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Weekend Madness 5-7-2010 Through 5-9-2010


The 'weekend madness' threads are for anyone who has a crazy busy weekend planned...

  to post their plans,


make progress updates,

celebrate success

and cheer each other on like mad.


We use loads of graphics and generally make it a party atmosphere.


It REALLY works. 

Are you ready, people? LET'S GO!

Hope-Faith 5/9/2010 8:25 8:30-11:30




  1. Cook for mothers day dinner
  2. Routine Am Sunday
  3. Summer Winter clothes change over
  4. Declutter Van
  5. Store
  6. Get Ready


Good Job Helen


100% on Saturday and your Sunday seems to be going just as well.

/files/images/celebratesmiley.gif/files/images/sparkly_wow.gif /files/images/celebratesmiley.gif

Keep going you can do it.


Yay! Meeting went well

Thanks for your encouragement. I got through today's meeting with other students without looking like a total slacker or an idiot. So now I can relax a bit, only a bit mind you, and work steadliy on my studies all week rather than work like a banshee today. They will be more fun if I am a steady worker. I almost dropped the ball but caught up with the vital tasks just in time.

So I am going to take the  rest of the afternoon off and enjoy some good research, dibbling about on the net and generally chilling. Back to the procrastination battle tomorrow.

Good luck with your tasks today. I'll check in later to cheer you on.


Hope-Faith 5/8/2010 3:30 3:30-5:30

  1. Lunch 
  2. Plant Toms and Peppers
  3. Plant Seeds
  4. Recipe for salad
  5. Mow Grass


Hope-Faith 5/8/2010 Update 3



  1. Lunch 
  2. Plant Toms and Peppers
  3. Recipe for salad
  4. Mow Grass (Still have a little left to do, lawn mower had some problems)


Hope-Faith Update 3

Toms and Peppers planted


Well done!

You're the cat's whiskers! Keep up the good work.




 Very cute kitty graphic, right now I wish I had a cats life. Well the life of a well pamper cat.


Yes Me too

That would be a purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect life. A pampered Persian.


Hope-Faith 5/8/2010 11:00-1:15

I am up and running really late this am really late, no matter how late I get up my day can not start until I start it. So now that my sun is up I will start my day.

  1. Store 15min
  2. Routine AM Saturday 1.0
  3. Begin working on summer clothes change over 15 min
  4. Complete Decluttering Van 15 min
  5. Plans for AII for 15 min
  6. Grade Papers 15 min



Hope-Faith Progress Check 1 5/8/2010

Spent some time planning for summer change over and work stuff so a bit beyhind time sch. Hope to make it up by working hard.



  1. Store 15min
  2. Planning Begin working on summer clothes change over 15 min
  3. Planning Plans for AII for 15 min

Grabbing timer and starting on am routine.


Hope-Faith Progress Check 2



  1. Routine AM Saturday



Hi Helen

Thanks for joining me here. I had read in one of your post this week that you had some major studing to do. I hope this thread will help to  get you throuhg. I will be here most of the day. I am starting a bit later then what I had planned but it will all be good.

Happy Studing, look forward to seeing your progress


Congrats on 3

Congrats on 3 Task accomplished



My weekend madness, I mean study plan

My Weekend Study Plan - 
Red = High priority, Grey Low priority, Orange = DONE, Green = NOW/NEXT
Study plan DONE 
Saturday Breakfast DONE
Saturday Dinner DONE
How to design for others DONE
What is a good design solution? DONE
Send stuff to tutor DONE
Sunday Breakfast (Rye bread & honey YUM) DONE
TMA 02 Task 1 DONE
Prepare for  meeting on  Sunday 11am DONE
Find microphone. Test voice. 
11 am meeting DONE (Two hours! Wow!)
Sunday Lunch << NEXT
Washing up   

Activity 5 Who do you think you are?  
Activity 6 Design that makes other people happy 
Thinking about design thinking 2 
How to sketch in 2D and 3D   
Activity 7 Being someone else 
Problem framing
How to think creatively 
Revision notes 
Sunday Dinner 

Hope-Faith Major Weekend Plans Master List 5:05 5-7-2010

Hi All,

I have posted a Weekend Madness thread (kinda of obvious) I have so much to accomplish this weekend and well a Weekend Madness thread really motivates me and gets me going. So If you have a lot to accomplish this weekend and would like to join in and have a "Getting Stuff Done Party" here on PA then feel free. I will be here to party with you.

  1. Dig holes to plant tomatoe and pepper plants (about 200)
  2. Plant tomatoe and pepper plants
  3. DD Softball Practice
  4. Cook for mothers day dinner
  5. Routine PM Friday
  6. Routine AM Saturday
  7. Routine Am Sunday
  8. Routine PM Friday
  9. Routine PM Sunday
  10. Summer Winter clothes change over
  11. Declutter Van
  12. Plans for AI
  13. Plans for AII
  14. Grade Papers
  15. Attandance
  16. List for F
  17. Mow Grass
  18. Check messages
  19. Thank you letters
  20. Note for EOG

More to come later


Hope-Faith 5/7/2010 5:05 through 9:30



Work with a bit of a time frame to begin with as I do have a few things that have to be done by a certain time tonight.

  1. Pick up pizza for supper
  2. Declutter front of van
  3. Clothes Dryer
  4. 5:30 dig holes
  5. 6:30 supper
    1. PM Kitchen Routine
    2. Hot Spots
  6. 7:30 Softball
    1. Get invits that I left and work and mail
    2. Grocery Store
    3. Declutter middle section of van
  7. 9:30 home and update

OK I am off and running. So glad I decided to post this thread because now I am motivated, prior to creating this thread I was 5 steps away from crashing on my bed and sleeping. But now I have the motovation to get going. Will post updates often hope-faith

Hope-Faith Progress Check 5:45

  1. Pick up pizza for supper
  2. Declutter front of van
  3. Clothes Dryer

Off to dig my holes

  1. 5:30 dig holes


Hope-Faith Progress Check 10:30



  1. 5:30 dig holes
  2. 6:30 supper
    1. PM Kitchen Routine
    2. Hot Spots
  3. 7:30 Softball
    1. Declutter middle section of van
  4. 9:30 home and update

K done for the night check back in tomorrow am



You kick butt. Well done!

You kick butt. Well done!


Hi fellows!  Writing

Hi fellows! :D

Writing down things and posting them to this website really helps me. I have to keep coming back.



- Make plan of eating: Breakfast: OK Lunch: Salad with turkeybreast, water/tee, 1 piece of toastbread. Later: moderate snack. 

-Call Mum, M, and write R, K-M.

-Vacuumclean, sort clothtes at least 15 minutes.(i throw couple of clothes out, so refreshing! My Closet is now in order and I feel so good. Glad, that I started to work!)

In recovery,



-When I look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes ~ Oprah Windfrey