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Thursday 15 July 2010

One small step is not just

One small step is not just much more than nothing, it is infinitely   more. (Clement)

And the task that seems infinite is finite, even if it seems big.


Help me find the courage   and    faith   to   start and to  keep going.

Darn, lost a day!

I came in here to check off what I’d done yesterday and couldn’t find my list. Then I realized that I’d posted on Tuesday, not Wednesday. Wow,I can’t believe that I was a whole day off. Honest, I wasn’t drinking or anything!! ;) Shoot. Oh, well - my progress and new list:

Contact new student DONE
Do laundry DONE (finished up the last of 12+ loads and am totally caught up for the first time in forever!)
Email new families DONE (this was an eight hour task I’d been avoiding. I stayed up all Tuesday night to finish it. Hmm, maybe that’s how I lost a day!)

Finish and submit time sheets
Write thank you note to Margaret
Order prescriptions
Pay bills
Make Kaiser appointment(s)
Answer email
Finish end of (school) year tasks

Water lawn
Calls – N, S, L, T
Get email address from Gomez family
Mail SA to Shara
Drop D’s phone
Look at budget/taxes
Order office supplies and mouse

Lucky CI

Just starting to haul myself out of another of THOSE phases (I've made an appointment with the docs to get myself checked out for bipolar disorder - prayers appreciated!)

It's late evening here so making a very small tasklist for the last few things I have to do. At an absolute minimum:

Clear kitchen :)
Recycling out :)
Tomorrow's list :)



I will keep you in my prayers!

Thanks for the encouragement you bring to checkins, it means a lot!

Thanks tabularasa - your

Thanks tabularasa - your prayers mean a lot too :)

Hi Lucky!

Hope everything is ok- praying for you.


Thanks ((PE))

Thanks ((PE))


I finished my list for the first time yesterday. Things weren't done perfectly, but it was so nice crossing things off (and getting a few more things done to boot!). I have today off of work, so I'm focusing on stuff aroud the home. 

Wash and reorganize dishes.
Clear off dining room table.
Start cleaning bedroom.
Do something with bargian nectarines before they go bad.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but we are really, really behind. I never really did chores growing up, and our house was always messy. I'm trying to form some new habits. 

Couldn't see the "edit" link...

So I'll just check out in a reply.

 Wash and reorganize dishes - 50% done!
 Clear off table - Done
Start cleaning bedroom - Didn't get to it
Made a pie and some compote with the nectarines. Not bad for $2 worth of fruit!

It was really, really nice eating dinner at the table instead of in front of the television. I'm going to gaurd the newly created space...

tabularasa -

WELL DONE for completing your list!

agnus ci

We were supposed to leave for vaca yesterday and I could not finish a major work project in time so we changed plans to leave this morning...then last night our camper's a/c broke down.  Now we have to wait for a $1200 repair b4 we leave for a vacation that, because of excessive demands at work and these crises, has shrunk from 2 weeks to 5 days. I am beside myself with disappointment. 

I also have ongoing misery about a work project that feels many things have gone wrong that my boss and the client now believe I am a failure in some key areas of my job. My employer also is disregarding my vacation, sending emails and calling to blame me about the project's shortcomings. 

Last night I was so upset that I could not sleep - that has NEVER happened to me before!  Too much caffeine yes, but too much stress has never kept me awake before. I am miserable and pathetic and lack the energy even to cry.  I desperately need a nap and I am too distraught to lay down.  (God, please help me...)

OK, earplugs are in, breathing strip is on, sleep mask is ready, and I am going to lay my head on the pillow and whine to God until I fall asleep. I have many complaints about the way He is managing my life this week!


Wow, I am so happy you shared. Not that I would want to wish a disaster on anyone, but it is so nice to know I am not alone. I felt the exact same way when we could not board the plane in Phila, after months of planing, weeks of packing for a stupid vacation, only to find out the boy's passports had to be current. adults have a 10 yr span and children a 5 year, and we even had e-tickets. We were going to Belize because my husband had to go somewhere extraordinary (we would have been happy going to a place that had a pool. Then after all that, ....

Know you are not alone. The BB says: Strong emotional desires have fueled many erroneous beliefs. Wanting life to be a certain way is not always the way reality is.

I would numb the pain before,now I try to find something good. Like thank goodness the camper did not break during the vacation, thank goodness your employer has you to blame, if you were gone, he would have to lose face with the client, now say I wonder how God will use this for something good? As it turned out, it was good we did not go, the airline gave us 1 yr to rescedule (need to do that now) time share gave us our weeks back, it will be ok.

