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Celebrating Successes!

I've been so on time for two appointments recently (no small thanks to this website) that I thought I was in the wrong place!

I had a real panic about the second one, because I'd organised it, and momentarily wondered if I'd got it all wrong, and told people the wrong date/time/place. No, I was just first one there. What a strange feeling. I quite like it - I'm definitely motivated to cultivate this being early/on time thing.


Yes - what a great feeling. It's a whole different world isn't it?

being on time

Awesome, Normy!! Big WTG!!!! :)

Being on time


I've been on time for most things since. I have to make a conscious effort still - it doesn't come naturally (I wonder if it ever does), and there are times when I feel like I'm sliding again because I'm cutting it close (and of course there are still times when I've not quite made it). Most books say it's about the person you're meeting, but I knew it wasn't that, and the following advice I got from another board made a huge difference:

'Normy, I used to be chronically late, I think I finally just got tired of how it made me feel. While it seems to be against the person you are meeting, I think it might be more about self-punishment. I guess now I feel that I deserve to be on time. Be nice to yourself, it's not a crime and you are doing the best you can'.

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