Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday August 17, 2010

  Those of us who made it through MONDAY.....

  (MD- this one is great, just need to change dimension numbers in the "insert window"

In anxiety/panic mode...Pls send positive vibes my way! ;) Thx!

  • finish purchase orders
  • look through notes
  • finish emails
  • mail paperwork
  • add course titles to notes for HS students
  • look through new student paperwork
  • decide on HQTs
  • sort through available books and materials
  • make parent calls
  • set appointmant times
  • add deadlines to calendar

Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind sentiments!!! I not only got some great vibes, I received them in poetic form. =) Hugs to vic and agnus!


Sending positive vibes and messages your way:

·         Humor is our best friend, …………………….…..·          If you can't change a situation you can change your attitude towards it...·          Be self-led, not symptom-led. …..………………………………………......·          Nervous symptoms and sensations are distressing but not dangerous·         Comfort is a want, not a need. ………………………………..……………......…·          There is no right or wrong in the trivialities of every day life·         Helplessness is not hopelessness………………………..………………. ·         Some people have a passion for self-distrust·         Do things in part acts……………………………………………….…….……….…… ·         Endorse yourself for the effort, not only for the performance2 ·         Have the courage to make a mistake………………..……….·         Feelings are not facts……………………………...……………..…………. ·         Fear is a belief –– beliefs can be changed………………………………………….·         Every act of self-control leads to a sense of self-respect....…………….…….………..·         Decide, plan and act. ………………………….…………………………………………o   Any decision will steady you·         Fear is a belief –– beliefs can be changed…………………………………………. ·          Any decision will steady you·         Self-appointed expectations lead to self-induced frustrations…………·          People do things that annoy us, not necessarily to annoy us………..…...…………….·         Knowledge teaches you what to do, practice tells you how to do it……...…………… ·         Muscles can be commanded to do what one fears to do



~~~~~~~~~~~~ pozitive vibes 4 Gmarie!

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life

Things I have done today

1. Went to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Went to the 8:30 telephone PA meeting

3. Went to see my mentor

4. Went to the Vocational Support Group

5. Went to two libraries and got books and printed out material

6. Ate breakfast

7. Ate lunch

8. Went and purchased important items at Walgreens

9. Called my CLA Sponsor

10. Called PA Check-in's

Things I plan to do today

1. Take a shower

2. Make bed

3. Wash dishes

4. Do 25 minutes of decluttering

5. Prayer and meditation

6. Do 12-Step reading

7. Call my Sponsor

8. Fix and eat dinner

9. Make program phone calls

That's all I have

agnus checking in

Last night I surrendered my plan to the urgency of a deadline and worked until 2:30am.  But thanks to the shares of others here, I'm practicing not hating myself for it today.  Yes I am short on sleep and therefore less productive today than my best days. But that does not make me a piece of crap no matter what my Inner Procrastinator tries to tell me! 

Thanks to PA I have tools, Steps, and a Higher Power who stands in strong oppostition to this dis-ease: where compulsive procrastination wants to keep me crazy, HP wants to restore my sanity. And where CP wants my will and life so it can control me, HP wants my will and life so he can care for me.  

Wow, thanks for listening. I needed to hear myself say that today! :-)

The day after completing a big project seems to be a special risk, so the first thing I need today is a plan.  I have a meal plan but nothing else so far. So I'm setting my timer for lunch and planning, then back to post a plan.

Ag's 2do's 2day

Keeping it simple:

1) reduce Inbox to <10 emails that need action later today
2) review proj brg status/promises made?
3) microburst the paper piles on my desk
4) microburst categorizing receipts
5) microburst bills and personals pile

welcome ouiand - and about editing your posts

Glad you found your way to us!  I've been helped a ton by PA; lots of support here for writing projects.

You can edit your own post until/unless someone hits "Reply" to your post - which has its own charm as we interact with one another for support.  After a Reply, the simplest solution is just to Reply again to your own post with a copy-paste of your task list so you can keep updating.

See you around the pages!


Thanks for the welcome Agnus.  Yep, I guess it comes as no surprise that writing travels along with procrastination, hoping this helps!

Covering ground

11:58 AM: Need to make up for a slow day yesterday. Cleared some things out of the way, but felt a little 'blocked'. Haven't caught up with my volunteer work commitments, and as both those and the overdue cases weigh on me, I start to feel more anxious and ambivalent about which to work on first. Clearly the work has to take priority, since I have only 11 days left at this post.

