Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 15 april 2010

Let's ride the work flow wave today. Surf's up! 

April 15 - D-Day for procrastinators

I have been working on my procrastination issues without checking on this board and I must admit I have not been that successful. I am in overload/overwhelmed mode between work, kids, coaching, volunteer and board activities. I am going to start going to Adult Children of Alcoholic meetings since a lot of my procrastination issues seem to relate to these problems. I bought numerous books but have not gone to any meetings.

Today is a very busy day. I started a new journal only for procrastination/ACA issues. I printed out one of the 10 step lists from this site and cut/paste and printed out & put it in notebook. I am thankful for this site and reading others' comments is not only helpful but gives me hope as well.

Tasks today:

1.  Plan day. Plan to plan. 15 min. Review calendar, etc. Make phone call lists, etc.

2. Memorandum re: pharmacy. Email to client

3. Billing sheet for Weds.

4. AG doc review - email others.

5.  Ex parte papers - review, edit and return to associate.

6.  BIG PROJECT 2 p.m. presentation to board of directors.

 6.a. outline tasks to be done. how long?

 6.b. gather documents.

 6.c.  powerpoint?

 6.d. call pamela about her thoughts

 6.e.  research briefly 15 min. presentation

 6.f. get approval for board to write report


Hi Tracy-La

Glad you found us.Smile I too am ACA. Procrastination does seem to be common with adult children. I wonder if it is about lack of attention in childhood. No-one taught me how not to procrastinate. I am slowly learning here.


Welcome tracy-la

I hope you will benefit form this forum as much as I have. We're here for you.

Agnus checking in

I'm working ok today but it has been hard to keep on task. Yesterday was a procrast-disaster, on the heels of a super-productive Tuesday right before. Odd. This morning I had many family needs delaying my work but no actual procrastination, and this afternoon my job had unforeseen immediate needs.  So, add them to the list, and "onward through the fog...."

  • MM assist started...
  • CL assist DOing now, ETA 9:15
  • DB folo-up
  • EM check-in DONE
  • AP case study
  • clear all emails made a good start
  • stop by furniture store nah. prob'ly just as well.:rolleyes:
  • verify tomorrow with V DONE
  • 7pm meeting missed due to late work demands:-(

"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

oh, did I forget to mention taxes?

OK, I need to restart by to-do list. SO much work came in today at such a fast pace that I barely could keep up, and yes, I completely forgot that I wanted to take the afternoon off to do my personal taxes.  J went to bingo and the only break I've had since lunch was a nice dog walk that turned into an hour-long visit with my back-door neighbors. It was lovely, and a total timewaster considering how much work I need to do tonight.  I have not eaten dinner and it is 9pm. So regrouping:

  • dinner
  • finish CL assist
  • finish MM assist
  • summarize em mtng notes
  • email DB
  • printouts for tomorrow's mtngs
  • taxes
  • trash and recycles to curb

I am going to get on Chat to keep focused.

"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

Journey 10 am

Late checking in this morning, although I've been fairly busy :)  I've been to the gym, read email, checked calendar, and did some non-work-related paperwork, including a letter to the IRS about LAST year's taxes that I've been postponing for, well, a year.  Now that all tax related stuff is taken care of, I *really* need to get to work on changing my name on my social security card.   I tried to do this three years ago, took two days off work and spent it at the DMV and the SSA, with my marriage license & birth certificate, but the SSA says that's not enough and I need my marriage license application.   I gave up at that point and I've just been ignoring the letter I get every year about my legal name not matching the name on my paycheck.   This might set a procrastination record, as I've been married for *THIRTY YEARS* now.

Today will be a busy day, the BIC is on vacation and I gotta scramble around and cover some stuff that she would normally take care of.   Probably not much temptation to procrastinate today AND I want to get out of here early because the Tea Party will have downtown blocked beginning at 6 pm.   I normally leave about 5:30 or 6:00 and tonight I need to get out of here at 4:30.  at the latest.

Probably won't check in again unless I get stuck, my Instant Boss will keep me on track I hope.

P.S.  If you're not in the U.S., DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles, SSA = Social Security Administration, and the Tea Party is a political movement protesting high taxes :)


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

lol journey!

married for *THIRTY YEARS* now

and still pending name change paperwork - I do think that's impressive procrastination!  Puts the whole tax thing in perspective, dontcha think?  :D


"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

CL daily overcoming

praying for everyone's tax day in the US. taxes are typically... well... let's just say "on topic" for this board ;)

my wife did them this year. :D gift from god.

very binging last few days. achieved big milestone yesterday. happy abt that.

but i believe i have learned that balance and deliberate time allocation are the most spiritually centered approaches, true to myself and to my god. so i'm here to re-establish that today.

:) 10min ci
:) 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs
:) 30min quiet time

i could never quiet my mind. but i called it for time, else i'll be there all day. literally. it's happened before :( but today is a new day, eh? "new every morning"!

:-( 10min dailies
:-( 10min work plan
:) work hard.
:) 20min wko
:-( 6:30 15min rdy

mixed day. i give myself half credit.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

kromer 9:50 CI

Yesterday was a pretty good day, but this morning I have gotten caught up in websurfing.

It's still fairly early, so I have time to make this up. I think part of the problem is that I'm not quite sure what I should be doing today.

