Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

scarlett says hi...

Hey y'all -

Found this board yesterday and couldn't wait to jump in. Not my first time on a forum though, so I can behave.

Why scarlett? Well, tomorrow's another day and I'm from the South, so there you go. That's as far as the connections go, so please don't make assumptions based on my choice of moniker about my politics, opinions of GWTW, or ownership of a velvet dress made from curtains. ;)

I'm a recent member of Al Anon, and I'm finding it wonderfully helpful but need something slightly more tailored to my most urgent issues, so I was thrilled to find this website. Thanks so much to pro for putting it together.

I suspect this song will sound familiar to many of you: I am a chronic, diehard procrastinator. My inertia is legend, my resistance is strong, my perfectionism is relentless, my procrastination-fu is wise beyond its years. I 'got away' with it in school by being smart, but in the real world it's slowly but surely tearing me down. I live my life in fear of being caught by my boss, I'm late on bills and not in good control of my finances, my apartment is a mess, etc.

I've been to but never signed up for various reasons. I've read GTD and have tried to implement portions of it with mixed success. I'm trying to gear up for major life changes (career, back to school, moving?) and I know it's going to be really hard to figure out a plan and stay on task.

As for questions... well, I can't remember what they are right now? I'll come back and post them here as I think of them.

*waves* nice to be here...


I missed this post yesterday, sorry! Nice to meet you :). Hope you find something here to help you. I noticed you've already had some success checking in.

I was thinking in the shower this morning (I do lots of thinking in the shower!!!!) that pro should write some web-based software that is specifically for checking-in and charge subscription fees!! I would pay - it's really worked a treat for so many of us. Anyway, just day-dreaming :)

yes, the check-ins are great.

i've tried something like this with my therapist and with friends, but i like doing it in a group of peers, who are all struggling with the same things. feels better to support and be supported, rather than to just ask for support all the time.

amen to that!

>feels better to support and be supported, rather than to just ask for support all the time.

I agree! I'd feel so embarrassed asking for the help I needed from non-procrastinators that I wouldn't ask. There's no embarrassment among peers.

Hi scarlett.

Yea- I'm a newbie too, I also missed this post yesterday, and it sounds like a mostly familiar song- except the getting away with it in school part- i never could manage that one too well.
I don't have a therapist- but i have had a sponsor and can realte to your comment about it being nicer to "CI" with a group of peers- rather than just asking for support all the time.

Welcome -

hi scarlett

I just found your intro. Are we twins? :P

I like your forum name. "Tomorrow is another day" - that's good!

i like having twins!

i have a RL sister who looks like a twin, a party twin, and a dance twin. you can be my pro/anticrastination twin!

What's "RL"?



Real Life. Common abbreviation in another online community. I meant my actual, related-by-blood sister.

Hi Scarlett!

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welcome sign!

is the tea kettle on? i could do with a spot of tea.


Sorry, the tea facility is undergoing maintenance at the moment, but I'll get the kettle on as soon as I get it back! (Unless anyone else has a cyber-pot? Since it's cyber-tea I'll have a Rose Pouchong please - cyber-tea doesn't have caffeine!).

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Being the geek I am, I'm thinking of Hitchhiker's Guide and Arthur's quest to get the Heart of Gold to make a proper cup of tea.

I'll have Smoky Tarry Lapsang Souchong, please. (I admit that half the reason I love it is the name)

Lapsang Souchong

I know what Lapsang Souchong is (a favorite). What's the rest, a brand name?


Guess it is sort of a brand thing, although the name of the company is Numi.

And now, reading the description, I believe I've been mispronouncing the name I so love.


I've been saying it lap-sang SOO-shong (slight emphasis on the shoo) - when I ask for it in the tea house they seem to know what I mean. How have you been saying it?

Anyway, a pot of lappers coming up...

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P.S. Anyone seen any Hu-kwa tea? I believe it's available in the US - I used to have a US housemate, and she'd get her dad to send us a batch over every so often. It's a type of lappers (lapsang souchong).

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No doubt about it

you belong here with us }:)

*Welcome to the Hotel California...*

Woah! Was that out loud?

Such a lovely place...

such a lovely place.


welcome, scarlett
great moniker, and nice to have u here


Glad to be here!