Well, I don't think it's totally unreasonable at this point to hold off on the volunteer work until 5 PM. It's late already, and a few more hours may result in a dreaded email or phone 'reminder' (getting those just stresses me out more, because it's not that I have 'forgotten'), but shouldn't *really* impact negatively on anyone, since it is about the meeting Labor Day weekend. Yes, yes, I should have done it last week. But I didn't.

Delaying working on my cases to clear this from my mind would be a worse choice, I feel. I am not a natural multi-tasker, and when the boundaries get blurred, it only becomes more difficult and stressful. I need to compartmentalize better, so when I am doing one thing, I am doing *that*, not thinking about what I am *not* doing. To use Vic's terminology, I guess I have to work on 'mindfulness'. Anyway, off to work. Volunteer responsibilities, begone (until it is your turn; then you will have my full attention, or at least I will try).

Goal 1: 12:15 - 2:00 PM: Work on quick cases, try to cover ground attentively.

Goal 2: 2:00 - 3:00 PM: Scheduled meeting. Try to 'be there' rather than thinking about what I could/should be doing instead.

Goal 3: 3:00 - 5:00 PM: At least one longer report (bear), then back to clearing out short ones (underbrush).

Goal 4: 5:00 - 7:00 PM: Do the volunteer stuff without worries about anything else.

Hmm...that's a fair number of goals. Well, time to give it my best shot. Back later (something else I have to be better at; I often forget to check out at the end of the day).




subject line is from the old song......

Hmmmm....someone (!!) seems to have misplaced (lost) the word "shame" around nice to see that....I trust they do not find that word anytime soon!Cool

First time here...

hello all... I'm new to this list.  Trying to add accountability to my lists as I work on a long term project (writing) as I work from home. 

Quick question, how to you return to these lists to cross off what done?  Never mind, found it!

  • yoga
  • intentions
  • garden
  • finish con.
  • lunch
  • send con
  • new tires
  • food for din
  • call @ car
  • emails j write
  • 2 int req written
  • dinner
  • movie as treat.


I have had a crazy summer. 

 10:30: Call cleaners

10:45: shower

order sunglasses and typewriter if there is time

11:30: work

5:00pm, home or stop by earliar if cleaners need to get im.

6:pm, home, work out, freshen up and dress up, then get some drinks and head over to boulder


hope4meandu check-in (noon)

Hi Guys,

Thanks MD for the starter!! ELINA, love, love that Oprah Winfrey saying that you have, THANKS!! Woo Hoo REXROTH,


Went to an interview yesterday far away with very low pay. Went to an interview today in my neighborhood with low pay, but they seemed really nice that I wouldn't be yelled at.

Need to turn over, my friend will be going on maternity leave in about 4 mths and she wants to take this Monday & Tuesday off and asked if I would work there.

My fear is that I will ruin the friendship, but calling in sick or some other stupid thing that I can count on myself to do. Also, her boss is very precise and nitpicky and I don't know if I can handle that, as I'm not. The pay, however, is great and it is in the neighborhood.

I told her I would do this Monday and Tuesday, but I think I should tell her to find someone else. The only thing is no money is coming in and I don't think I'll get unemployment. She is a special person & I'm also very good at ruining friendships.

Very grateful that calls and jobs are coming in that at least I'm interviewing.

I really, really want to take today off and watch tv, but I need to do things while I'm home.

To do:
-call B
-try to file for unemployment
-brush & do Yoffee's nails
-call J tonight
-go to a meeting tonight
-work on step study
-work out 10 minutes
-call LN

Prayers that your day is used up and satisfying!!

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's healing.♥


Thanks for the hint.

So for screen size, I should have used appx 200 x 100 (if 1028x768 pixels is normal full screen) right? I tried going by dimensions (inches but it still bled over).

Frankly, that picture should say Tue>Fri for me by Garfield.



No problem, I just make a ratio and estimate dimention numbers- doesn't have to be perfect!

Actually I was the Garfield on the left but did not want to offend anyone , or drag anyone down who was in "the zone" phase of the up and down cycle of life so I added  Garfield on the right., but that is a good way of being optimistic, by Friday, we have the Zone Garfield to  imagine we can look forward to.!!Thank you.

Scribber's Tuesday CI


  • Get up by 7 (trouble sleeping last night so I slept late)
  • make bed, do calisthenics
  • Coffee, paper, water plants
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Check-ins


  • Outline Food10 article
  • Add5 to music db
  • Deliver Meals on Wheels


  • Healthy lunch
  • File food10
  • Send food10 fc emails
  • Practice setlist
  • Return BN contract
  • Call PNC re: refi


  • Practice setlist
  • Healthy dinner