OK, so the first step is clearly :
*Take good notes from mtg w/ DP
*Take good notes from mtg w/ AvO

Then, I need to do some work as a TA:
*Bug AR about finishing grading
*Post practice problems
*Read 2 papers (have made some progress on this)
*Put together study sheet(have made some progress on this)

I have some scheduled stuff today:
Class 1-2:30, ethics training 5-7, dancing 8:30-10

And there are a few tasks that I definitely want to get done:
*Finish analyzing biosensor data, make slide w/ prelim result
*Make doctor's appt
*Order shoes

If I have extra time, I would like to:
*Finish presentation outline
*Work on EA's project

OK, going to work on notes now. 

Hope-Faith CI 10:00 (Sets of 3's)



huma CI

Well, I foresee a hurricane of probably unavoidable financial misery coming in the next 30-45 days, so I need to "board up the windows, buy my supplies and get batteries for my flashlight ." Things look grim, but the only way out is to keep positive, work a solid plan and hopefully minimize the damage.

  • 3 I
    new biz
  • call new HS contact
  • sort
  • clean kitchen
  • ck unused email box
  • air for tire
  • get LF invoice out
  • get Rick's invoice out
  • call WS for gift cert deal
  • send LF podcast proposal
  • send NP logo artwork
  • send MS auto proposal

"It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb


Shoes are a problem when you are unemployed. Clothes can be second hand at a pinch but it is hard to be well shod. Hope your lack turns out to be a  short term problem


I'm on your side

I'm in the exact same situation huma, I think I know how you feel. Trick is to be able to stand in the eye of the storm and remain calm, cool and collected and still get things done. I'm positive we'll make it through. And besides, we're here to experience and learn things right, and I know we will learn and benefit from this in one way or another. Stay strong, you're not alone! 

Thanks Helen & Strike

I REALLY appreciate the support. Laughing I'm not unemployed, but am in a position of having (what used to be) a high-paying sales job that is not paying my bills now. And I also had started a small business that has a low-paid full-time employee who depends on me. So I have TWO jobs that I am not getting enough income from, so I'm bleeding money badly, my savings are virtually drained, and my bills are reaching a crisis point.  Lots of stress, and every time I need good luck I seem to get the opposite. I'm smart and talented, but my procrastination issues are compounded now by this economic situation that is mostly not my fault.

I need to work my plan nearly perfectly, but if I was perfect, I wouldn't be on this site, right?  But as you said, I need to be calm, work smart and work my plan. Hopefully there is sunshine somewhere on the horizon.

Thanks again! You people are wonderful. Smile

  • 3 I new biz
  • call new HS contact
  • sort mail
  • clean kitchen
  • ck unused email box
  • air for tire
  • get LF invoice out
  • get Rick's invoice out
  • call WS for gift cert deal
  • send LF podcast proposal
  • send NP logo artwork
  • send MS auto proposal


"It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb


 I am sorry to hear you have a tricky situtaion to deal with. It is definetly not your fault, there are so many in this situation. You sound like an extremley hard working person coping very well with a serious crisis and I think you already have  exactly the qualities you need to sort this out. I have come up with some suggestions for you. As always, take what you need and leave the rest. 

1. 'Stop the wolves at the door'

  1. Seek advice about managing debt
  2. Make realistic budgets
  3. Make decisions about viability of current job/ business
  4. Follow your plan  - Imperfectly is just fine :), leave perfection up to HP.

2. Discover ways to spend less 

3. Focus on other ways to make money with little time (Ebay ?)


You are your best asset.  Youare under huge stress at the moment so try to increase your self care. Rest,relaxation (e.g. mediation, yoga) , stress management  nutritious food, enough sleep,  simple pleasures (e.g. walk in the woods, bubblebath, chat with a friend) 


water plants DONE 

breakfast DONE

wash dishes DONE

work DONE

tidy house DONE

exercise routine DONE

grocery store DONE

G part one from yesterday


pack lunch, clothes, papers for tomorrow

ready breakfast coffee for tomorrow

Email S about Sat  DONE

Rexroth Check In

Woke feeling much better physically and spititually

Up and get ready for the day
Phoned and sorted out a difficult business matter which I had been putting off for a few days - it was not at all difficult!

Note above and file away
Clean up in kitchen
Bath and wash hair
Cooking for freezer
Craft work particularly some cleaning up and putting away
Look at medical file and think what to do next

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Most of above but no cooking and got very involved with medical stuff including phoning and sorting a load of stuff.

Write journal
Go to bed and go to sleep

It has been a difficult day with the business and medical stuff being chalenging and I'm glad I've done some work on them.

Night Everyone Thanks for being here


Lucky CI

Love the threadstarter :)

Already done today:

Up by 6.30 Smile
Prayer time Smile
Full makeup Smile
Check in Smile

To do:

Tidy desk

Lunchbreak/commute home:
Writing Smile
Start email catchup
Buy rat food

After work:
Finish email catchup
Sort bike stuff
Tidy room
Wash face/brush teeth/floss/clean contacts properly

Helen's CI

Most important tasks

CV lite (admin focus)

I am finding this really hard so I am time chunking this. I have done 10 minutes. I have also brought 50 sample CV's which will give me a better idea of what is expected. I will carry on tomorrow. I do not need a CV for the temp agency who I will see tomorrow.

Call Dad

 Well I am much lighter now. Going to do some fun things as a reward for doing difficult tasksSmile




way to go, Helen!


"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

strike's focus check-in 9.44 am

I need a good day today. I'm going to make it so. 

Goal for the day: send two job applications before 1 pm. Done. Almost 3 hours later than my goal time, but by god it's done!

  1. call employer d Done. "All full", darn, really wanted that job.
  2. check job ads (half finished, will do other half tomorrow)
  3. send 2 job applications Done!
  1. write tomorrows to-do in 10 min Done


gratz on sticking with it, strike!


"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16