Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Vic 8/4

Show up (done)   

Thank You PAfriends for your support. I did much grieving and as usual, the AA Big Book seemed to have my answers:We have begun to learn tolerance, patience and good will toward all men, even our enemies, for we look on them as sick people. We have listed the people we have hurt by our conduct, and are willing to straighten out the past if we can. “I made amends to my mother in law for any wrong I did years ago. She does not believe in a HP, had 2 miserable marriages, was jealous of my marriage, and believed my husband was obligated to put her before his family and children. There was nothing I could do to please her. We took her to England, moved her, took her out on holidays, even offered for her to move in with us. Maybe HP knew that and my trying to have things different would have been futile. I made written amends to the other  person. If they really wanted to make contact with me, they could have. There was nothing more I could have done.
  Some movies we rented had “ alternate endingings”. I thought I wish I could do that in real life, but since HP is the director, what is, is.The Big Book says:
“If we are sorry for what we have done, and have the honest desire to let God take us to better things, we believe we will be forgiven and will have learned our lesson.”I am sorry and what I did was out of stupidity and/or use of substance of choice. Not that is an excuse, but I am sorry and I have written some amends that I want to take care of before it is too late with others. It still hurts, but I believe there is a HP because I am still showing up and that is a miracle. Thank you PA friends.  



such a powerful testimony to how this program works. Thanks, vic.  Love and prayers.

ScottY CI

scripture study


bills work

tax work

HP appts

Lefkoe work

check PNC bk

schedule trips to tmpl

training courses

practice vc

call BM

grateful for thurs aug 3

1. son's playdate (9 am to 12 pm)

2. new matter - call investigator

3. bill on stanford matter bill 1

4. dr. c invoice - bill 2

5. bookend at 12:30 pm

6. run 4 miles

7. dr l matter

8.  5 p.m step 3712-775-7000  code 212389#

9.  settle ds's case

 10.   pn matter. send emails on it.

11.  date night 9 p.m. - 10 pm




11:16 AM: Had a pretty good day yesterday keeping up with new work. In the end, did not get to the pending stuff. Today looks much more promising on that front, and my goal is to translate yesterday's thoughts into action. I won't set specific time and case goals because I think that is too rigid a framework for dealing with a wide variety of cases, some of which may require a couple of minutes. If I look at my day as broken into 20 minute increments, it closes my mind to trying to approach things on a more customized and nimble basis. In the past I have thought that a turtle approach is good. I still think that is what I have to do for the really long reports or workups, just to keep moving along steadily. But there has to be a different approach to small tasks which I am magnifying and thereby making them seem more difficult than they really are.

Goal 1: 20 minutes of computer signoff of reports that are basically done except for a quick typo scan. No reason these have to linger, other than disliking the editing.

Back to report.

11:53 AM: Made 7 overdue reports 'go away' from where they were languishing in my computer queue. 

Goal 2: 12 Noon-2 PM: 2 hours devoted to new work.

Back to report.

5:40 PM: Managed to work well until 2 PM, working on 4 case reports, which vary in terms of how much follow up remains, from just a quick typo scan to more extensive additional information. Had a meeting from 2 to 3 PM, then lost focus, as often happens to me after meetings. I have been feeling a little tired and under the weather today, which makes focusing harder. I only now decided to regroup, bookend, and try to get some more work done tonite.

Goal 3: 5:45-7:30 PM: 1 hour and 45 minutes working on short cases.

Back to report. 

my condolences Vic

and I love your comment Ag!   Ag said "ALL things work together for good, even the timing of our last talks with loved ones"

'A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.' - Elbert Hubbard

Agnus checking in

What a beautiful starter, Lucky, thanks!  I worked diligently yesterday and though I did not accomplish my whole list, I feel much stronger today for having stayed with it. Thank you HP and PA! 

I realized this morning that my natural rhythms are not to be fought against, but rather consecrated to my Higher Power. This is big: My natural rhythm is to work 11am-7pm - which would rule out my sewing class (5-7 Weds) and mess up dinnertime on my f2f meeting nights (M&Th).  So I will pray for guidance about how to manage that, and trust it will come. 

For today, I had program time 6-8:30, personal/pet time 8:30-10:30, then check-in here (I often take too long to do this!).  Here is my plan du jour:

  • Call AZ again
  • folo up Mir call?
  • ID staffing needs
  • sked known delivs thru Nov
  • lunch incl traction, stretch, weights (no reading while eating - this slows me down alot)
  • work calendar and task list until 5
  • sewing class 5-7
  • dinner
  • work 8-9
  • 9pm turn off computer!
  • 9:30 bed

Agnus @ vic

I noticed your late post from yesterday and want to express my sympathy and love, vic.  It really hurts to lose someone you care about anytime, especially unexpectedly.  Please don't let those nagging critical self-talk voices harm you.  ALL things work together for good, even the timing of our last talks with loved ones, when we are trying our best to live within the 12 Steps (i.e. HP's will).  Step 2 assures me that there is nothing in me - procrastination or any other addiction/issue - that my HP can't work around or work with to accomplish goodness, once I am willing.  I love how you show up no matter what - looks like willingness to me. I pray you feel HP's love and comfort today.

Journey 10 am &

Lovely thread starter Lucky!   Getting a late start this morning after working very late last night rebuilding a server that I was given incorrect specs for and had to be redone at the last minute . . . quite stressful!  So I slept in a bit this morning, then went to the gym and grocery store.   Now I have lots of work to do . . . back with a todo list shortly.

