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Monday 5 April 2010

Welcome to a new week! Let's make it as productive as possible!

Quick note: Due to time zones, I will most likely be starting the Check-In threads. So, if there is a picture or message you want to see on tomorrow's Check-in thread, please give it to me beforehand and I will put it up. Smile

I "locked" myself out of chat!

I "locked" myself out of chat because I left my browser open at home! Oh, well. I am continuing to go every so mildly nuts.



:-? ::puzzled::


I do that all the time!

I have a sticky note above my desk at work saying "Close browser!!!" but even that doesn't always work...

Best of luck working w/out the chatbox :)

5 minute break

I'm now trying the "focus booster live" at

it's supposedly configurable (i think there's at least one bug), it uses the pomodoro timer concept... 25 minutes of work, followed by 5 minutes break, then back to work. So now I'm on break.

and it's almost up. I actually created a similar app a while back, with some different features.

 Break's up. 

5 minute break #2

Despite some flaws, focus booster seems to be working pretty well! About 3.5 minutes left... I'll get more tea

5 minute break #3

Checked the Cubs score. Weird start!

Last Pomodoro/Focus Booster session for now

This Pomodoro thingy has worked well for me today. 

 NewsFlash: The Cubs suck. But I'm a lifelong Cubs fan, and I'm sure this is the year they will win the World Series, just as confidently as I was last year and every year before that.

I will try to work more after dinner. 


Go Braves!

THanks for the focus booster link!   I'm trying it today.   

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

kromer 1 pm CO

Back from my weekend trip to visit my parents.

I have a half-day at work today, so I want to use it efficiently. First step is to make a schedule for the week. Then I'll be able to make a reasonable schedule for the day.

Update 1:30. Have a schedule for the week (working a little slowly, but at least I'm going)

I have some small tasks that I really want to get done (long list, but each of these are very short)
Mail taxes (will do this soon), do laundry, email DP & TH & parents & brother, order tennis shoes, cancel flight, return library books, unpack

Then, I have a few top-priority tasks:
*Work on pset grading (working on this now)
*Analyze RT data

And a couple of lower-priority things
*Prep recitation
*Finish going over pset

OK, I'm going to go get something caffeinated to keep me awake, then I'll work for a focused hour on pset grading, then I'll nail a few of the short tasks, then I'll figure out where to go from there. 

Agnus almost noon, 6:05pm

G'mornin barely! I got up to watch the Shuttle launch after way too little sleep, and have kept going ever since, so already dragging. But glad to have completed my daily disciplines, pet care, some J-time, meds and vits sorted for the week, laundry, cleaning, and straighening a closet and a cupboard. MITs du jour:

  • sponsor call, email food DONE-YAY me!:grin:
  • vaca bookings DONE - yet, that is ALL I've done since checking in. Time to quit avoiding the billable work in front of me. Grr at Self! Getting going....
  • ppe's - new project - DONE
  • e-report final
  • case study - (just START! I can do 5 minutes, I know I can)
  • RM narrative
  • pick up meds: J's Rxs, my vits
  • mail sister's b-day card and gift
  • Alanon meeting (or wm's AA)
  • Step 10 tonight - bedtime goal 10:30pm

OK, off to it. God help me!

agnus goes doh

just realized nobody else in my company is working today because of Easter.

tiptree 11 AM CI

- 1889: commit final tweaks
- test 1889
- integrate 1691
- test sess. arch. vs. db
- clean office
- pick up suit
- prep/mail check
- finish EA
- mail RD
- tax work
- 25 pp. of CMK
- 1 ch. of SA book
- M or C tutorial
- file 20 docs
- clear out inbox
- review solo

Rexroth Check In

It is early afternoon and I slept in this morning so am behind.

A lot of craft work
Bath and personal care
Spoke to friend on phone

Write up craft notes and finish up and tidy up
Wash up and clean up in kitchen
Hand wash scarf
Think balance in life - I tend to do a lot of one thing at a time ignoring others
Following above plan what is left of week
List shopping
Write journal

That will do for now

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Looked at film on laptop and so to bed.

Night Everyone


huma CI

Alrighty, I'm off to a decent start today. Let's keep moving!

  • AC proposal
  • call credit card companies
  • CC shipping
  • post office
  • call Joe @ RF
  • call Mike @ MS
  • confirm appt with HR
  • pay hosting
  • invoice for BSSB quiz
  • gym!
  • make sure Lisa is called
  • check transmission fluid
  • call Pat about new sites
  • call crazy RW
  • photo proposals
  • web ads
  • list of 15 I new biz

"It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb


Thanks for starting us out GSD!  It's great to have the thread started early.   I know you guys will be happy that I am not asking for the Tuesday Lady graphic rofl!  


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Journey 8:45

Early to work today, as it's spring break and there was very little traffic!  I'm very proud of myself that I mostly finished my federal taxes last night!   I am missing two forms and I need to see if I can get them online today.   I still need to do the state, print them out, and mail them, but I got a LOT done yesterday.   I also did my budget for the month of April, which is sad :) I had some extra expenses last month which means I start out this month with NO extra money.  But I can pay all my bills, and I have been thru times when I couldn't, so it's all good.   

