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I have been looking into meditation for dealing with stress, overthinking, and insomnia.

Does anyone here practice meditation? Can you recommend books or websites that teach it?  Any advice would be awsome.

Laurence LeShan's "How to

Laurence LeShan's "How to Meditate" was helpful for me.  I have also had good results with "For Dummies" books, and they have a meditation one; I haven't read it, but would recommend giving it a look over.


meditation suggestion

Hi slowbro, 

I've been working for a while with the Silva method. It's not free, but they have an introductory half hour exercise that is free, so you can get acquainted with the method and see if you like it.

I was put off a bit by the rather aggresive marketing on their website, but as an introduction to meditation their method works quite good.