My sponsor always said, "You don;'t have to like it, you nust ghave to accept it."

        self care 1st


Poor Agnus, that sounds absolutely horrible. Hope sleep and whine to God help :) I'd think they would! *hugs*


I can see that you have been working hard through some tough situations and I'm sorry your boss and client can't see that. I hope that your (shortened) vacation will be restful and that you can leave soon. I'm praying for you (and for J, and for your seemingly cursed project)

Julesk CI

I've recently discovered that one reason that I procrastinate is that I am AFRAID of OPENING myself up to WHATEVER could happen, both good or bad.  I am just afraid of things coming at me.  This explains why "fear of success" and "fear of failure" both resonate with me.

Lately some friends, both in a 12-step program and from outside, have said at different times:  You are worrying about ____(blank) but you will be able to handle whatever comes up.   I am taking that on as my mantra for now.

Thanks for listening!


Action PRECEDES "figuring it all out!"



Changing strategy

Well, yesterday was another disastrous attempt to combine catching up on old cases with staying on top of new ones. Trying to use a first in-first out approach plus a last in-first out approach simultaneously resulted in neither getting done effectively, and me spinning my wheels in place, fraught with anxiety. So, for the time being, I have to use a last in-first out approach, so I keep up with incoming work. Older cases I will have to try to catch up on at the end of the day or on the weekend.

Goal for today: Concentrate on all new cases from 11:10 AM to 2 PM. Back with a report (I didn't even manage the followup yesterday I was so discombobulated. Being abused by my soon to be ex-wife's lawyers only served to throw me completely off the rails.)


1:42 PM: Another utter failure. Spent an hour talking with my lawyer on the phone and who knows how long venting about it online. Man, I need to hit the reset button.

Okay, going to try again: 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM New business. No email. No lawyers. Back with an update.

2:37 PM. My lawyer called back and needed to go over a response to a motion filed by the other side. Sidetracked yet again. Alright, now I will try 2:45 PM - 4:45 PM for new business.

8:25 PM: Okay, finally got in gear and worked well from 2:45 to almost 5:45 PM. That was a relief. Back now to try to do a couple more hours to make up for the slow start this morning. Goal: 8:30 - 10:30 PM, More new business.

One step at a time

Hi 4shame,

Wishing you the best...with your energy and thoughts going in the right direction, action and results surely must follow one step at a time.



Thanks, pe. Will try to stay on the trail. I wish you success, too. I see below that you are wrestling with different, but equally difficult issues in your life. Hang in there.

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Out for voluntary work
Home and food shop on way
Deal with mail
Deal with emails
Check posts on boards
Make appointment with travel clinic

Wash up tidy up have supper
Whatever else

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Sorted out all the papers on my table
Several emails and researched hotel on the net
Phoned friend who was not in

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Folks


Scribblin and Checkin


  • Get up (slept late again, need to go to be earlier)
  • Coffee, paper, water plants
  • Healthy breakfast (healthy? how about some leftover birthday cake?)
  • Checkins 


  • Send Masters10invoice
  • Call 3 re: deadbiz
  • Birthday lunch w/RB


  • File deadbiz if at all possible


  • P/u son for dinner
  • Soccer game w/son
  • Healthy dinner, take vitamins
  • Water grass
  • D/o son
  • Promote Carousel gig
  • Practice set list
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 11 p.m.

Miscellaneous to-dos I'm re-listing here so I won't forget them. I don't anticipate doing many or even any today.

  • Clean up office
  • Put away camping stuff
  • Install GFCI
  • Return Sony, Beamz
  • List a book on eBay
  • Post guitars on Craigslist 
  • Cut grass
  • Get car oil changed

Checkout --- 5:15 p.m. and almost time to go pick up my son for a fun, relaxing evening together. By some miracle I managed to get two interviews for hte deadbiz article but I don't have time to write it. Maybe I can do it later tonight. In any event, I gave it my all today and hopefully the editors will understand if I miss deadline by a few hours (or, say, a day). 

Potential Energy 1045


I am going to use my check in today to unload some thoughts.

Problem  I finished a big project that was overdue last week and now finally have some free time.  I feel like I am still carrying the guilt of my overdue project since I had it for so long.  solution- I will clean up my office since it is still a mess from my struggle to get project done last week.  I will find a new positve thing to do (one of thehobbies I have been putting off).

Problem-Puppy chewed my laptop wire (he's ok-it wasn't plugged in), but I can't charge it Solution- order new one and use other computer

Problem- I finally tried to sell somethings on CL and nearly got taken by a scam artist.  I really want to declutter, but, what an awful feeling it was to deal w/ a creep. Solution- try again and learn from mistakes and experience.

Problem- husband announced that he wants to move back to another country for work and is arranging for meeting w/ company, as they just offered position.  Not sure where things will go over next few months. Solution- pray for now.

