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Micro-Burst Buddies

Hi Everyone, 


Just wanted to say I've heard from others that the live phone meetings for CLA are very helpful - where they talk for a few minutes, then all go work for 15 minutes, then check back in, and so on. I can't usually make it to the phone meetings on time. 

However, today, I found it SUPER SUPER helpful - really more than anything else has been - to have micro-burst buddies in the chat room, where we check in, set timer for 5, 10 or 15 minutes, and go do something, and then check back in. This was so helpful for me that I hope other people might want to do it, too. One of my biggest challenges with procrastination is feeling so overwhelmed and isolated with tasks, and having a microburst buddy helps with feeling overwhelmed (it's only 5 minutes) and with feeling isolated (at the end of the 5 minutes, someone is waiting there for you, who's in the same boat!)

I wanted to propose that maybe we have a microburst chat room where people can get together and be microburst buddies for certain periods of the day. I made more progress on my apartment cleaning and handling awful work today than I have made in months, so I'd love it if other people wanted to do this, too. 

Let me know!!



Is micro-burst buddying still happening in chat?

Hi, All,

Is micro-burst buddying still happening in chat? It's something I'd like to try with both work tasks and personal-time tasks.

FYI for time zone coordination purposes, I'm in California.

Thanks for considering!


Microburst buddying is still happening

This last week we've been doing quite a lot of microburst buddying and I've found it really useful.  There are usually several of us online during the UK/European working day (approx 0900 to 1600 GMT).



Do we go to the chat room for the microburst buddy? not sure what is next step?

Hi vic


Hi vic! yes, the micro-burst thing is over the chat. You just have to join the chatbox. So far piet, kromer, MD, Gmarie and me have been working together with this strategy, so you can get in the chatbox anytime and if any or all of us are there, you can join us and we'll explain if you have any more doubts :) hope to see you soon around! :) 



My internet off for rest of week. Relayed message to you via chatbox microburst supporters. Will try tomorrow if I can. KEEP AT THOSE PROJECTS, OK?  "Chow".


Great, ALSO is there a minimum time to be a buddie, ie if one only haS 15 minutes, what then?


I am willing to give it a try. Let me know. Thanks. Vic


Hi Vic :) 


A few people have tried the microbursts over the last 2 days, and we all seem to be finding a way to do it that works out very well ! Even if you can only join for one, that's AOK! The last two days, an4 and gmarie and kromer and I have been in the chat room at various times, almost all day long. if two are there it works, and if three it works even better! 

I have been wondering how to coordinate it in future when maybe we don't all happen to be working on these projects at the same time. I think it would make sense to have a way of having everyone who NEEDS a buddy be able to say when, and then others can say, I'll come and do MB with you during that time.

I think we'll all see how it evolves. Maybe the best thing would be if this forum is used as a place to post when you want an MB buddy and people can check in here to see when other people want to come online to work together.

Hope you'll come by next time you're online and join us and see how it feels :)

I feel like it's been a godsend, personally! Soo grateful to others for being here with me :)


See you soon!


Me, too!


This was VERY helpful.

I hope that the "Micro Burst Buddies" idea becomes a regular feature in chat. =)

Thanks for suggesting it, Piet!

regular buddies

So glad you liked it! I hope it'll be a regular thing too :)