorrow

That's all I have

tuffl CI

had a good plan but am rather slow today. not very motivated. not so good. okay. i've got started already and have 2 hrs left. will try to make the most of it.


DONE shower
DONE breakfast
DONE but missed L, try again later be online by 10, wait for L ! 
DONE wrap present
DONE prepare gv 
DONE write b-day card (by 4.30)
DONE go to the supermarket & buy what i forgot today
DONE cook (1h) (by 4)
DONE make a salad (by 4)

continue to look for jobs
call ssk


Helen's Check-in

 DONE Teeth

 DONE  Post here 

 DONE Web research  

 DONE Prayers

 DONE Emails 


Post DVD/phone package & book & camera

Washing up

Study (20 mins )  

Job hunting(40 mins )  

Search jobsite & collect suitable vacancies 

Check out MP site - will visit tomorrow DONE

Get number for local agency DONE

Call agency to register 

Art project (40 mins ) 

Clean fridge 



Call Dad



Edge's CI - 2:13am

- spray1
- spray2
- greenp1
- greenp2
- trent
- sched lasr
- set vacation request
- balance budget
- ATM (all)
- get antibiotic meds
- wash cat plate
- wash cat tray
- read rest of contract

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 5:09pm

x spray1
x lact
x greenp1
x sched lasr
- set vacation dates
- balance budget
- read rest of contract
- file official papers
- trent
- greenp2
- spray2
x pick up sis
- set reminder for assignment 1 (10 words)
- set reminder for assignment 2 (time management 2 days)
- set reminder for ad text
- work on sponsors package

- call K and schedule outing? (resched?)
- 9:15am - ATM (all)
- get antibiotic meds

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 11:38am (Thursday)

Totally got sidetracked because people came over and I got lazy =/ Will start again.

x spray1
x lact
x greenp1
x sched lasr
x trent
- greenp2
- spray2
x pick up sis

- call K and schedule outing? (resched?)
- 9:15am - ATM (all)
- get antibiotic meds
- set vacation dates
- balance budget
- read rest of contract
- file official papers
- set reminder for assignment 1 (10 words)
- set reminder for assignment 2 (time management 2 days)
- set reminder for ad text
- work on sponsors package

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson