Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


I am new here, having finally reached a point where my procrastination has caught up with me. I am a well-paid professional who has always struggled with difficulty
getting started, and difficulty finishing projects. I have also
struggled for years with obsessive-compulsive behavior in other parts of
my life. Although I have managed - on paper - to be fairly successful,
and have some positive attributes that I have always counted on to
"compensate" for my weaknesses, my work has been piling up and my life
deteriorating for several years. I am now also dealing with a divorce
and financial difficulties, both directly related to my difficulties
getting work done (working very long hours) and my OCD (lack of
financial discipline). As a result, I am now falling apart. I have had
duties taken away from me at work, and now I have been asked to leave,
both my home and my job. I live in
a little studio apartment surrounded by boxes I can't get myself to
deal with. I go to my now miserable lame duck job every day - routinely
late, of course - and I still cannot force myself to do what has to be
done or to meet time commitments. I avoid, avoid, avoid. I have to do
something. I will be heading to a new job I was able to get based on my
former reputation. I cannot afford to fail again.

((4shame)) Welcome!

You can't control what has happened in the past but you can make a difference for your future in every small step you make each day.

Glad you showed up - we'll all be here struggling beside you, with very similar stories to your own.

Read and try to apply the tools and connect via the check-in forum and chatbox.

Hope to see you around the halls of this super encouraging support group soon!

> Allegro

Welcome 4!

I'm glad you are here! I've found a huge amount of understanding, support, and help in the 2 years I've been here, and have made a lot of steps forward in overcoming procrastination. I hope that you will find help here as well.

It sounds like you have a lot of tough things going on--you will be in my thoughts.

There are a lot of different was people start out thing that worked well for me is to start by "showing up" every day in the daily check-in thread. (But you should of course do whatever works for you :) )

Welcome 4!

Here you can stop beating yourself up and begin to heal.   Welcome.   

'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

welcome to you

1. courage to have joined this......give yourself a pat on the back...every day.....every hour, if you have to

2. you are NOT alone, "4shame". Your story is in parts remarkably similar to mine

3. welcome!