Update 10:45 still no todo list, but helped out a friend with a situation and I feel kinda good about that . . . back in 15 with completed todo list, and this time I mean it. 



'A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.' - Elbert Hubbard

Journey 11 am

To do list finally!:

  • gym
  • publix
  • planning
  • help m with thing 
  • finish minutes
  • work on N. update 1 hour
  • vitamins
  • work on G. load 1 hour
  • work on requirements 1 hour - more like 2.5 hours and got nowhere
  • email p about s.r.
  • complete 5.4 on p - started, have an outstanding issue
  • prepare clothes for work/gym th/fri
  • quiet time
  • budget tracking
  • class - find the website
  • look at p.k. customization, just start
  • dinner
  • filing
  • fsa - prep
  • Install support set up - just start
  • laundry started
  • work on m. ed. if time
  • work on mem writeup if time

 I need to just dig in and finish that mem writeup, it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list.   anyway, here we go, most of these tasks are either fairly short and the ones that are long are timeboxed for one hour.   Ready .. . set . . .go!   Let's see if we can get those minutes finished up and published before noon.  It'll be like a game, right?

Update 12:48 well a bit later than noon but minutes are done.   Quick break, then on to the next item on the list.

'A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.' - Elbert Hubbard

Scribbler's Wednesday CI

Yesterday I was somewhat distracted by yet another offer to play music at a local venue. I did manage to get several important things done, but I skipped some others. (As I typed that I thought perhaps I should check email to see if another gig opportunity came through. Wouldn't you know, there was a new one in my email inbox. Crazy. I have always heard it was very difficult to get work as a musician. Apparently, it's not.) Anyway, here we go for Wednesday. Need to get lots done because I have kids this weekend:


  • Get up at 7 a.m.(made it again! avoiding evening caffeine seems to help a lot)
  • Coffee, paper, water plants
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Checkins


  • Sweep up grass
  • Run
  • Do four on CIO
  • Call 2 on password


  • Healthy lunch
  • Send 1 query
  • S/U 3 or so Food10 intvws
  • Draft oldest blog sample


  • Pub crawl
  • Healthy dinner
  • Bed by 11 p.m.

I want to work in some music practice in there somewhere. Afternoon, maybe? We'll see.

Later ... I got distracted by the interesting but unimportant task of sending out an email newsletter. Need to focus tomorrow better.


kromer 8:45 CI

Yesterday I had huge struggles with concentration...but I still got some stuff done, so I'm proud of that. Today I'm hoping to do better.

*Start expt
*Backups (can't do this until this evening)
*Deacon notes
*Ask G. about C. expts (but want to do some follow-up reading)

Next priority:
*Write up plan, ask about B's paper
*Call IA
*Write up potential stuff
*Work on QC scripts (working on this now)

Lower priority:
*Ref mgmt
*Deal w/ last 2 weeks emails
*doc bt/th/er scripts
*Emails to Hi and Hu
*Print e.o stuff.

OK, going to start w/ 45 min work on QC rpoject (which is kind of a fun task), then I'll go start one part of expt, then I'll do deacon notes and expt. plan. 

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the phone meetings, and my life.

Thing I have done

1. Went to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

Things I will do today

1. Prayer and meditation

2. Read 12-Step literature

3. Fix and eat breakfast

4. Get dinner prepared

5. Take shower

6. Get dressed

7. Get my things ready to go.

8. Post some Al-Anon literature for next week.

9. Make bed

10. Wash dishes

11 Get sleep apnea stuff ready for tonight.

12. Go to the 8:30 telephone PA meeting.

13. Go to the 9:45 telephone CLA meeting

14. Go to the 10:30 12-Step group.

15. Go to library and print some papers.

16. Go to get my tuition paid

17. Get my books paid for.

18. Go to three hour class

19. Go to work.

That's all I have

Rexroth Check In

Love the sea glass Lucky.

Up prayer and reflection
Planned day
Checked emails

x Exercise walk
x Try on new jogging base
x Bath and wash hair
x Tidy up stuff from clear out yesterday - not complete
x Throw out rubbish
x Email traveller for meeting
x Read friend's info on her work and email/phone her
x Look at other friend's photos and email her
Organise travel stuff
Sort camera and other battery using things and determine how many batteries and charger details
x Write to insurance ombudsman - found this complex and hard to do and I've done it and I have been putting off writing for ages partially for good reasons
Check todo lists of things to do/take on trip and on things to do before trip
x Try to get blanket dry for delivery to church tomorrow - well I am trying. It is cotton and does not want to dry. I have a blow electric fire on and it is a summers day and I am wicked.

That will do nicely

Regards Rexroth

Lucky CI

Before work:
Check in
Check in w/S
Confidence exercises
Pack wash stuff
Contact lenses
Straighten hair
Leave by 7.40

Read some of book
Pray & read bible
Full makeup
Finish poem

Pod check
Use task rotation
Contracts: Sign/Scan/Copy
Contracts: Post
Lawyer/contract filing
Bible index
Bible filing
Archive bible filing
Post AM
Post PM
Tidy & plan
Take bag home

Call re CBT
Call back DFH re stuff forgot to mention
Take a BREAK

After work:
Email & social sites
Vote RU
Look for ITW recs for M
Redo window
Clear kitchen
Dog face wash
Floss/brush teeth/wash face/moisturise
Shut living room window
Tomorrow's list
Email reports
Check in
BED straight after check in!

Thanks Lucky needed to see and hear your beautiful starter

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's healing.♥