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Saturday August 14, 2010

Happy Saturday, Everybody!

Live for the Weekend!

Catch up on things or have fun

Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool




9:04 PM: On the down side, it is much later than I had intended. On the up side, I worked on 15 case reports. Enough for now. Time to relax and see what (if anything) I have missed out on in the news today.

Off to a good start!

checkin saturday JulyOnce again the computer turned itself off before I "checked out" last night. The day  ended pretty well: I attended the Fri night meditation of the Snowflower Sangha and got myselffeeling pretty cdntered and serene. But I stil ended up going to bed at midnight rather than 11 pm, as I had hoped. I put a few of the undone tasks from yesterday on todays list...

Blood pressure & glucose readings

done am pet care

done breakfast

am dental hygiene 


done meet sponsee at 8 am

done SAA meeting

done meet with another SAA member

done DA meeting

done harvest garden

done noon pet care

done call wife

done call another sponsee

make salsa and pesto 


finish family room decluttering

walk for exercise

call Mlou

mail package

grocery shopping

evening pet care


dental hygiene


to bed at 11 


put in some time on office decluttering get exercise 

Checking out before my timer cuts me off

9:45 pm (computer goes off at 10)

some more stufff done

On my way home from morning meetings managed to pick up several pounds of almost ripe plums from some branches that fell off of someones tree and had been put on the curb for brush collection--i'll spread them out in one layer to ripen in my basement. And the garden harvest was abundant, lots of rain recently is causing the tomatoes to crack and/or fall off the vines so picked lots of those and started making them into tomato juice. haven't even started on the pesto yet. Not enough tomatillos for salsa, but I picked plenty of chile rellenos...I love this time of year, so much abundance from the garden. So, got these other things done: 

make salsa and pesto (need more tomatillos!)

done! nap (one hour, which is why I'm still going strong_)

finish family room decluttering (won't finish it, but I can get a couple more stacks moved before bedtime)

put in some time on office decluttering (it's not gonna happen tonight, but I'll keep putting it on my list) 

walk for exercise (Arghhhh! another day passing without a walk! perhaps I can get up early enough to walk in the morning before Meeting for Worship)

done! call Mlou (also made a couple of other personal calls that I'd forgotten to put on the list today)

mail package (have to punt this one into Monday)

grocery shopping (this will have to wait until tomorrow after Meeting for Worship)

done! evening pet care

done! supper

to do:

finish making tomato juice

sort basil leaves and make pesto until I run out of walnuts

dental hygiene


to bed at 11 (well, I haven't been able to do this yet, but I'll keep trying. at least I've been able to get to bed by midnight consistently...)

So, logging out now, this is helping me get a handle on the chaos...


Behavioral modification

1:59 PM: Typical slow Saturday start, highlighting another behavior that remains to be modified another day. But that is not the one I wish to work on today. This has not been a terrible week. It was less productive than I hoped work-wise, but I managed to do a few other positive things, from the trivial to the (hopefully) propitious. The main goals for myself yesterday were:                                                                 

1. Work on overdue cases.

2. Work on volunteer work I am committed to.

3. Exercise.

Only managed #1, and not an especially strong effort. That's okay, today is another day.

The main behavior modification I want to incorporate today is changing my painfully slow start once I get to work. Granted, one could say I am procrastinating now, by writing this, but this is minimal in comparison to the amount of time I typically waste 'building up' to starting work. The time I spend trying to 'get my head right' to work by procrastinating online, from reading and answering email, to reading news from various sources, to handling tasks of varying importance and urgency is excessive and a major stumbling block to my getting ahold of my career. It is akin to a pup circling and circling before feeling ready to lie down...*if* that circling could take all morning and sometimes all afternoon. So today I am trying *not* to do anything online - much as I crave to - other than this checkin and bit of ersatz journaling, if you will, until *after* I have put in my dedicated work period.

Goal: 2:20 - 5:20 PM: Overdue cases, trying to complete 9 in 3 hours.

Back to report. 

Funny, I have the same problem...

Logging on to the site. checking in, and then falling into the Internet Time Suck. So, uhh, I feel your pain...Wink

Pain comes later

While I am procrastinating online, I feel fairly content. Once I run out of things to waste time on, that is when I start to feel stressed. Once I actually start to work, the pain of reality sets in!

Yeah, I understand, I

Yeah, I understand, I substitute short-term pleasure for long-term gains. But this web site, along with mindfulness meditation, is already helping. 