Problem:  Feeling aimless and lacking sense of true direction, and purpose.  Solution: realize that I have been doing a good job w/ parenting and love parenting more than anything, so that is direction and purpose...Maybe I am meant to be a stay at home mom-wow-that would be great!  Maybe I should consider a home business?...

So: to do list

1.  Clean office  2.  start hobby project  at least 1hr.   3.  Repost items on CL and ebay  4. Pray 5.  Look at home business options- see if this is a real option

PE re: Craigslist

Hi Potential!

Yes, there are scammers on CL, but I have decluttered ALOT off there, and it is worth it.  You will soon know the signs of scammers.  Good job getting started!!


Action PRECEDES "figuring it all out!"



Thanks julesk

Hi julesk

Thanks- I reposted in hopes of success without scam.  I'm glad that I am trying again -and to hear that it really can work out.

take care!


computer cord

If you live anywhere a Radio Shack, they have a good selection of laptop cords.   I left mine at work once and had a big thing to work on over the weekend so I had to find one, or either drive all way downtown to get it :)


'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

Thanks for the tip journey!

Thank you, Journey.  It is one of those little things that you can't do without So, I will give a call to see if they have it.Smile  That will at the least get me moving.

Still have those new logos

Still have those new logos to finish.

7am shower & commute to school

8:30: work on logos

12:00 leave for class
and scan page out of notebook

1pm: class

5pm:2nd class2nd class never met.  Will have to work on paper during the weekend

9:30: Go home


3 days without sleep this

3 days without sleep this week.  Worked so hard to finish logos and stuff.  Still got so much to do.  But for now I'm just gonna eat dinner and sleep.  Tommorow I'll be at it again.  At least I finished the assignment that is due on monday.

kromer 9:30 CI

A little late this morning...slept through my alarm :P

I have a relatively short workday (need to leave at 5--going to have dinner with some family friends, then lead a bible study), so I need to focus.

MITs are:
*Prep DNA
*Clear WM queue (working on this now)
*Work on lab mtg writeup
*Work on m.o. mini-project (do as many of the following as possible: figure out and document equations, try stupid random sampling approach, brainstorm people who could help me, read about aldefluor) (will document equations and try stupid sampling approach soon)

Other tasks are:
*Organize papers
*Email SS
*Read RNAseq paper

OK, I'm going to start w/ the WM queue, then I'll figure out and document equations for m.o mini-project

Vic 7/15

   Show up (done) Thank you for the starter Chickadee, I so needed that. Yesterday planned to do things at home and ended up talking son to work and blew whole day. Today, planned to take him to work and ended other son took him and now feeling overwhealmed. Got up at 5:30 am, did gratitude,meditations,  but not much else. The more I want to start one thing, I think of 100 things that are more imprtant to do and end up frozen.So will go on chatline and do 3 things at a time.    especially grateful for PA site today.

 pm Got much done. I really needed a good chunck of time to work on downstairs and I worked straight from 9:30 am until 4pm. I do not have that overwhealmed feeling even though there is still much to do. Need to make phone calls, some emotional stuff going on, need to detach and take care of self. Need to call airline about ticket from last - did not do it but I can at least "look" and hopefully am not too late. Have question on bill did not call, but I can e-mail to at least feel like I did something.

MD check-in (new tactic)

Background: I suspected that my detailed check-ins/outs would make me try and make these posts oh-so-thorough or articulate or descriptive....and get me distracted. I re-sensed that this morning.

So, I made a list last night just for memory jogger for today's to-do.

So, the only task is simply this: Attack that list with vigor. (Hope it works;bye for now.)


P.S. not just task, but lifestyle...

I am a night owl AND a heavy sleeper and have worn myself out last 3 months (while patting myself on the back re: P.A., exercise, and therapy) with even later staying up and planting my rear in this computer chair for hours (sometimes doing good reading, sometimes crap, sometimes concurrent with TV) and hurting myself, not brushing teeth, delaying showers, and ...NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH. Muscles and mood are showing it! I want to change it, not quite sure how.

So, new add-on - SHOOT FOR the simplicity of shower (10 pm), brush (11), bed  (12)


What helps me is the next 3 things.then the next 3, I write them in chatbox and that really helps. Keeps me focused and then I start to "flow".My basic items are get dressed, brush teeth, dishes in dishwasher at nite, daily gratitudes and meditation with e-mail buddy, and walk. Also if I put my program 1st, I am so amazed how everything else falls into place. I find the "lifestyle" must have some core "consistency" items. That is why the showing up is so important for me, the hardest part of any lifestyle is the maintenance. so keep coming back one day at a time, each day is a clean slate.