I've checked email and calendar, and I've been to the gym.   Now it's time for coffee and cereal while I make my todolist.   I have a looonnng meeting this afternoon so if I'm going to get anything done, it will be this morning.   Have a productive and enjoyable day folks.!


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel


work -done

exercise routine -done

SL lesson 1A - done


stamps - done

lawn -done


Not bad.  I did almost everything and what I didn't do was because of time constraints not procrastination. 

Mama_Cat's picture

Cambridge, MA face to face PA meeting

Good morning all!

For those of you in the Boston, MA area, don't forget - our face to face meeting is happening tonight, 7:30-9pm, in Cambridge, MA! :)

Day and Time: 7:30-9pm, every Monday night (except for holidays, due to location closing) 

Address: First Church in Cambridge, 11 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 

Room: The Choir Room

Directions / Public Transport: 

Contact: ME, Mama_Cat! :)

OR, for more info, go to: 

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

Have a productive day all!


Helen's Check in

Another lazy day...

Washing up

Buy rice, bread etc

Do finance thingSmile That was hard but I did it. Yay! 




Lucky CI

Up by 8 Smile
Check in Smile
Prayer time on
Prayer & visualisation over tasklist
Check alarm
Call Rush, swap product if open
Look for frog eye (I'm not making a potion! Dog chewed the eye off a cuddly frog)
Clear kitchen
Rat cage
Blog post
Writing plan
Start on ebay/amazon stuff
Start on computer appeal
Call bank
Get bike stuff ready inc map
Set alarm early
Charge phone 
Bird feeder
Dog face wash
Clear kitchen
Tomorrow's list
Wash face/brush teeth - floss - clean contacts properly
Email report
Check in
Bed straight after check in!

Elisabet 8 am

1. Planning SpE

2. Planning JE


4. Prayer/ meditation

5. Exercise

6. Holiday planning

7. Fskkassan

8. Correct test

9. Correct essays Sp

10. Visit grandmother

11. contact Elin

12. Prep tomorrows task list

13.  declutter children's rooms

14. Practise piano with daughter

15. Ink.lista

16. Tidy desk 

To avoid procrastination: No radio, browsing, reading paper before 7.30 pm.

Today I'm also going to measure the amount of time for each task, to see whether my list is realistic or not.

strike's no stress check-in 8.04 am

Morning guys, I wish you a great day.


  1. do a weekly review (capture 5 next actions on every active project; delete projects if possible)
  2. write top 3 priorities
  3. review end-of-work-day scaffold > plan tomorrow
  4. finish project education

-book ticket
-mail a + b
-process insurance
-call doctor
-finished taxes

GetStuffDone CI

Timetable so far... 

Total productive time: 310 mins :)

Total procrastinated time: 296 mins :(

PLAN for next few hours:

2.40: End lunch

2.40-3.00: Study


Hope-Faith CI 4/5/2010

GSD it is so good to have someone on a early time zone have the thread started in the am. I never have time in the am. So thank you bunches I am very greatful as I know everyone else is as well.  

  1. AM Routine  (1 Hour) Done
  2. AM Task   (1 Hour 20 Mins) Done
  3. Picnic Breakfast (1 Hour) Done
  4. Living Room (2 hours) Done actually took about 3 hours
  5. Kitchen    Living Room   Dinning Room    Hallway  
    Frig :)  Couch :) Computer  :)  Front Door   
    Bar :)  Chairs  :)  Trophy Cabinet  :)  Wall 1   
    Cabinet 1 :)  Table  :) Clutter 1(biggie) :)  Wall 2   
    Sink :)  End Tables/Coffee  :)  Clutter 2  :)  Back of Hall   
    Cabinet 2 :)  End Tables  :)  Clutter 3  :)     
    Stove  :)  Entertainment C  :)  Floor :)     
    Cabinet 3  :)  Floor   :)         
    Clutter 1  :)  MasterBedroom           

    Clutter 2(biggie) 

    :grin:  Pick up           
    Desk  :)  Vaccume           
    Table :)  Mirror           
    Floor  :)  Bed           


  6. Work Routine Spend (1.5 hours) planning and preparing
  7. Errands and phone calls (4 hours) Leave home 11:00 Done
    1. R/C
    2. Bx2
    3. Fx3
    4. 1x2
    5. 1x1
    6. Cx3
    7. GX3
  8. Mow Grass -- Plant Cabbage Plant Ran out of gas and forgot about cabbag plant
  9. 6:30 Baseball DS Sick
  10. PM Routine IP
    1. Times
    2. On-line Resource
    3. Pattern
  11. PM Task  
  12. Extra TaDa's
    1. Removed middle seats out of van and vaccumed
    2. Cleaned up 3 digital folders

Paper work

  1. Mrs. B


  1. Conservation
  2. Computer Learning