Vic 8/14

Show up (done)


Delagate- trying to be mindful and find ways to make my life more sane, delagate is always used as a tip. Then I read the quote:

Why inflict pain on oneself, when so many others are ready to save us the trouble? - George W. Pachaud

I thought, what a great idea- if I stoped the stuff in my head and go with the criticism of others (more than enough always happening, never a short suppy, they don't need me adding to it). , I would have at least 90% freed up space to do other things.

Did my 2 entries yesterday- so grateful. today's record keepng=today, develop chart for son., have been putting it off for weeks.

Sat = MD's lovely in-between day

Why I am euphoric on Saturdays?

The "work week" (bills, calls, emails, kids' things = all obvious reminders of tasks to-be-done) is over.  There appears to be time "oh get that done later."

Sunday's anticipation/shame/dread has not surfaced....yet. 

I never used to even treat weekends any differently until I lived in a place (Europe) where everything was closed a lot on weekend-- forcing one to relax and ponder.

Thereafter, once realizing my procrastination/anxiety "in your [my] face" style, I now take Sat as my fav day simple BECAUSE it is inbetween the "what I never got done" I feel on Fri and the Sunday jitters/looking back/looking forward.

Saturday: my procrastinating present (gift) about the present (time).

Feedback always welcome. Hard headed critiques on email, too :grin:

I admire your committment to taking the time for your family!

My goal (for three years now) has been to get to a place where I can take nights and Saturdays off to do some quality things for myself and others. I have been successful for short periods of time and plan to keep trying until I'm successful most of the time! =)

MD,  what a nice post!

MD,  what a nice post! thanks for sharing about your FAV day. tracy

Jules K CI

Good Morning ALL!

Got a great new job and today is my last day at the old one!  Woo hoo!

It's thanks to this program!


Pick up dog's meds.

Put swimsuit in car for after work

Work/bring personal stuff from work home.

Go to Fridley to hang out with a friend.

Thanks all!


Action PRECEDES "figuring it all out!"



Rexroth Check In

Thanks for starting lennon.

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails

Post when it comes
Phone friend re meetup tomorrow
Write and send two important emails
Keep working on Hospital files - now on day 3 and I thought I would finish the work in one day and I feel fed up about it
Bath and wash hair
Check stuff for tomorrow
Plan week

Regards Rexroth

I feel a bit fed up and impatient with work to finish before I go away and I am tempted to leave it until I come back which would be foolish.

Rexroth Update

Phoned friend and cancelled meeting for tomorrow
Dealt with post and problems over finances which I can't sort out until Monday - irritation not serious
The files work consists of researching in the files and internet and then writing 3 difficult and complex letters and one easy one and so far I have finished 2 difficult letters and about half of the 3rd and I am so fed up with it all
Washed some clothes and hung them up
That is it for now - nothing else

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Relaxed on net
Prayed and reflected

Bed and sleep

Night Folks


Hang in there

I sense your feeling about hospital files may be similar to my feeling about overdue case reports. You don't come across as a foolish person. It seems you have a decision to make. Best wishes making the best one *for you*. Peace to you.

Thanks 4shame

Thanks 4shame

I have decided to finish all the work which is a complaint about the treatment I received at a local hospital. The situation is administrative rather than legal and the hospital has been very difficult. The hospital has to provide some information but has a long time to do it and it makes a lot of sense to ask them for it before I go away so that it is there for me when I get back.

I've behaved very foolishly in the past and am trying with the help of various programmes and my church to behave better now.

And to you peace


My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meeting, and my life.

Things I plan to do today

1. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

3. Go to the 11:30 a.m. telephone DA meeting

4. Prayer and meditation

5. 12-Step reading

6. 50 minute decluttering

7. Cut onions and mix with jalepeno peppers

8. Cook dinner

9. Start reading textbook

10. Eat breakfast

11. Eat dinner

12. Take a shower

13. Type novel on Word

14. Read library book

15. Go to 1:30 telephone PA Intergroup

16. Declutter 1,000 e-mail

17. Get my numbers caught up

18. Work on my Office skills

19. Do my DBT and CBT

20. Go to the face to face 7:30 NA meeting

21. Make bed

22. Wash dishes

23. Get sleep apnea stuff ready for tonight

24. Get my antivirus, spyware, and malware ready.

That's all I have