My lightbulb moment that showed I really lived some change was when we were on vacation and my son asked if we had room service each day and I realized it was me in a new lifestyle. I was so grateful.


Thank you, well said. Appreciate the sentiments...espec about kids

Journey 9 am

Not feeling well today, I was up for a while last night with a cough, which is not a good sign after my recent recovery from pneumonia.   This is quite frustrating but I don't want a relapse so: forget about going back to the gym for a few more days, and back to taking it easy.   *sigh*  

Anyway I have two important meetings today, one in half an hour and one at 3 pm.   It is my intention to leave immediately after the second meeting.   Going for coffee now, and I'll be back soon with a todo list.  It should be pretty easy today, meeting 1 & follow up, then prepare for meeting 2!  Laters.


'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

Journey 11:30 & update

Feeling better now, I think I'm just kinda paranoid about getting sick again.  I will still take it easy today though.  I rarely drink sodas but I treated myself to a diet coke. 

Here's my todo list:

  • Planning
  • C. Meeting
  • C. Meeting minutes & distribute - 1 hour
  • Reading for Project Z meeting - 1 hour
  • Other prep for Project Z meeting - 1 hour
  • Project Z meeting - 1 hour
  • Update C Requests - 1 hour
  • OC duty - Prepare E. on System Q. - 1 hour
  • commute/ pick up dinner/ stop by drugstore - 1.5 hour
  • July 15 budget and bills - 30 minutes
  • if time, finish backing up hard drive - 30 minutes
  • added:  add space to 2 of the new servers for added requirement grrr 1 hour - took longer of course

First, write up the minutes from this morning's meeting and get them distributed.   I'm feeling foggy today so I'll probably check in between each task today.

Update 12:30 that's done, but I just got off the phone with the BIC who gave me another asap assignment to add storage to 2 of the servers I thought I was done with.  

Next, I'll prepare for my 3:00 meeting THEN I'll work on the server.   Those servers are high priority, but today, my project meeting is higher.   So there. 

Update 3:30 My meeting went pretty good I think.   I was nervous, but I think I pulled it off ok.  I made a start on the server changes, and I'm going back now to finish them up.


'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

tuffl CI

procrastination has taken over again over the past days. i need to prepare for a job interview and i'm not doing much about it. but i'm back at the daily CI. admitting that i procrastinate. and willing to do something about it. that's a step forward again. today's to-dos:


  • read through project presentation & get an overview (2.30 - 3) DONE
  • first brainstorming for the presentation that is required, note down ideas, structure, anything (3 - 3.30) DONE
  • do some research once i've got an idea about what is needed (3.30 - 4)
  • go collect b (leave at 6) DONE
  • go running! it's not too hot anymore! (at 8 ) DONE
  • prepare diner

huma CI

This is a list of things I need to get done by Fri bedtime. I'll update
it each day.

  • HS prop
  • TF G prop
  • 3 seo to JD
  • BVE seo
  • call re BVE ck
  • CC changes
  • call for CC ck
  • call OMF
  • 40k list
  • pay NP
  • pay WF M
  • sort mail F 20 min
  • clean wheels
  • 2 seo Fri
  • set up Ebay or Craigslist
  • blog entry 

Thursday July 15, 2010

I love the Intoduction for today!

My things to do today.

1. Prayer and meditation

2. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

3. Go to the 8:30 PA meeting

4. Go to the 9:45 CLA meeting

5. Go to the 11:00 PA meeting

6. Go to the 11:15 DA meeting

7. Declutter 2,000 e-mail off my Inbox (I decluttered most of the e-mail.

8. Take a shower

9. Eat breakfast

10. Eat lunch

11. Eat dinner

12. Go to the 1:00 CLA meeting

13. Take a long nap 

That's all I have.

Hamburg check in

Good morning everyone. So it's 10 am here in Germany and this is my first to-do list in this forum:

- make a call (internship)

- withdraw money at a cashpoint

- prepare for today's biology laboratory 

- study for the biology exam (at least 1 topic)

- pack the rest of my stuff and getting a scale to weigh my suitcase (semester break)

- take out the garbage

 sorry for the spelling / grammatical  or expressional errors.

intermediate result

20:40 pm and this is still left:

- study for the biology exam (first priority)

- packing (mostly done, can wait unil monday)

- taking out garbage (could have done it when I left for uni but was running late)


Wish you all success for the rest of your day.

"Aetas volat." (Cicero)

Check out


Hamburg's English

Your English is perfect!  And even if it wasn't, we wouldn't mind  :grin:  We're a pretty tolerant bunch of folks, just working together to improve our productivity!


'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

wilkommen (again)

guten morgen...and no need to apologize for don't have any errors anyways!


thanks, that's good to hear

chick CI


reading i j j material