  • Do J show
  • Bed by 11

later ... Got the main things done, except for inadequate rehearsal. I'll hit that hard in the time remaining and reschedule the others for tomorrow.

tiptree CI

to do:

- progress on c. issues
-- support vect.
-- tools to handle problem phot. int.
-- wl issue
- grid bug
- P. enhancement
- report generated
- sh/sh
- 2 other items in test
- read 1 ch.
- exercise/stretch
- clean office
- scrub tub(s)
- sh/sh
- review bz
- work in basement

Rexroth Check In

I'm checking in late and so far I've had a busy and productive day with lots of things being finalized.

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails
Replied to email from solicitor who says an important notice has been served. Make hard copies of emails and file and acknolwedgement sent.
Replied to hotel abroad with info on airport transfer - now if they get back to me that is settled.
Email from childrens home - child I sponser will be back from holiday and so I can see him early in my trip.
Went out food shopping particularly for friend coming over tomorrow.
Said additional prayers for friend who is undergoing a serious operation this afternoon.
Out to post office and bought more food.
Copied medial letter so airport and other security know that the bump on my body is part of me.
Posted letters re Hospital complaint and file receipts with letters and put all the files away.
Got advice and medicine from pharmacist.
Cooked some food for tomorrow.
Checked through my todo before I go list.

Some more cooking for tomorrow and wash and tidy up.
Rest and recover.
Tidy papers on table and in particular check old list against final lists and dipose of old lists.

That will do for now.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Above and spoke with friend on phone for hours.

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Everyone


Julesk CI Tues

 I have no plan of action for this week and I need one, "to save me from 2 pests, hurry and indecision."  Part one of today will be figuring that out.


Action PRECEDES "figuring it all out!"



huma CI

  • call to get fax
  • blog
  • send pk info
  • send to holly
  • call re speakers
  • send job descrip to maj
  • bssb prop
  • call hr for coffee
  • send newsletter
  • send 2 seo
  • call ny re hs
  • boat ad
  • create 6 seo
  • call omf
  • organize host bills

Vic 8/17


1 pm-May as well use the opps for my update Tues 12:30. Did My "basics", took son, made my call, store, but still dragging.

 Could it be because I only got 4 hours sleep? My subsconscious says"Why should that have anything to do with it?" Maybe because I stayed up with nothing to show for it? Somehow, subconsciously, I believe I am exempt from the laws of nature, never was, never will be, at least not in this life (unless laws of nature change as we know them, and I better not count on that one)

I have been trying different ideas for months, something I can be consistent with to build on my showing up and basics, I have tried about 50 things so far, but could not count on my being consistent. Today I came up with an Idea. My "Showing up" consistency is objective and measured  qualitatively.The results are reliable and positive and give me a sense of success and hope. I have been reading about "mindfulness" . I have a habit of not being mindful and do not know how to do it because everything I do fails.So I think I will try to practice being more mindful whenever I can today in any way I can or my HP shows me.I think my "fears" are worse than the "truth" if I look at it.

encouraging vic

vic, I love your positive example of consistently showing up. Your statement that "...everything I do fails.So I think I will try to practice being more mindful whenever I can today..." gave me an idea...

What might happen if your "mindful practice" for today was to catch yourself in negative self-talk, then mindfully replace it with the Serenity Prayer, Just for Today, or another positive thought?

Then everytime you did that, you could mindfully acknowledge your success at being mindful. 

The past is a cancelled check, and tomorrow but a promisory note. This moment, this day, is all we have - and in that, vic, you are a success!


Thank you so much for your encouragment/truth. I just realized that true mindfulness is not observing the manifistations of my thoughts, but true mindfulness is looking/correcting the thoughts and the manifistations will take care of themselves.

Thankyou I was mindful already!!

Vic 8/17

 Show up (done) Not sure of today's "plan" Need to get in the game and  start with basics and get my momentum going. One thing led to the next, got more done than I thought I would. It really worked yesterday. Thanks for being here.

Tue Elina

Glad to be in here again after my trip. 




-Moderate Breakfast

-12 step literature "For today"

-check e-mails, bank account and facebook

-check new job announcements 

-write M, R, L and M

-eat moderate lunch and clean up the kitchen

-sort clothes and stuff at least 10 minutes.

I also ironed some chothes. :)

In recovery





-When I look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes ~ Oprah Windfrey